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The common symptoms of bladder infections in men include frequent urination, burning sensation while urinating, foul odor and blood in urine, incomplete urination and pain around the rectal area while urinating. Bladder infections can be caused due to several reasons including poor hygiene, unprotected sex, bacteria, weak immune system, kidney stones, prostate related problems, and sexually transmitted diseases. If the bladder does not get emptied fully while urinating, some amount of urine tends to remain inside the bladder, which gradually creates an environment where bacteria multiplies and causes bladder infections. Bladder infections in men can also be caused due to many sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Prostate gland related problems like prostatitis or infections may also cause bladder infections.
Sometimes, the abnormal enlargement of the prostate can cause urinary problems as it presses the urethra and decreases the flow of urine from the body. We at the MacLeod laboratory examine and treat patients with Urethritis, Acute and Chronic Prostatitis and Infections of the Seminal Vesicles, Epididymis and Testes. Eight years ago The MacLeod Laboratory started offering direct intra-prostatic injections for the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
A retrospective analysis of the data showing the changes in pre and post therapy symptom scores of individual patients is under way. During the last five years approximately  four hundred males with prostatitis have been treated at The MacLeod Laboratory.
Chronic prostatitis can gradually decrease a man’s physical performance and eventually exhaust his mental reserves. Even while childbearing is not desired bacteria transferred from an infected prostate can change female pelvic function.
As a gynecologist and pathologist I have witnessed the effect of this disease on my female patients who have suffered, sometimes irreversibly from bacteria transmitted by their infected partners.
Due to the profound effect of prostatitis causing bacteria on reproduction in both males and females, they have to be mentioned in the context of reproduction. Being an infertility specialist and treating men and women for infertility, I have worked closely with urologists. While the prostate serves as a sphincter for both the urine and seminal fluid, its more important function is to trap microbes through an elaborate immunological mechanism.
This was basically when I began treating the prostate, of asymptomatic infertile males, but later as word traveled — single and married men started to consult me for the sole purpose of receiving therapy for symptomatic prostatitis.
The majority of my patients come to me with the diagnosis of  nonbacterial prostatitis. Entry of bacteria into the male genital canal takes place through the urethra and the great majority of cases follow a sexual intercourse.
The first symptoms of acute prostatitis are urethral burning or pain at the tip of the penis and as the bacteria multiply and progress along the urethra, some patients can sense the extent of progression. The infection will advance to the epididymis and testicles and painful swelling of those organs is usually followed by tissue destruction and occlusion of the sperm carrying ducts. The nature of prostatitis is a recurring disease that is treated with repeated oral antibiotic courses. During my ten years as a practicing pathologist I have seen numerous surgical specimens removed either for benign prostate hypertrophy or for prostate cancer. The work up begins with the review of a detailed medical history and an objective evaluation of the patient’s symptoms. An EPS (expressed prostatic secretion) sample is examined under the microscope for epithelial cells, bacteria and white and red blood cells. For acute prostatitis that is promptly treated with adequate antibiotics courses the cure rate is 100%. It is probably a good habit to inject both seminal vesicles at least once even if there is no clinical or sonographic sign for involvement.
The main argument against the transrectal injections is the potential infection introduced through the puncture hole of the rectum. Optionally prostatic massages can be performed to improve blood circulation and antibiotic distribution.
It is our belief that a large percentage of the cases of prostatitis are either caused by or aggravated by Chlamydia infection. Due to unpredictable availability of residual Chlamydia for therapy there is always a great uncertainty in judging the success of the first course of therapy. Follow up booster injections, two or three per session, are recommended, three, six and nine months following the initial therapy. When a 17-year-old virginal male presented with a series of symptoms typical for chronic prostatitis, I suspected for the first time that vertically transmitted infections could lead to prostatitis. 3 A complete lack of appreciation of the fact that this organism not only develops resistance to antibiotics but it has infinite resources to evade detection. 4 Finally, Chlamydia will bewilder patients and doctors alike due to the simple fact that acute or chronic prostatitis can develop for no apparent reason from vertically inherited strains of this bacterium. Due to their anatomic proximity and a communicating duct system between the prostate and seminal vesicles, infections entering the prostate will find their way quickly into the seminal vesicles. Within days, following the unset of urethritis, acute infection with a virulent strain of Chlamydia will spread along the surface mucosa of the urethra and most patients will recall the progression of this infection.
