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We've taken a look into the point at which you should actually care about the Powerball lottery, factoring in the relationship between participation and jackpot size. The key question we wanted to know is whether a winner should take the all the cash up front or whether one should take the annuity, which consists of more money spaced out over several years. But first, before we answer that we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room, which is the impact of taxes. So the multimillion-dollar question is what that top tax bracket will do over the next couple of years.

So the first $400,000 annually is covered under the various steps of our progressive tax curve up to the top rate.
Whether you should take the annuity or the lump sum depends entirely on what kind of return you can realistically achieve. Nobody is going to hide their winnings in a large cube of bills in a storage unit outside of Albuquerque, occasionally returning to spray for silverfish.
As we figured out before the lottery, it really only makes sense to play provided that you take the annuity, according to the expected value.

For the annuity (red lines), you invest the annual post-tax winnings once you receive them each year.

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