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We are Executive Coaches and Organizational Development (OD) consultants with unique expertise in helping EXECPreneurs (an executive inside a corporate structure who values entrepreneurship) manage change and align people, processes, and practices for success. Executive coaching improves senior leaders' decision-making and interpersonal relationships, dramatically enhancing their ability to influence others and effect change. As we make our journey through life there are those rare moments when an individual influence produces such a profound effect on a person professionally, spiritually and personally, Kimberly defines that moment…if you are truly looking to experience the talent of an individual that will produce a life long impression, one to which you define individuals that have leveraged you to a new level, then Kimberly is the person you need to connect with.

While formal education equips leaders for the technical demands of their role, development of leaders’ personal growth and relationship skills is better achieved through coaching. Executive coaching also makes a difference in leaders’ self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which has a significant impact on the their ability to influence others. In order to be the best coach for you that I can be, I continue to show up fully in this transformational setting called Life.

Paul, Minnesota, Kimberly now lives in Santa Cruz, California.10% of all annual profits are donated to organizations working towards environmental conservation, social justice, or gender equality.

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