Once bacteria reach the posterior urethra, unchecked entry into the seminal vesicles and ductus deference will take place through the common ejaculatory ducts.
On sonographic examination, tissue reaction to the progressing infection will show up very early. Chronic infection within the seminal vesicles causes mild to significant scarring of the wall of the gland with diminished quantity of vesicular fluid visible. A subset of patients will present with acute fullness feeling in the deep pelvis shortly after the onset of urethritis and report diminished ejaculatory volume.
In rare instances, seminal vesiculitis develops without any overt sign of prostatic infection.
Sonographic appearance of a seminal vesicle with acute obstruction of the excretory duct. A chronic infection can cause scarring of the entire intraprostatic segments of both ductus deferentes and the terminal ducts of the seminal vesicles. A cluster of rings replacing the normal structure of a chronically infected seminal vesicle.
A host of other ill defined pelvic conditions are either directly caused by or aggravated by inflammation of the seminal vesicles: pelvic floor dysfunction, myofascial trigger point dysfunction, pudendal nerve entrapment and so on.
In general, I have no objection to any of these therapies, provided proper antibiotic therapy is administered first. The function of the epididymis is to collect the sperm formed in the testes through dozens of delicate tubules where the final maturation of the spermatozoa takes place. In epididymitis the infectious bacteria, most commonly Chlamydia trachomatis, arrives to the epididymis and a painful inflammation develops. To avoid damaging the collecting duct system of the epididymis we only perform trans-cutaneous infiltration of the space around the epididymis. My choice of therapy for orchitis is intravenous antibiotics with broad coverage for Chlamydia trachomatis, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
Concentration of antibiotics in the tissues can reach 1000 to 2000 folds that of the levels achieved through orally or even intravenously given antibiotics. As the attached sonogram picture will show (Figure 2), in a structurally intact prostate, unilateral injection promptly results in bilateral filling of both lobes of the prostate. One month following the therapy the symptom evaluation, cultures, and sonography examinations are repeated. All of our patients who reported for therapy within days of acquiring the infection showed complete reversal of symptom scores within days.
Change in post therapy bacteria count: There is consistently a precipitous drop in the bacteria colony count in the post therapy semen samples.
Adding EDTA to the injected mixture to dissolving calcium salt is based on a chemical fact that EDTA, being a chelating agent, will dissolve calcium salts. Nearly 70,000 new cancer cases were diagnosed among Malaysians in Peninsular Malaysia between 2003 and 2005, according to a report released in early 2008 on the incidence of the disease in West Malaysia. Benign enlargement of the prostate: This is a non cancerous tumour of the prostate seen after the age of 50. Cancer of the prostate: This is the 4th most common cause of death from malignant diseases in males. Prostate cancer is seen mainly in the posterior lobe.Non cancerous enlargement is seen in other lobes.
Growth rate is very fast in prostate cancer .The tumour compresses the urethra and produce difficulty in urination.
Spread through the blood: Spread of cancer cells takeplace through the periprostatic venous plexus and reaches the vertebral veins while coughing and sneezing and finally enders the vertebral bodies of the lumbar vertebrae.
When the tumour spread to all nearby areas including neck of bladder and urethra there will be painful urination with bleeding.Urine comes drop by drop. Includes per rectal examination to feel the prostate gland,palpation of abdomen to feel the swelling in kidneys and any tumours.Patient is examined from head to foot to find out any lesions.
Urine analysis: Microscopic examination to detect pus cells,occult blood,casts,Crystals ect.
