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Laser treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is therapy that removes obstructing prostatic tissue from the urethra. Other names for laser prostate therapy include: photoselective vaporization of the prostate, laser prostatectomy, laser prostate ablation, or laser enucleation of the prostate. Prostate problems are something that we usually associate with people, but medical conditions relating to the prostate can also affect other mammals, including ferrets, rats and dogs. If you own an un-neutered male dog, it is important to be aware of the signs of problems with the prostate, particularly as your dog ages.
Neutering your male dog removes the testes, which in turn causes the prostate to become inactive and as mentioned, removes both the possibility of prostate problems, and also other conditions related to the reproductive system. Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH is a veterinary condition that can affect un-neutered dogs as they age. While malignant prostate cancer can be another potential complication of an enlarged prostate, this is much rarer in dogs, and generally, prostate problems do not turn malignant in dogs with the same rate of frequency that they do with people. When the prostate of the dog becomes large enough to start putting pressure on the dog’s other organs, it will usually become apparent to the owner that something is not quite right. Issues with going to the toilet commonly accompany an enlarged prostate or other prostate problems in dogs, such as difficulty passing urine, increased need to urinate, or blood passed with the urine too. Sometimes, lameness of the rear legs or pain around the spine and tail may indicate prostate problems too, but by this stage, the condition is usually very pronounced.
An enlarged prostate can be diagnosed either by means of a simple blood test, or by physical inspection of the prostate gland by feeling for signs of enlargement.
Once your vet has identified a problem, they may wish to perform further tests to find out how pronounced the degree of enlargement is and if there are any complications, but often, the condition will be treated as a result of the physical examination and blood tests only. One of the simplest ways to treat prostate problems in the dog, and the method that was traditionally used to cure the problem involves simply neutering the dog, as this stops testosterone production, leading to the prostate to shrink back to normal size and eventually shrink to almost nothing. Today, a more common method of treatment of prostate problems is via medication, which may be performed instead of castration surgery, or as well as it.
Generally a course of tablets are prescribed for one week, which cause the prostate to shrink in size very quickly.
If the dog is neutered at the same time as the course of medications are given, this negates the need for later ongoing courses of tablets to prevent recurrence of the enlargement.
The average human male begins to feel some of the signs of aging after age 40, with rapid deterioration of testosterone levels after 40 to 50 years of age. The lower testosterone levels are associated with decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, reduced physical energy and endurance, a gradual decrease in libido, loss of bone density, circulatory system changes, and an increase in cholesterol. Some  have difficulty taking DHEA because of benign prostatic hypertrophy but who took chrysin and were then able to take the DHEA. Replacement therapy with testosterone considerably improves the quality of life in a great number of men after middle age. Low testosterone may also reduce the severity of age-associated diseases like osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease,which are among the leading causes of disability and death.
Lower testosterone levels can be associated with higher sex hormone-binding globulins (SHBG). Finally, and very importantly, with aging there can be more and more conversion of testosterone to estrogen via the enzyme aromatase.This can occur increasingly with age in the liver but most importantly in the fat stores.
Regarding the controversial issue of the causes of prostate cancer with increasing age, the levels of testosterone fall while, at the same time, theincidence of prostatic hypertrophy increases.  Because they are moving in the opposite directions, many researchers believe that with aging, it is the excessive increase in estrogens, and not the increase in testosterone that promotes prostatic hypertrophy.
Some argue that this is a cumulative effect but if you look at the area under the curve, the years with the highest levels of testosterone (the second, third and fourth decades–where most of the exposure has occurred) are associated with the lowest risk of prostate dysfunction. For even more detailed evaluation for high-intensity athletes, the amount of testosterone relative to cortisol can distinguish over-training from optimal training.
