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Building interpersonal relationship skills in the workplace is an essential part of creating a collegial work environment.
Conducting a performance appraisal or employee evaluation sheds light on employee job skills, professionalism and work ethics.
Discuss Reasons for DeficiencyEncourage the employee to be participative in the discussion about her performance appraisal.
Improving Interpersonal Communication SkillsA number of resources are available to help your employee develop or improve his interpersonal communication skills. There are several areas in which your employee is rated, and the subjective areas, such as interpersonal communication skills, are much more difficult than rating an employee simply on the basis of her productivity.
If you sense the employee is uncomfortable providing a reason or explanation, ask questions to elicit an answer. Interpersonal communication skills are as important as productivity when you look at the job in its totality. Provide the employee with a definition of this trait, and give concrete examples of how her interaction with co-workers does not meet the performance standards.
When necessary, make the decision about the type and delivery of training and development course is going to be the best choice for your employee.

Any business involved in operations that require a lot of manpower or employees would know the importance of regularly evaluating their workforce against company standards and policies.
The Verification of Review segment is where employees and managers affix their signatures to indicate acknowledgment of the review.
Then you can come up with an Overall Rating that you can use to compare your employees with each other and see outliers and top performers. During the performance appraisal, explain to the employee what you, as her manager, refer to as interpersonal communication skills.
There may be a valid reason why the employee is not exhibiting the interpersonal communication skills necessary. With the Employee Performance Review Form for Word, you can easily evaluate employee performance based on standard metrics. There are many ways of evaluating your employees and the most effective allows you to rate each employee according to job-specific metrics.
If it is determined that the employee is indeed suited for his current position, make the investment to lead the employee to improvement. This Employee Performance Review Form Template can be filled out straight from the computer, or it can also be printed out in multiple copies and filled out by hand.

This free Office template is applicable to most industries and employee job so you can easily use this as is or make necessary changes to tailor to your company and job descriptions. The Ratings segment is where you, or the employee’s direct superior or manager, can rate employee performance as Poor, Fair, Satisfactory, Good and Excellent, on each of the metrics. It contains a segment for Employee Information, where you can type in the employee’s Name, Job Title, Department, Review Period, Employee ID, Date, and Manager. The Evaluation segment allows you to write any other additional comments, more importantly focused on the overall performance rating of the employee. There is also the Goals where you can coach employees on what they should improve on or keep up. The template is a single-page document that allows you to come up with a quantitative measurement of your employee’s performance.

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