If there is coma monitoring of all vital functions along with parentral nutrition and electolyte supply. Hi, we are Kenny Foong and Eunice Chow, Personal Wellness Coach cum Herbalife Malaysia Independent Distributor from Puchong, Selangor Malaysia. The belly button is quite a favorable place for the growth of number of organisms including bacteria, viruses, yeast etc and the problem of belly button infection has become quite common these days.
Sometime the problem is very common and in order to get relief from the intense pain it is advisable to use a warm compress. The rich anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties of tea tree oil are very useful in reducing the infection. The acidic properties of white vinegar are very useful in restricting the growth of infection causing organism. The ant septic properties of rubbing alcohol help in the sterilization of the infection and prevent the growth of infectious bacteria, virus and fungi. The anti septic and healing properties of turmeric are used to treat the belly button infection.
Neem is rich in anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties and effective stops the growth of infection causing organisms.
Calendula flower extracts are rich in anti inflammatory properties that reduce the pain and itching. Coconut oil is very effective in preventing the growth of these infection causing bacteria and viruses very effectively.
Therefore in order to get complete relief from the belly button infection it is advisable to use the above mentioned remedies regularly.
Prostate cancer is the commonest malignancy in men accounting for 24% of all newly diagnosed male cancers and 12% of deaths. Diagnostic value of systematic prostate biopsy methods in the investigation for prostate cancer. 2 clicks for more privacy: On the first click the button will be activated and you can then share the poster with a second click. UTI is urinary tract infection and as the name suggests the condition affects the urinary tract of humans. If the infection is left untreated it disappears in some time but keeps coming back because the infection causing bacteria never go away completely.
Pessaries prepared using garlic are inserted into the vagina to eliminate the bacteria that result in the infection. Citrus fruits like orange and lemon are rich sources of vitamin C.This vitamin is very important for keeping the bladder healthy as it eliminates the infection causing bacteria from the system.
5000mg of vitamin C is the recommended daily dosage for people who frequently suffer from urinary tract infection. Along with these remedies it is also important that you take good care of your diet. Actinomycosis (also known as Rivalta disease, big jaw, clams, lumpy jaw or wooden tongue) is an infection, commonly of the face and neck, that produces abscesses (collections of pus) and open-draining sinuses (tracts in the skin).
In women, they can also be found in the womb and the fallopian tubes (through which eggs are released into the womb).
Actinomycetales are anaerobic bacteria, which means they cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments. However, if actinomycetales break through the protective lining (mucus membrane) that surrounds the cavities, they can penetrate deep into your body’s tissue. In an attempt to combat the infection, your immune system (the body’s natural defence against infection and illness) will send infection-fighting cells to the source of the infection. As the infection-fighting cells die, they accumulate into a yellowish-coloured liquid called pus. Unfortunately, the actinomycetales strain of bacteria has the ability to penetrate the protective barrier of an abscess and move into more healthy tissue.
The sinus tracts will leak pus, as well as ‘sulphur granules’, which are a yellow, powdery substance. Actinomycosis is an opportunistic infection that does not cause any symptoms unless an opportunity arises for it to penetrate into the body‘s tissue. Most cases of thoracic actinomycosis are thought to be caused by small particles of food or other ingested material that get mixed up with the actinomycosis bacteria.

Abdominal actinomycosis occurs when something tears the wall of the intestine (bowel), allowing the bacteria to penetrate into deep tissue.
There have also been some reported cases of abdominal actinomycosis occurring as a complication of bowel or abdominal surgery. Most cases of pelvic actinomycosis have been recorded in women who were using the intrauterine device (IUD) form of contraception. One explanation for the high number of cases of pelvic actinomycosis in women who are using the IUD is that over time the IUD may damage the womb lining, allowing bacteria to penetrate into deep tissue. It should be stressed that developing pelvic actinomycosis as a result of using an IUD is very unlikely.
