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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (or Medigap plans) are private senior health insurance policies designed to fill the gaps in medical coverage left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Anyone covered under both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B is eligible to enroll in a Medigap plan. Medicare supplement insurance companies may exercise a pre-existing conditions clause limiting their liability for up to six months after the issue date of the policy.
Medicare supplement insurance plans do not place limits on the doctors or hospitals you can choose.
Medicare supplement insurance plans can provide you the comfort of knowing you will not be burdened by the Medicare gaps left by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.
Some policies go further and offer limited benefits relating to certain expenses not covered by Medicare.

Although companies reserve the right to set further qualification criteria beyond Medicare eligibility at their own discretion, they cannot exclude anyone in a Medicare open enrollment period or Medicare Guaranteed Issue period. Any Medigap insurance company offering supplement insurance coverage is required to offer Medicare Plan A (Medicare’s base plan).
For instance, a Medigap Plan F policy offered by one Medigap insurance company will pay the same as a Medigap Plan F offered by another company.
Some companies will not exercise this option, however, and all companies must waive this limitation for the period in which you had previous creditable coverage. However, it’s important to compare Medigap plans and rates to make sure you find the policy that’s best for you. Any other combination of Medigap supplemental plans (from B-N) may be available at the company’s discretion.

Therefore, you could pay substantially more for the exact same Medigap coverage offered by another company at a lower price. You simply choose any provider that accepts Medicare, and your Medicare supplement plan will pay that provider as stated in your policy.
For Medicare Part B claims, for example, each Medicare supplement insurance company is linked directly to Medicare, and there is rarely a need for you or your doctor to file a claim for outpatient services. MedicareMall is the expert at shopping the market on your behalf, and we’re ready to find the Medicare supplement plan will work for you.

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