Aromatase Inhibitors: The one that appears to be the most potent, and is also bioavailable, is a flavonoid called chrysin. Naringenin, found in oranges and tangerines, also inhibits aromatase, but it’s not quite as effective as chrysin, so the latter is better known and more widely available. Lycopene: n a meta-analysis (a critical review) of over 100 studies, it was found that a large majority of them did indeed indicate an association between processed tomato products (and very likely lycopene) and a reduced risk of prostate cancer. We can reasonably conclude that eating a lot of processed tomato products (the equivalent of 20 lbs of fresh tomatoes per week) or taking about 30 mg of lycopene per day is likely to have a favorable effect in preventing prostate cancer, and, if you already have it, in retarding its rate of progression.
Some of the studies showed that cooked tomatoes were more cancer-preventive than fresh tomatoes, and when the tomatoes were combined with cheese, a la pizza, they had even more potency. The second item is selenium, which has been shown, epidemiologically, to be associated with lower levels of prostate cancer, along with lung and colon cancer. The third item is one that I like to recommend, although there is very little literature on it, and that’s simply a very small amount of iodine.
It has been my clinical observation, not published in the scientific literature, that when women have low estriol and more estrone and estradiol – remember Dr. Pelvic floor muscle training, Kegel exercises, can strengthen weakened muscles and decrease incontinence.  Kegel exercises are repeated contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, and are generally done several times daily. Periurethral injections of bulking substances are a minimally invasive procedure to provide more urethral resistance and to prevent leakage.  This is done through a cystoscope in an outpatient procedure, often under local anesthesia. Treatment is individualized for each patient based on severity of incontinence, patient anatomy, and lifestyle.
For patients who have failed more conservative therapies or who cannot tolerate some of the side effects of medications, Neuromodulation may be an option.  This can be done via a series of treatments in the office (posterior tibial nerve stimulation) or by implanting a device to electrically stimulate the sacral nerves. Musli Strong capsules are specially formulated herbal male stamina enhancer pills that increase energy and strength of the body to prolong lovemaking. Musli Strong capsules are herbal male stamina enhancer supplements which improve vitality of a male in a short time.
Musli Strong capsules possess herbal ingredients which are rich sources of vital nutrients. Musli Strong capsules possess herbs like Sya musli, Semal musli and Safed musli which are processed in decoction of Sya musli, Safed musli and Semal musli before use.
Curculigo Orchioides Asparagus Adscendens and Bombax Malabaricum Processed in decoction of Gokhru, Musli Semal and Musli Sya. Consume 1 or 2 Musli Strong herbal male stamina enhancer supplements daily with water or milk for 3 to 4 months continuously to get the most efficient results. Prostaatkanker ontwikkelt zich in een man prostaat, de grootte van een walnoot klier net onder de blaas dat een deel van de vloeistof in sperma produceert.
De prostaat kan groter naarmate mannen ouder worden groeien, soms drukken op de blaas of de urethra en het veroorzaken van symptomen die lijken op prostaatkanker.
Ouder worden is de grootste risicofactor voor prostaatkanker, in het bijzonder na de leeftijd van 50.
Dieet lijkt een rol te spelen bij het ??ontwikkelen van prostaatkanker, die veel voor komt in landen waar vlees en vetrijke zuivelproducten pijlers zijn in het dieet. Hier zijn enkele dingen die niet zullen leiden tot prostaatkanker: Te veel seks, een vasectomie, en masturbatie.