In most cases of actinomycosis, antimicrobial therapy is the only treatment required, although surgery can be adjunctive in selected cases. Attempt to cure actinomycosis, including extensive disease, with aggressive antimicrobial therapy alone initially. Tinea Versicolor is a skin condition which is signified by the appearance of white patches on the body. Yogurt has a high content of good bacteria that is needed by our body for regulating our metabolism and digestion. Over dependence on antibiotics kills all kinds of bacteria which leads to uncontrolled growth of fungus resulting in fungal infections. Grind some neem leaves with water and apply this paste directly on the affected area and let it rest until. Tea tree oil has anti fungal properties and is an ancient remedy for skin infections and problems.
Turmeric is a traditional remedy for many physical maladies including infections and injuries.
That is why prepare a turmeric wash by adding  3-4 spoons of raw unprocessed turmeric in the water. Hematuria - What is Hematuria?In medicine, hematuria, or haematuria, is the presence of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the urine. These infections affect both men and women but the causes of infection in men and women may vary.
It is important to understand the reason behind bladder infections, as they may help in the diagnosis and treatment of the bladder infection. Bacteria thrives the most in the unhygienic part of the body. So, when proper hygiene is not maintained, different urinary tract infections develop including bladder infections. The bacteria residing in the bowel often multiplies and reaches the bladder causing bladder infection. These bacteria may not cause problems of the bowels but can lead to bladder infections.
Sometimes, these stones may cause blockages that cause problems in urinating and pooling of the urine that can also lead to bladder infections. It may be due to some other severe health problem such as cancer that may require chemotherapy treatments, which can weaken the immune system of a person and cause frequent bladder infections.
These diseases cause many urinary tract infections, mostly in the urethra but many other parts of the urinary tract such as the bladder. A narrowed urethra can result from a surgery, diseases, infection, or insertion of catheter, which increases the chances of bladder infections. This leads the urine to accumulate in the bladder that creates a favorable environment for the multiplication of bacteria, which causes bladder infection.
Patients seek treatment for symptomatic genital tract infections or for infection caused infertility. A study of these patients and their response to treatment has increased our understanding of the disease itself and the devastating effect chronic prostatitis has on all aspects of a man's life. The infection alters a woman's hormonal balance, affecting libido and causing other sexual dysfunctions. It is clear therefore that my approach to treating prostatitis is drastically different from the isolationist approach of my urologist colleagues. My practice was almost exclusively limited to treating infertility and genital tract infections. If you are a young male and you are yet to father a child, prostatitis could affect your fertility and the health of your future children. As a pathologist with extensive training in microbiology, it did not take long for me to realize that the overwhelming majority of all infertility cases are infection related. In our laboratory it is exceedingly rare to find negative EPS (expressed prostatic secretion) or semen cultures. The initial symptoms are modified by a series of factors, most importantly the activation of the immune system and the antibiotics received for the initial episode. The majority will have a urine analysis and inevitably leave the office with a prescription for a ten-day or two week course of antibiotic. Secondary to the persisting symptoms, anxiety, depression, loss of self-esteem, loss of sex drive and social withdrawal can develop. A high number of patients will undergo cystoscopy at the beginning of this process, a procedure that hardly ever alters the management and in my opinion is not justified. A digital rectal exam in the early phase will reveal a soft, boggy and very tender prostate and the patient will signal marked discomfort when EPS (Expressed Prostatic Secretion) is collected. Not unlike the tonsils, it serves as a filter for bacteria entering the male body through the urethra. Cultured organisms include: Chlamydia trachomatis (from the urethral swab), Mycoplasma group, complete screening for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and yeast.
The prostate and seminal vesicles are evaluated first with digital rectal examination and then rectal sonography.
Whether definite scarring of either the excretory duct or the gland itself is documented by sonography, every session of prostate injections should deliver part of the antibiotics into the seminal vesicles.
