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Extracts from the berry of the dwarf palm plant serenoa repens – better known by the common name saw palmetto – have traditionally been used to treat urinary tract infections.
There is some evidence that saw palmetto, which takes its botanical name, sabul serrulatum, from its serrated leaves, can have a slight beneficial effect upon the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate), and this is its most common modern usage. Androgenic alopecia is caused by the effect of male hormones (androgens) on genetically predisposed hair follicles.
5-alpha reductase enzymes are present primarily in the scalp and the prostate, and research suggests that saw palmetto has an inhibitory effect on the enzyme, thereby blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT.
To date there has been only one randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (the ‘gold standard’ of clinical trials) into the effectiveness of saw palmetto in treating androgenic alopecia.
The pilot study used male subjects between the ages of 23 and 64, in good health, with mild to moderate androgenic alopecia. At present, only two pharmaceutical products are clinically proven to stabilise hair loss and promote regrowth. Belgravia also uses various hair growth boosters, including Hair Vitalics, a daily supplement that contains saw palmetto as well as many other nutrients selected to enhance the hair’s health. To book a free consultation with one of our specialists who can assess your individual hair condition and advise on the best course of treatment, call 020 7730 6666 or send us a message with any enquiry you might have.
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A new entry has just been added to Belgravia’s Male Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery. Anyone with an interest in hair loss research will have noticed that the name of one woman crops up more regularly than any other. Although the application of saw palmetto is not a standard treatment methods for supporting prostate health, it is the herb which is often recommended by herbalists for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in many places. As a common disease in old people, enlarged prostate is often related to hormonal imbalance with the growing age. Although many people believed that there is a relationship between saw palmetto and the prostate, no scientific studies have proved that yet. Despite the fact that saw palmetto extract has already been used as a type of conventional therapeutic drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment for several years, you should still use them with attention. Saw Palmetto berry powder is widely used by men to find relief from an enlarged prostate, and various urinary tract ailments. An 11-year old girl in Italy experienced hot flashes after taking a commonly used herbal medicine, according to a new report. The herb, called saw palmetto or Serenoa repens, is most commonly used to treat symptoms of an enlarged prostate in adult men, but has also been used to treat baldness.
The girl had been taking daily doses of an oral supplement containing saw palmetto to treat a condition called telogen effluvium, a common cause of hair loss in children. During the second month of treatment, the girl experienced hot flashes several times a day for many days, according to the researchers at the University of Messina in Italy who evaluated her case.
Saw palmetto is known to decrease estrogen levels in the body, and so a relationship between the herb’s use and hot flashes is plausible, the researchers said. The supplement is generally thought to be safe, and when people do experience side effects, the symptoms are usually mild. However, most studies on the herb's safety have been conducted in adult men, the researchers said. For the science geek in everyone, Live Science offers a fascinating window into the natural and technological world, delivering comprehensive and compelling news and analysis on everything from dinosaur discoveries, archaeological finds and amazing animals to health, innovation and wearable technology.

