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A Guided Meditation Creeping trumpet Vine design Another coaching tool from CTI is the future self visualization.
Future progressions are safe and offers a great window to what lies ahead in and all around you. A homemade meditation to help create your future through visualization with the help of the Universe and your Spiritual team. Add to EJ Playlist  A short guided visualization meditation to help you in setting your mind to unlock your full inner potential - with Jason Stephenson. Add to EJ Playlist  This is a compilation of several positive affirmations, meditation, visualization, and affirmations.

Here is one I found on youTube!You can listen to the 10 minute visualization and write down or draw the things, symbols, colors or metaphors that came to and use any of these things in your map.
This is a Guided Visualization with original music by Certified Life & Business Coach, Phil Okrend, CPCC,.Use for relaxation, to reduce stress, and as a tool to achieve clarity for life direction. While most regressed to another time-period, there were people who through trying to move "back" realized they progressed into the future. Follow these simple visualization exercises and engage your imagination to create the results you want in life. You should know that this is a 20 year ahead visualization, and that for the purposes of your map, you could pick one small thing that gets you closer to the vision you got.I got a metaphor of myself being like a vine, spreading, blooming, with room to grow and fertile soil.

Here is a template and instructions from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to print if you think this will give your year and map direction. The order they are in is meant to facilitate a bedtime meditation, putting you in an expansive space, (Wayne Dyer's Getting In The Gap,) Then transitions directly into a bedtime hypnosis (Bob Griswold's Super Strength Self Esteem Hypnosis Program,) Following that are positive affirmations (By Louise Hay and others,) and hypnosis selected to cover as many subjects as possible in under 3 hours.

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