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Vitamin C is one of the most consumed nutritional supplements with a long history of health benefits. I will donate, spread the work, announce it on my radio show, and most of all, pray for strength and wisdom for the Matthews family!
People come up to me and say, ‘I don’t know what to do about cancer I’ve tried everything,’ I say, ‘have you tried nature? Athletes know that good nutrition is necessary to gain the most benefits from exercise and protect the body from injury.
Research by scientists at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, published in November in The Journal of Physiology, found that athletes who took vitamin C and E pills got bigger muscles, but gained less strength, than those in the control group. The 32 participants in the Norwegian study were weight trainers, rather than endurance athletes like runners and cyclists. Eating fish twice a week is recommended because omega-3 fatty acids regulate inflammation and stabilize blood sugar. Nutrition is important for athletes because it determines how much they get out of exercise.
Although eating more vegetables in our daily diet has become an common practice for many people, many still concern that such type of diets can lead to protein deficiency. Many fruits has already become a popular choice to supplying protein for human body because of the various nutrients which are important for maintaining a healthy body.
This entry was posted by admin on October 13, 2013 at 4:23 am, and is filed under Vegetables. Before it was discovered in 1932, the English navy had used citrus fruits to prevent fatal diseases such as Scurvy. Vitamin C is also necessary to produce hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells and helps improve iron absorption from the intestine. The lack of freedom in the United States is appalling, and doesn’t look like its getting better.
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However, recent sports medicine research indicates that taking supplements of vitamin C and E is less effective than getting the nutrients from food sources. After five weeks, and at the end of the study, the scientists took muscle-tissue samples to measure muscle size and strength.
Goran Paulsen and his colleagues recommended that neither joggers nor weight trainers should take high dosages of the pills.
Experts advise them to eat balanced diets featuring plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains and protein. Magnesium (found in leafy greens, nuts, beans and dark chocolate) strengthens muscles and regulates heart rhythm. So, many people put their aims to those vegetables and fruits with high protein such as soybeans. They are also contain a low amount of fat and calories and can be chosen as a food for losing weight.
Dried figs contain a high number of calories and carbohydrates, and they are also a good source of protein. However, through different types of fruits and vegetables people can get enough protein for their daily needs.
Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen, the protein “cement” that holds our cells together. And if that’s not enough reason to take vitamin C, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant effective at neutralizing free radicals. The volunteers had lower levels of the enzymes that encourage production of mitochondria in muscle cells, which creates cellular energy. Half of the volunteers took vitamin C and E pills before and after their resistance training each day. Substances these items contain (like thiamin, riboflavin and niacin) enable the body to convert food into energy. To learn more, and to find out how you can improve the value of your workouts, schedule an appointment for an evaluation by the nationally renowned sports medicine surgeons at Orthopedic Surgery San Diego.

In fact, it is neglected by many people that avocados, pears, peaches and other high-protein fruits can be added into their diet as protein supplements. For example, apricots are not only rich in protein, they also contain a high level of calcium, zinc, folic acid, potassium, iron, fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamin k.
They contains many nutrients for our body such as dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and other nutrients. Many high protein vegetables can also be used as a meat substitute such as asparagus, corn, artichokes, cauliflower.
Vitamin C is required for our immune systems to generate and mobilize the leukocytes that fight cancer. Without sufficient amounts of that energy, a person cannot exercise as intensely or for as long. Athletes also need to replenish the potassium, iron and calcium that are lost during exercise. Avocado is another type of fruit with abundant protein although they are often be regarded as a kind of vegetable. Figs are often the suggested healthy snacks for athletes because of its high amount of nutrition. The strength of a brick wall is not really in the bricks but it is in the cement between the bricks.
In a 1995 publication, several physicians presented evidence that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is preferentially toxic to cancerous cells. Avocado contain adequate protein for our daily needs, and a variety of minerals like zinc, niacin, fiber, folic acid and other essential nutrients.
Other fruits containing protein include wolfberries, raspberries, apples, coconuts, blackberries, plums, pears, watermelons, lemons, cantaloupes, bananas and cherries.

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