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Prostate Gland is not known to most men until they experience pain and symptoms in that organ, once contracted with prostatitis, patients start to study the disease and start the search for a genuine cure on prostatitis. Prostate gland is a small and tender organ, injection surgery on the prostate could cause serious damage, sometimes permanent damage, to the prostate. Prostate gland infection is clearly caused by infection of the urethra, and is always called prostatitis, most cases patients start with pain and symptoms in urethra, after a few months, the infection starts in the prostate gland and cause long term pain and symptoms.
Symptoms of prostate gland are extensive and spread to other parts of the body, it may affect urethra and cause urinary symptoms, it may affect some nerve systems and cause pain in the thigh, legs, foot, or back area. For prostatitis, the effectiveness of oral antibiotics depends on the timing, right type of antibiotics, amount of dosage, and duration of treatment, missing one could cause failure in the treatment.
Timing is critical for prostatitis, once noticed pain or symptoms in urethra, patients should immediately seek medical attention and start oral antibiotics treatment. Once you notice pain and symptoms of prostatitis, consult a prostate doctor as early as possible, the next step is a prescription of antibiotics, but how do prostate doctors know which antibiotics is right for your case?
Most urethra infection is highly infectious and not easy to eliminate, hence, a correct dosage of antibiotics is very important for prostate gland infection. Prostate doctors usually prescribe two weeks of oral antibiotics to patients with prostatitis, and if patients come back again, they will prescribe another brand of antibiotics for two more weeks and so on. Unfortunately, most prostate doctors and urologists don't have much knowledge on the prostate gland and surgery treatments related to prostatitis, they are more interested in surgery on the prostate gland.
Some cases of swollen prostate is due to other factors, but most cases of swollen prostate is due to infection of the prostate gland, or prostatitis.
Western diet normally is not beneficial for health of prostate gland, grease, alcohol, spicy food, certain seafood are irritating to the prostate gland. In fact, prostate gland side effects are very serious in most prostatitis cases, patients of prostatitis show urinary symptoms and pains, unbearable pain in the perineum area, anus area or rectum area, serious back pain, etc. Prostate gland massage is a very primitive method for prostatitis, it helps in circulation of prostate fluid, however, it cannot be considered an effective treatment for prostatitis, it cannot break down the accumulated waste, calcified waste.
There is no such easy way to shrink the prostate gland, if you take Quercetin or Saw Palmetto, it may slow down the growth of prostate gland a bit, however, it is unable to shrink the prostate gland, the innovative prostatectomy conducted in our surgery center can shrink the prostate gland back to its normal size. Pain in the prostate gland is mostly caused by the infection of bacteria, Quercetin or Saw Palmetto are the herbs used for enlargement of the prostate, however, these herbal treatments on prostatitis are not able to cure infection in the prostate gland, so the pain in the prostate cannot be cured with Quercetin or Saw Palmetto. PSA test is very popular for prostate gland problems such as prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and prostatitis. When your prostate doctor diagnose a patient as nonbacterial prostatitis, it usually mean that the prostate doctor is unable to identify the specific bacteria in the prostate gland, so he uses the term nonbacterial to describe the prostate condition.

Currently prostatitis gets little attention or publicity when compared with other diseases such as AIDS, or prostate cancer, patients are either told by the prostate doctor that the pain is in their mind or are abandoned by the medical system. Chlamydia is a very stubborn bacteria and requires extra dosage or duration of treatment, and it is likely that Chlamydia already has resistance from the partner. Mutiparametric prostate MRI is an useful test to search for clinically significant prostate cancers before a prostate biopsy. Small renal tumours (<4cm) arising from the kidney may be suitable for segmental excision without sacrificing the entire kidney. Oncological outcomes for partial nephrectomy is comparable to radical (total) nephrectomy for small renal tumours 1.
If you have prostatitis, ordinary needles cause formation of lumps in the prostate gland and hinder passage of the prostate gland, this is evidenced from some previous patients who have been to other prostate injection surgery.
Many prostate doctors and urologists suggest other causes or surgery treatments for prostate gland infection, but these diagnosis are often wrong and cause frustration to the patients.
During acute stage of prostatitis, oral antibiotics should be administered as soon as possible, and should provide strong dosage, and lastly, the duration should be at least four weeks.
This is particularly important because infection is still in the urethra and is considered early stage of infection. Prostate doctors usually take a specimen from urethra secretion and analyze it under microscope, they usually look at the amount of white blood cells. Since oral antibiotics is dispersed to the whole body, the actual amount of antibiotics that reach the prostate is very low, if you follow the standard dosage, it is likely that you may not be able to eliminate infection due to low concentration of antibiotics in the prostate gland. This kind of practice is very bad because two weeks are only enough for some simple infection, however, most prostatitis cases have strong bacteria infection which cannot be eliminated with only two weeks of dosage. Many patients are mistaken by this concept and have taken a lot of other herbal therapies or treatment remedy without much help. If you have prostatitis, the prostate gland is very sensitive to the food, for instance, if you consume a few bottles of wine or beer, the prostate immediately reacts with intense pain and symptoms, sometimes the prostate pain aggravates to higher level and maintain there for a long time.
Generally speaking, the whole genital urinary system is in a mess, some long term prostate patients lost ability to work, or even become suicidal. Some prostate doctors and urologists boast cure on prostatitis with a few weeks of prostate massage, this is nothing more than a scam.
However, PSA test is not suitable for all kind of problems of prostate gland, this test is only valid for prostate cancer, and irrelevant to enlarged prostate or prostatitis. However, that doesn't mean that your body is free of bacteria, it only means modern lab test cannot identify any bacteria in the prostate gland.

Prostate support from the government or institutions is almost none, patients set up prostate support groups by themselves to seek psychological support and exchange cure info.
Evidence suggest MRI is useful for locating cancers in men with rising PSA and prior negative prostate biopsies.
Our needles are custom designed for this type of surgery on prostate, it is extremely thin and longer than and other models in the market, repetitive prostate surgery with this kind of needles cause no permanent damage or serious pain on the prostate.
Once they found unusual amount of white blood cells, they prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics for you without knowing specifically which bacteria is causing the infection.
A saturated dosage for prostatitis is needed for an effective treatment on prostate gland infection.
Our surgery center finds that four weeks is the minimum duration for infection on the prostate gland, sometimes a few months are needed. Before taking these herbs, a comprehensive lab test is needed to find out bacteria in your prostate gland, also please have lab test done in a national lab rather than a local municipal hospital so that the results of lab tests are more accurate. It is vital that a proper diet is enforced when you have prostatitis, more vegetables, less meat, avoid alcohol, these are the guidelines. Our surgery center never require PSA test for visiting patients, we only require them to have ultrasound scan, comprehensive lab tests on dozens of STD bacteria, digital rectal exam, etc. If it is too late, oral antibiotics is not powerful enough to contain the growth of Chlamydia.
Indications for partial nephrectomy are solitary kidney, multiple tumours and unilateral kidney with poorly functioning contralateral kidney. If properly treated, it is possible that the infection is eliminated with a few weeks of oral antibiotics treatment.
This approach is risky because prostate doctors and you are making a gamble that antibiotics work in your case without knowing the exact kind of bacteria. The formal diagnosis procedure should include advanced lab testing on a list of bacteria to find out the exact causes of prostatitis.

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