Er zijn Screening tests beschikbaar om prostaatkanker vroeg te vinden, maar richtlijnen van de overheid niet is niet het oproepen voor routine testen bij mannen op elke leeftijd. 40 voor mannen met meer dan een eerstegraads familielid gediagnosticeerd op een vroege leeftijd. Uw arts kan dit doen in eerste instantie een digitale rectale examen (DRE) te voelen voor hobbels of harde plekken op de prostaat. Een prostaat dat is ontstoken (prostatitis) of vergroot (BPH) kunnen PSA-niveaus te verhogen, maar verdere tests mogen geen bewijs van kanker laten zien. Sommige geneesmiddelen kunnen BPH PSA niveaus verlagen, ondanks de aanwezigheid van prostaatkanker, zogenaamde vals negatief. Als een lichamelijk onderzoek of een PSA-test suggereert dat er een probleem is, kan uw arts u een biopsie adviseren. Bij sommige mannen kunnen aanvullende tests nodig zijn om te zien of de kanker zich heeft verspreid buiten de prostaat. In de MRI-scan hier getoond, de tumor is de groene, niervormige massa in het centrum, naast de prostaat (in het roze). Enscenering wordt gebruikt om te beschrijven hoe ver prostaatkanker heeft verspreid (uitgezaaid) en te helpen bij het ??bepalen van de beste behandeling. Fase III: kanker is uitgezaaid naar het buitenste deel van de prostaat en de nabijgelegen zaadblaasjes. Fase IV: kanker is uitgezaaid naar de lymfeklieren, nabijgelegen organen of weefsels, zoals blaas of endeldarm, of verre organen zoals botten of de longen. Uitwendige bestraling om kankercellen te doden kan worden gebruikt als een eerste behandeling of na prostaatkanker chirurgie.
Het verwijderen van de prostaat of radicale prostatectomie, wordt gebruikt om de kanker te elimineren wanneer het wordt beperkt tot de prostaat. Hormoontherapie kan krimpen of vertragen van de groei van uw kanker, maar tenzij het ??wordt gebruikt in combinatie met een andere therapie zal het niet de kanker elimineren.
Chemotherapie doodt kankercellen in het lichaam, ook buiten de prostaat, zodat het gebruikt wordt om meer geavanceerde en kanker die niet reageren op hormoontherapie te behandelen. Cryotherapie bevriest en doodt kankercellen in de prostaat (zoals de sterk vergrote cellen hier getoond.) Het wordt niet zo veel gebruikt omdat er weinig bekend is over de effectiviteit op lange termijn.
Dit vaccin is bedoeld om te behandelen, niet te voorkomen, prostaatkanker door het aanmoediging van uw lichaamseigen immuunsysteem om prostaat kankercellen aan te vallen.
Uw arts zal uw PSA-spiegels blijven controleren en kan andere tests uit te voeren na de behandeling voor prostaatkanker. Een kanker-bewuste voeding kan de beste keuze zijn voor de overlevenden die hun gezondheid en degenen die hopen om hun risico te verlagen versterkend zijn. Voedingsmiddelen met een hoog foliumzuur kan een actie tegen prostaatkanker (spinazie, sinaasappelsap, linzen) hebben.
Wees op uw hoede van de supplementen die worden aangeboden ter voorkoming van prostaatkanker. They are one of the most experienced practices performing in-office laser prostate ablation on the west coast. Issues of this type are restricted to un-neutered dogs, and can present themselves in a variety of ways, some of which can prove painful or present problems with going to the toilet. The prostate gland in its turn depends on the production of testosterone by the testes, and without testosterone production, the prostate gland itself shrinks away and almost disappears.
If you are not intending to breed from your dog, neutering them is highly recommended, due to the health benefits and prevention of later complications that this provides. It is caused by a gradual enlargement of the prostate gland due to the continual production of the testosterone that supports prostate function, leading to enlargement of the prostate up to a point that it begins to cause other problems. However, testosterone levels do not drop instantly after neutering, and it can take several weeks for neutering to be effective at making a significant impact on the size of the prostate gland, during which time, the dog will still suffer from symptoms. The effects remain for up to six months, after which time, a further course of tablets is necessary to reduce the size of the prostate once again. DHEA will metabolize to estrogen excessively, and chrysin inhibits that process, thus removing the stress it imposes on the prostate gland.
I counsel those with weight problems to utilize lifestyle measures to reduce their fat stores which will reduce their increasing activity of aromatase activity and estrogens. That makes sense because lycopene is fat-soluble, so it’s more easily absorbed by the gut when taken with fatty foods. Even though we don’t know its mechanism of action, it does appear to reduce the risk. Improve estrogen metabolism and conversion from testosterone and DHEA: Convert “bad” estrogens to “good” estrogens and drastically reduce estrogen production from testosterone as well as from DHEA, resulting in a rise in testosterone and DHEA levels.
