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A family history of prostate cancer increases the risk depending on the relationship to a relative with the disease. More advanced cancers may cause symptoms due to invasion in the area of the prostate, causing problems with urination, bleeding, or inability to urinate. In Alberta, one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. When detected early, prostate cancer is one of the most successfully treated types of cancer. The staff and volunteers at the Prostate Cancer Centre are dedicated to educating men about the importance of early detection. Researchers have found out that if you smoke within 10 years of having surgery for prostate cancer, you are twice as likely to have the cancer return. Researchers at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, looked at over 7,200 men after prostate gland removal surgery, which is done to get rid of the prostate cancer. Nearly one-third of the patients who go through prostate removal surgery end up getting the cancer again within the 10-year period, and mortality rates of the cancer vary depending on a variety of situations and other conditions. Even though this particular study focused on prostate cancer, which affects only men, the results of the study have been seen before in a number of other cancers that impact both men and women.

In order for smoking not to impact the chance of seeing the cancer return, you must have quit over 10-years ago, which is how long it takes for the cells of the body to almost get back to what it was before you ever started smoking.
If you live in regional Western Australia and would like to order campaign materials to help promote the Find Cancer Early message in your community, please contact us. These symptoms are most common with BENIGN enlargement of the prostate, and should not be confused with cancer.
Smoking doubles the risk of prostate cancer returning, which is a new part of the study, although the same outlook has also been said for other cancers previously. One-third of those were smokers, one-third were former smokers, while one-third had never smoked. Researchers noted that smoking seems to be the biggest cause and reason for the cancer coming back, so it’s important that people stop smoking as soon as possible when diagnosed with cancer. It does not matter if you are being treated for cancer or you are in remission, you will have high probabilities of the cancer coming back if you continue to smoke.
Doctors also say that it’s important to not give up either, if you have tried to quit smoking after a cancer diagnosis but end up going back to the habit, because it can take a few tries before you are finally able to get off the nicotine for good.

The researchers followed up with those patients for 28-months and found out that those that had only quit within the past 10 years were twice as likely to see the prostate cancer return.
Even if you are dealing with prostate cancer that does not require surgery quite yet, it’s important that the second you get the cancer diagnosis that you immediately quit.
Researchers and doctors say that even going on nicotine replacement therapy is good, if that is what it takes to help you kick the habit for good. If you do have a cancer diagnosis, you should research out to support groups and ask your doctor about ways you can quit that are safe and effective.
The group who were previous smokers and quit over 10 years ago, saw a significantly lower risk of seeing the prostate cancer return, as well as the group that never smoked to begin with. Smoking depletes the body of many different nutrients, which is already being depleted due to the cancer and the surgery or other treatments, and your body is not able to fight off the cancer as easily if your body is being depleted all of the time.

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