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When I combine their books with my Kindle secrets, we have a recipe for success nearly 100% of the time. I have published over 100 e-books using Kindle, and each one of them is making money as we speak.
And the beauty of it is that you work just once and then the money starts rolling into your Kindle Publisher account – each and every month! 22 lessons of pure Kindle publishing goodness + 9 Bonus lessons of cool stuff that much of which was new to me. And I say that because I think it is perfect for someone who has never made any money online yet. I've dabbled in Kindle for a while now and have always been amazed at how easy it is to get a steady stream of money coming in. Unfortunately a while back I got hooked into a high dollar Kindle course by someone I trusted at the time.
I've been wanting to get into Kindle for a while but there's an overload of information out there. I really enjoyed the book you wrote for Kindle and once I started to digest the information in your membership training program I was definitely impressed. Plus he also points out all the details that you need to pay attention to before you invest hard earned money on writers, cover designers and promotion. There are over 20+ content packed lessons with everything you need to get your Kindle biz rocking.
About results, after a couple of months doing this i'm have an average of $500 which can be more but is only up to ME. Originally Posted by thilord I am a member of The Kindle Money Mastery program for about a month now.
I have been researching some other programs but so far Stefan's program is the most effective Kindle money making program i've seen. I had ZERO knowledge about what it takes to publish a Kindle book, but the idea of providing USEFUL information, via ebooks, to people while making money was a draw to me.
This course has given me a great blueprint of what is needed to be successful in the Kindle business. Overall I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting started, or advancing, their Kindle publishing business.
I can’t promise you that the low price that you can take advantage of right now will be here forever.

We also have a Full Disclosure members area that is an additional expense if you choose to join, which contains Advanced Video Lessons, Interviews With Kindle Publishing Gurus, Live Book Reviews, Kindle Q&A videos, and access to our Facebook group community with over 300+ active members.
We have many members who are now making thousands per month from this Kindle publishing program. Kindle Money Mastery (KMM) is a course made by Stefan Pylarinos about making money with Amazon Kindle. This course is all about making money online through Kindle, it has been proven that it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online!
My goal is to learn everything about making money online and creating this 'passive income'. I hope that I can inspire you to start making money online and to create a passive income for yourself. It allowed me to generate six figures this year just by selling easy-to-crank-out Kindle e-books that took me just days to create. In this money-making program you will learn absolutely everything you need to know in order to create your very own Kindle e-book empire. The proper way to select a category for your book – this is a critical part of my Kindle method. I've been selling on Kindle for over a year and have studied a few different courses but this one is probably the most complete I've ever seen. I knew nothing about Kindle publishing or about book writing (i still dont know anything about writing So far i have published 5 books. This program is helpful to everyone, for example, people who have no experience with kindle and people that already do.
I have been fortunate enough to make good money online and always keep my eyes opened to new suggestions and opportunities.
Each one went STEP BY STEP on how to do everything from brainstorming topics all the way to monetizing the back end of your eBook. What I loved from the start is that Stefan is straight to the point and really covers all you need to know about Kindle publishing.
This way you know you can trust him with a topic about making money online, especially with the topic Kindle publishing.
For example Kindle Money Mastery learns you how to find a profitable niche, but you will really get the hang of it when you try it for yourself. It's awesome to get home after a day and to check if you have made some money online while you didn't do anything for it that day!

It’s totally free and really learns you the basics about making money with Kindle publishing.
It's awesome to get home after a day and to check if you have made some money online while you didn't do anything about it that day! I feel like anyone could come in whether new to Kindle or experienced and get a lot out of this.
The information contained in this course would have taken me months (or maybe years) of trial and error to figure out. He is a guy from Vancouver who makes a lot of money online, and a great part through Kindle publishing. I looked at his blog and read some articles and he says that he makes $8000 passive income every month through Kindle publishing!
In 6 months I sold a total of 2 copies with this ebook, whereof even one of them got refunded.
A week later I got my book published and when it’s published, the money will roll in!
I’m 100% transparent and I will show you how I use the system and make money from it.
The only thing he has to do is to do the marketing for the books on the Amazon store and watch how the money rolls in! These are the 2 most important things you need to learn when you get into Kindle publishing, but Kindle Money Mastery covers this and a lot more! Effective methods to successfully market your new and profitable Kindle e-books in the KDP select platform.
How you can use Facebook and Twitter for massive exposure and inject massive sales into you Kindle publisher account. Why (and how) monetizing your Kindle e-books can double the money you can make and also why you should monetize the back end for maximum sales. What you can do with negative reviews and how to manage the situation effectively without putting in jeopardy the credibility of your Kindle e-book (this is a must if you want to successfully create your Kindle e-book empire).
The program is primarily geared towards non-fiction books, but can also work effectively for fiction books.

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