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Impotence and incontinence, these are two words that put cancer patients in a fix regarding any kind of surgical treatment of their cancer. Indeed the robotic surgery prostate cancer side effects are a matter of worry but the treatment is worth knowing about. Internationally, this mode of treatment has found acceptance in all world class hospitals and medical facilities with the United States of America leading from the front in terms of research and development and establishment of this state of the art treatment operations. This technology is spectacular and experts believe will go on to improve cancer treatment thorough out the world because of two simple reasons.
It is thus a major boon not just for the cancer afflicted person but also the surgeon, on whom a lot is riding on. It seems grossly unfair as the diagnosis of the cancer itself puts the patient under critical condition.

Compared to the intricacies of the open style surgery, this is finer, even though the word robot scares a lot of patients. The doctor maneuvers the robot to treat the patient using these very sensitive devices that require absolute precision on the part of the surgeon. Unlike open surgeries where speculation was a major issue of contention, laparoscopic surgeons find themselves in an interesting position here.
Moreover, the vision is further improved with magnification getting a major boost in this form of treatment. For example, little errors caused by trembling hands, that caused major complications are now a thing of the past. It is thus imperative to look beyond the side effects and go for the most advanced cancer treatment procedure on the planet.

Urologists confirm that it is otherwise absolutely safe and even though it is called a robotic surgery, it is actually the very able hands of the surgeon which are doing the real magic here. The surgeon is now in a position of power here, and is able to track the cancerous cells with hitherto unimaginable vision. It is interesting to note here that the robot is designed so carefully that it allows for pauses in case of better and improved positioning while maintaining the stability of the patient.

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