Men who ate three servings of these vegetables (containing I3C) per week had a 41% lessened risk for prostate cancer. These are herbal supplements which naturally improve body’s mechanism to metabolize and absorb nutrients and improve stamina and strength.
These nutrients get absorbed in body smoothly and quickly and increase energy production; higher energy provides support to all the vital systems of the body and improves functions of all the organs as well. These herbs improve metabolism, supply energy to all the systems and organs of the body and elevate secretion of testosterone. Join this forum for free Ayurveda consultation related to Ayurvedic remedies and natural healing. Na 70, studies suggereren dat de meeste mensen hebben een vorm van prostaatkanker, al kunnen er geen uiterlijke symptomen.
Als u een vergrote prostaat (BPH), dat betekent niet dat je een groter risico op het ontwikkelen van prostaatkanker.
De tests kunnen kanker vinden die zo langzaam groeiende zijn, dat medische behandelingen geen voordeel zou bieden. Dit geldt ook voor Afro-Amerikanen en die met een vader, broer of zoon gediagnosticeerd voor de leeftijd van 65. Na overleg met de arts kan een bloedtest gebruikt worden om prostaat specifiek antigeen (PSA), een eiwit te meten dat door prostaatcellen wordt geproduceerd. Een naald wordt ingebracht, hetzij via het rectum wand of de huid tussen de anus en het scrotum. Het kan ook helpen bij het verlichten van pijn in de botten van de verspreiding van kanker. Nieuwe technieken in gebruik zijn kleinere insnijdingen en zoeken naar schadelijke nabijgelegen zenuwen  voorkomen. Medicijnen of hormonen zal het stopzetten of blokkeren van de productie van testosteron en andere mannelijke hormonen , genaamd androgenen.
Immuun cellen worden verwijderd uit je bloed, en geactiveerd om kanker te bestrijden, en doordrenkt in je bloedbaan teruggezet. Als de symptomen aanwijzen of zich naar andere delen van het lichaam verspreidingen zijn kunnen aanvullende behandeling worden aanbevolen.

Laser therapy is minimally invasive and therefore can be performed in the office setting or in the outpatient surgical setting. As neutered male dogs do not have their testes and so do not produce testosterone, the prostate gland becomes inactive after neutering, which in turn, prevents problems from occurring with the prostate later on.
Problems will only begin to occur if the prostate begins to press against the other internal organs of the dog, leading to pressure, potential pain, increased frequency of urination, and discomfort when urinating. Any pain or apparent discomfort going to the toilet, such as straining, yelps of pain, unnatural posture or apparent difficulty going to the toilet should all be considered carefully in the un-neutered dog, so it is important to be aware of them. Fortunately, there are natural products which can reduce the SHBG levels if they rise too much.
Chances are very good that those men, who are mostly in their 50s and above, will need to take chrysin for the rest of their lives in order to maintain a proper balance.
For 30 days before the operation, half of these men took lycopene, and the other half did not.
We recommend only lycopene that has been made readily absorbable through a lipidation process, such as that from Hoffman-La Roche. There is enough literature from both experimental animal studies and from basic human biochemistry to say that DHEA is a risk reducer for all types of cancer.
The name calls to mind ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and indeed, when ascorbigen breaks down, it generates ascorbic acid as well as I3C. These ayurvedic herbal male stamina enhancer pills supply big dose of vital nutrients in bioavailable form so that male removes deficiencies and debilities in a short time. These capsules increase secretion of testosterone hormone which promotes energy production, growth in muscle mass and also energize and rejuvenate male reproductive system. These make a male active and keener lover in bed improving his vitality and energizing his entire body and reproductive system. Familiegeschiedenis verhoogt het risico van een man: het hebben van een vader of broer met prostaatkanker verdubbelt het risico. Vet in de voeding, in het bijzonder dierlijk vet van rood vlees, kan mannelijke hormoon niveaus stimuleren.