As the term is self-explanatory, frequent urination refers to the urge to urinate more than usual.
Uva versi has been used since ancient times by North Americans for the treatment of both ‘polyuria’ (frequent urination during day) and ‘nocturia’ (frequent urination during night). Bacterial infection on the walls of the bladder is one of the most common causes for frequent urination. Corn silk is used for the treatment of an array of health conditions, including frequent urination. However, you must consult your doctor first before using this home remedy, especially if you are already taking other medications. Saw palmetto is a herb that is used not only to treat frequent urination but more severe conditions also, such as prostate. For the best results, the general dosage recommendation is 320 mg of saw palmetto once daily. The natural substances available in valerian stop muscle spasms and also relax the bladder muscles.
The tea prepared using the seeds of the dodder plant can also be very beneficial in treating the condition of frequent urination.
These breast enhancing herbs are being used safely for centuries, unlike a few of the dubious ingredients used in the expensive breast enlargement formulas that are available in the market. Hence, it an excellent way to enlarge the breast naturally.  Take a pan and heat up cod liver oil. Fenugreek is one of the commonly used spices and is extensively used for medicinal purposes. This herb is widely used to enhance the reproductive health of women, including menopausal issues and premenstrual syndrome. This herb is native to Russia and Europe, common in the UK and extensively naturalized in Canada and United States.
This smooth, heart-shaped, pinnatifid leaves were used by many ancient civilizations including Romans, Greek and Persians.
Mother’s Wort Herb, Black Cohosh, Licorice Root, Alfalfa, Oat Grass, Dandelion Root, Blessed Thistle, Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Dong Quai Root are some of the other herbs that are effectively used to increase the breast size. The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and will provide our hair loss specialists with all the information required to recommend an effective course of home-use treatment. Its use can be traced back to the Mayans, who used it as a tonic, and the Seminoles, who employed its antiseptic qualities.
Leading on from the research that has been undertaken into the mechanism by which saw palmetto works to relieve the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, it seems likely – though still unproven – that it can also be of benefit in the treatment of androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Within these follicles, testosterone is converted into the androgen DHT (dihydrotestosterone) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. It also has a direct inhibitory effect on androgen receptors, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
60% of the subjects dosed with the active formulation were rated as improved at the end of the study. The Belgravia Centre bases its comprehensive hair loss treatment programmes around Propecia and Minoxidil, both of which are licensed for this use, due to the substantial body of evidence that they are safe and effective.
It is designed to complement treatment based around our tried and tested primary medications. If you can’t get to the London centre, you can complete the online diagnostic form and an advisor will be happy to recommend a home-use treatment course, available worldwide. That name is Angela Christiano, and the smart money is on this New York-based scientist holding the keys to a number of game-changing new treatments.
Four months of following a personalised Belgravia hair loss treatment course and this client’s receding hairline is significantly improved. Recent researches have confirmed that the extract of this herb is very helpful for the maintenance of the functionality of prostate.

In addition, in some countries like India, people like to use this herb as a tonic which has the expectorant and antiseptic functions to keep health.
Usually enlarged prostate gland will block urination and cause inconvenience in people’s life. Some experiments pointed out that this extract has anti-inflammatory properties which is the reason that it can help to alleviate prostatic hyperplasia.
Because of her symptoms, the girl stopped taking the supplement, and her hot flashes went away. However, she was not taking any other medications, did not have any known hormonal disorders, and her symptoms stopped when the supplement was discontinued — all signs that point to the herb as the culprit, they said. Although generally used by adult men, saw palmetto is available in health food stores, the researchers said, so anyone can buy and use it. We aim to empower and inspire our readers with the tools needed to understand the world and appreciate its everyday awe. There are lots of medical evidences that confirm its effectiveness, especially if frequent urination is caused by urinary tract infections.
Drinking more water may further increase the frequency of urination, but it will also flush out the harmful bacteria from the urinary tract and thus will accelerate the actual recovery process. The natural substances in corn silk have certain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that soothe your bladder.
As per medical studies, corn silk may cause some side effects by interfering with certain medications.
The natural probiotic that plain yogurt contains fights against such infections very effectively.
It is quite effective for enhancing your breast tissue and breast size, as it controls the level of testosterone, which otherwise could stop breast growth.
These herbs are also found in many of the breast enlargement products that are commercially available.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. DHT inhibits the growth of new hair cells, causing the follicles to shrink with each growth cycle until the follicles become dysfunctional and hair no longer grows. However, the study was very small in scope, and therefore much larger clinical trials are needed to further substantiate any claims for saw palmetto’s efficacy. You can see how effective our treatment programmes can be by viewing some of our many success stories. In fact, this extract is often used as an axillary method in treating enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Despite the benign prostatic hyperplasia does not cause cancer, it can cause other health issues such as bladder blockage, bladder infection, bladder stones or even kidney damage. However, some minor disorders including headache, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and nausea may still occur. In general, if you need to urinate more than eight times during a day, you might be affected with this condition. Also, instead of drinking cranberry juice cocktail, you are advised to drink 100% pure cranberry juice only. Proper dosage of corn silk does not just help in treating bladder infections but also in normal function and tone of the urinary tract. Experiments also show that saw palmetto can effectively help promote urinary flow in patients with BPH.

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