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The urologist believed that surgery was the best option especially given my good physical condition. My son Rick started researching surgery and came across a surgical technique not performed in Colorado: Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy (LRP). When we notified my insurance company that University Hospital did not perform the procedure, they took the referral under advisement with their parent company.
My insurance company lost the appeal less than a week before the scheduled surgery and was ordered to provide LRP. The rest of June and July workouts continued to improve, with timed repeats in early July equal to pre surgery. I had seen the broadcast by Pat Robertson before my LRP and knew that quick recoveries were possible. In one case Samadi discussed a patient that had a Gleason 10*, a very difficult cancer to manage. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Here is an inspiring, but poignant story by a legacy in golf, Arnold Palmer, a 14 year prostate cancer survivor. I recently saw a re-run of an interview on Oprah with Christina Applegate, and she explained why she chose a double mastectomy for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. This is an inspiring and informative interview with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) and Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) gives a lighthearted interview about his experience with chemotherapy for lymphoma and the inconvenience of temporarily being bald! Katie Couric gives a tribute to Tony Snow, the former news anchor for Fox TV and Press Secretary for President George W Bush. Soraya was one of my favorite singers! Unfortunately, she had a very strong family history of breast cancer, including in her mother and her sister. Melissa Etheridge is a Grammy Award winning singer who developed breast cancer that spread to a lymph node. As a dedicated US Masters Swimming competitor, I had not gone more than three days without a workout since 1981. At first, the process was not a rush because a lot of information available describes how prostate cancer is slow moving and I quickly learned that "watchful waiting." is often considered a reasonable standard of care. To me, the thought of ripping through my stomach and abdominal muscles to remove the prostate was enough to scare me away from the procedure. Then within a matter of a week I met more than five men who had had complications with seeds.
After several hours of research, Rick and I realized that the name most closely associated with LRP is Arnon Krongrad, MD, in Miami. My insurance company promptly denied the primary care physician's request for authorization to have Dr Krongrad perform LRP and redirected the referral to University Hospital in Denver. After a couple of weeks of review, my insurance company denied the referral because a outdated third-party document that they had retrieved said to. Krongrad before leaving, I learned that my cancer was organ confined and that the margins were clean. On the tenth day, the catheter was removed and the biggest aggravation of the whole operation was gone. At one month after surgery, I found it hard to believe that I had major surgery, with so little pain, no visible scar, and no painkillers.

However, as far any of us can tell, nobody has ever set a world record after radical prostate cancer surgery, let alone so quickly after prostate cancer surgery. Krongrad, a fellow swimmer, for supporting us in the ordeal with the insurance company, making us feel like family, providing a much-needed pre-op workout, delivering painless prostate cancer cure, and allowing me, within a few short weeks of surgery, the realistic dream of a swimming world record. David Samadi, Chairman, Department of Urology, and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital returned to Israel last month to follow up on patients he has treated and teaching techniques about robotic surgery.
Samadi a prominent urologist and a pioneer in robotic surgery, but he brings empathy for each of his patients.
Samadi is providing care for patients in Israel, north of Israel, Israeli doctors are providing medical care to wounded Syrians who are supposed to be their enemies. While contemplating the options a friend asked if I would like to visit a friend of his that was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had opted for watchful waiting. I believed that there would be no easy solution and began a more realistic quest for treatment. I could not imagine how I would ever get back into shape after the estimated eight-week recovery time.
During the next few weeks, I decided to get in one more short-course meet in Indiana, wondering what things would be like if I had surgery. With a full out bombardment of emails, faxes, studies, and reports, my insurance company refused to cover the procedure. Krongrad, my insurance company agreed to cover the LRP procedure only if I went to University Hospital, where the procedure had never been performed. Krongrad invited Bobby and me to that evening's Masters workout at the 50m outdoor pool at Florida International University. I had gone back to Colorado on May 10, and, with the catheter removed I was able to get back in the pool for light workouts. In any event, I went off to Nationals in Savannah, GA as a newly minted member of the 70-75 year-old age group. Having gone through surgery and then setting a new world record was for me the most vital validation that all is well.
Hundreds came to the lecture in Israel to hear him speak, spreading prostate cancer awareness, highlighting preventative measures and the importance of getting PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) screened, considering that prostate cancer is the second most common cause of death, in men, from cancers.
As a doctor, when you wear a white coat everyone is the same, you give 200% for each patient.
A low Gleason score means the cancer tissue is similar to normal prostate tissue and the tumor is less likely to spread; a high Gleason score means the cancer tissue is very different from normal and the tumor is more likely to spread. In the first meeting with the urologist the Gold Standard of Care was described as radical prostate removal. Additionally, a nephew of mine recently had open prostate surgery and nearly died from complications of blood transfusion.
Krongrad explaining the fact that his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and as a serious master swimmer he could not accept the damage that open surgery would do.
At this meet, I mentioned a possible trip to Miami for LRP to one of my swim buddies from Littleton.
The only alternative was to file an appeal with CHDR, which oversees Medicare supplemental insurance companies like mine. I found the pool to be a very comfortable place to be: no diving or hard pushoffs (doctor's orders).
At this meet, in great spirits and great shape, I entered my favorite event, the 200m breaststroke.

In gratitude to all the men who were so open with me, I have spoken with others who were in the shoes I filled only four months ago.
Samadi – a pioneer in robotic surgery – has previously traveled to Israel to share his expertise. Masad Brahum, Head of the Naharia Medical Center stated, “There is a little plus to look at.
Rick also shared my concern over the complication of prostate surgery that nearly killed my nephew.
He mentioned that his dentist, located in the same building with my son Rick, had just returned from having LRP with Dr. Upon trying to set an appointment with the University Hospital Urology Department I learned that University Hospital had never performed LRP, but was trying to get a program started.
By mid June, workouts were back to about ninety percent of pre-surgery and I felt comfortable with the decision to compete at Nationals. Samadi connected with the powerful feeling of his colleagues to the North and stated “In Hebrew, when you save one person’s life, you’ve saved the whole village.” By looking at this issue from a global stand point, doctors have the obligation to treat the patient and not only care for them with medication, but to treat their souls with compassion. This time when Samadi visited Israel and in the last 3 – 4 years there have been over 400 patients that have come to be treated by Dr. Krongrad put the last name and sport together and asked if we were related to Bobby Patten. I did speak with a urologist associated with that hospital, and he graciously endorsed the decision to go to Dr.
Krongrad's staff continued to keep in contact with information, answering questions, and even keeping the surgery date. I had set a new world record for the 70 to 74 age group, breaking the old record by over 1.5 seconds. Samadi gave lectures and performed a live SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) surgery robotic prostatectomy at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. All the connections formed an unexplained sense, a feeling that a direction was being irreversibly set. He has dedicated his time to mentor the Israeli surgeons in his technique at Lenox Hill and in return Dr.
Also, being a good patient, I was careful not to swim too fast and unwittingly embarrass my surgeon the night before surgery. Krongrad had requested my local doctor send my physical profile, and it was determined that I was a candidate for LRP. Krongrad showed off a treasured T-shirt minted to commemorate the July, 1990 Lone Star Masters swim-for-distance workouts. Bobby, who has set numerous swimming records, amused himself by trouncing the teenage swimmers who were in his lane.
Using the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, has improved overall bringing the man operative time for prostatectomy to under 2 hours.
This modified technique will not only save the surgeon time, but also make it possible for the patient to achieve continence rates of 97% and potency rates of 81% at 1 year while maintaining a 4% rate of positive surgical margins.

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