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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Phyllis, a 73-year-old retired high school principal, was set on a course of blood tests every 6 months or so to see if anything changed–namely, her calcium level. The graph on the left is one of the many ways the Calcium-Pro App graphs and analyzes your calcium, PTH, vitamin D, urine calcium and osteoporosis. These large parathyroid tumors may not be parathyroid cancer under a microscope, but they are up to no good.
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Calcium-Pro is an accurate and easy-to-use parathyroid app for patients and doctors made by parathyroid doctors—from Calcium Science.
A latest study from Italy suggests that men with large testicles are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. A study was done on 2,800 Italian men who sought medical care for sexual dysfunction.  It was based on examining these men that the researchers at the University of Florence highlighted an association between larger testicles and increased risk of heart diseases. I could find no data on what’s considered abnormally large or small for a human male.
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The lesson here is simple: parathyroid tumors are not harmless, even though they are technically benign.
The study also found that having huge testicles is associated with a slightly elevated risk of being hospitalized for heart disease, high blood pressure and excess alcohol consumption.
Add another problem associated with too much testosterone, as if male pattern balding and prostate cancer weren’t enough. Doing some searches on the web I see that fertility doctors use a series of ring gauges to determine the size of an individual testicle while veterinarians involved in cattle breeding measure the circumference of the scrotum. I’m thinking that a blood test for serum testosterone levels would be a more accurate way to assess risk factors associated with too much or too little testosterone.
I used the ring sizer as directed and ordered the Tungsten ring with the blue carbon fiber. Douglas Politz Parathyroid tumors may look benign (harmless) under a microscope, but they damage many organs in the body over time–making hyperparathyroidism act more like a cancer tumor. This is one of 17 different ways the Calcium-Pro App graphs your lab test results making hyperparathyroidism much easier to understand. The green bar shows the normal range for blood calcium for women her age (should be in the 9’s).
Doug Politz is one of the world's most knowledgeable parathyroid doctors and the second most experienced parathyroid surgeon in the world.

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While parathyroid cancer is extremely rare, benign parathyroid tumors causing high blood calcium can mimic the effects of cancer.
Parathyroid tumors will slowly strip away the health of one organ at a time–just like many cancers do. Politz attended LSU Medical School where he graduated with the Chancellor’s Award as the Most Outstanding Graduate. Importantly, even if your calcium is 13 and your PTH is 1000, you still most likely have a VERY OLD parathyroid tumor, NOT a parathyroid cancer! Politz has been a senior surgeon at the Norman Parathyroid Center since 2005 and has dedicated his surgical career to the treatment of hyperparathyroidism.

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