Onderzoekers zijn nog studeren of alcoholgebruik, soa’s, of prostatitis spelen een rol in de ontwikkeling van prostaatkanker. Een hoog niveau kan een hogere kans dat je kanker hebt aangeven, maar je kunt een hoog niveau hebben en nog steeds vrij van kanker. Een radionuclide botscan traceert een injectie van laag radioactief materiaal om te helpen bij het opsporen van kanker die is uitgezaaid naar de botten. Algemeen, de 5-jaars relatieve overleving is 100% voor de mannen met de ziekte beperkt tot de prostaat of de nabijgelegen weefsels, en veel mannen leven veel langer.
Bij brachytherapie worden kleine radioactieve korrels ongeveer de grootte van een rijstkorrel ingebracht in de prostaat. Bijwerkingen kunnen zijn opvliegers, de groei van borstweefsel, gewichtstoename, en impotentie.
Omdat de chemotherapie doodt ook andere snelgroeiende cellen in het lichaam, kan je haaruitval en zweertjes in de mond krijgen. Omdat de bevriezing schade brengt aan zenuwen, maar liefst 80% van de mannen worden impotent na cryochirurgie. Een 10-jaar durende studie toonde een toename van het risico op kanker voor mannen die foliumzuur supplementen namen.
Gelukkig komen er steeds betere behandelmethoden waardoor mensen langer met kanker leven of van kanker genezen. Pain from the procedure is minimal and patients rarely need pain medication after laser therapy.
The best part of these herbal male stamina enhancer supplements is that these bring back optimum secretion of healthy hormones and maintain a proper balance between these. Availability of this hormone keeps a male active, strong and virile to stay potent and active in bed for longer duration in life. These supplements enhance intensity of pleasure during lovemaking and bless a male with extraordinary lovemaking capacities to make a woman ecstatic in bed. Afro-Amerikanen met een hoog risico en hebben het hoogste percentage van prostaatkanker in de wereld. Een biopsie is de beste manier om kanker te detecteren en te voorspellen of deze langzaam groeiende of agressief is. Operatie kan urine-en seksuele functie aantasten, maar beide kunnen verbeteren in de loop van tijd.
Het wordt gebruikt voor gevorderde prostaatkanker die niet meer reageert op hormoontherapie. Een studie wees uit dat prostaatkanker overlevenden die dit regelmatig deden hadden een lager risico op overlijden. Een 5-jaar durende studie van selenium en vitamine E heeft een verminderd risico op prostaatkanker niet aangetoond. The day following the procedure, most patients notice improved urinary stream, better bladder emptying and reduced urinary symptoms. A postoperative study of the tissue specimens showed that, whereas the prostate cancers in those men who had not received lycopene had progressed, the cancers in those who had received lycopene had actually shown a regression. Males need healthy secretion of testosterone hormone to stay energized, potent and virile, use of Musli Strong capsules provide optimum secretion of this vital hormone and other hormones as well to enhance a male’s strength, stamina and energy levels.
Use of these herbal male enhancer supplements keep disorders related to reproductive system away by supplying regular flow of energy. These pills can be used for prolonged duration and these are completely free of side effects.
Deze ontsteking of infectie kan ook leiden tot koorts en in veel gevallen is het te behandelen met medicijnen. Gleason scores helpt het begeleiden van de aard van de behandeling dat uw arts u adviseren. Sommige mannen die ouder zijn of hebben ernstige medische factoren kunnen geen behandeling nodig hebben. Research does appear to show that if we combine ascorbigen with I3C (which is, of course, the situation in nature), their effect will be synergistic.
These herbal male stamina enhancer pills improve prostate and testicular functions and remove blockages in blood vessels and seminal ducts.
These also cure problems like fatigue, lethargy and tiredness and fight back physical and mental stress.
Er is echter meer agressieve behandeling meestal aanbevolen voor jongere mensen of mensen met een meer agressieve ziekte.

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