During the years we have performed a large number of injections through the rectum and have never experienced any infection-related complications. The therapeutic considerations should follow the natural course of this bacterium’s life cycle.
Localized symptoms in the pelvic area due to inflammation, physical enlargement, and compression of surrounding tissue caused by the prostate itself. Immune response secondary to the inflammation (especially in cases of Chlamydia related prostatitis). Therefore, injection therapy for chronic prostatitis should always include treating the seminal vesicles at the same time. Infection to the prostate proper will follow through the varying numbers of ducts the prostatic fluid is excreted into the posterior urethra.
Clusters of scattered scarring outlining ductal structures appear in shapes of beads, or form grape like clusters within the prostate. Sonographic examination will show clusters of ring like structures with or without fluid in the centers. A vague feeling of discomfort, deep in the pelvis, unilateral or bilateral can be the only presenting symptom. Note dilated seminal vesicle with thickened wall, filled with the antibiotic solution. Biopsy of seminal vesicle showed extensive scarring with numerous Chlamydia trachomatis elementary bodies.
The recommended therapies are numerous: Prostatic Massage, Perineal or Pelvic Floor Massage, Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Therapy Biofeedback, Acupuncture and Psychological Support. From there the ductus deferens carry the sperm through the prostate to the ejaculatory ducts.
To avoid potential chemical damage to the delicate duct system by the concentrated antibiotics, I avoid injecting antibiotics directly into the testis. The majority with chronic symptoms still experienced 60 to 80 % long-term improvements and complete recovery is not a rarity. The argument is that the patient will benefit from EDTA as it removes calcified scar tissue from the prostate and thus alleviates prostatitis symptoms. The second benefit would be that by dissolving calcium, EDTA opens up pockets of bacteria sequestered in the midst of the scarred and calcified nodules and makes those bacteria accessible to antibiotics. All it takes is a look through the lens of a microscope to realize that the calcium deposits are not forming sealed capsules. Yet another unexpected finding was that prostate cancer was the second most common cancer in Indian males.
It surrounds the neck of bladder & the first part of urethra and condributes a secretion to the semen.
Apply a few drops of this oil around and inside your belly button to eliminate the infection problem.
Make a solution of white vinegar with water and apply it on your belly button 4 to 5 times in a day to treat the problem effectively.
Not only this, rubbing alcohol is also very effective in providing relief from pain and itching. On the other hand, the anti microbial properties of calendula extracts are used for preventing the spread of infection.
Its rich anti inflammatory properties provide relief from the problem of itching, inflammation and pain.
2: Endocavitary end-firing ultrasound probe (ALOKA UST-675P), Onto this probe is mounted a needle guide, through which an 18G spring-driven core biopsy needle is passed. 3: Axial ultrasound image through mid-prostate showing the hyperechoic outer gland (peripheral zone) and from the inner glands(central and transitional zones). Urinary tract infection can occur in men, women and children though it is more common in women than in men. Some of these treatments have been used since centuries by women for getting rid of the bacteria causing the infection.
Yogurt contains live and active cultures of healthy bacteria that help fight the infection causing bacteria and eliminate them. Drink as much water as you can during UTI; at least 10-12 glasses of water are recommended for daily intake. Do not use the commercially available cranberry juices as they contain sugar and other preservatives that will likely help the bacteria grow in leaps and bounds. Do the treatment three times during the day.Leave five cloves of garlic inside the vagina during bed time.
It has alkaline properties that neutralize the acids in the urine thus reducing the pain and burning sensations felt while urinating during urinary tract infection.Consume baking soda by making a solution of it.
Increase your intake of citrus fruits during urinary tract infection. You can also drink fresh orange juice and lime juice for faster treatment of the infection.
Wear loose cotton undergarments to avoid UTI. Cotton tends to absorb the moisture from the skin keeping our private parts clean and dry always. Actinomycetales are found in many of the body’s cavities, such as inside the mouth and less commonly the bowel.
Therefore, they do not present a problem when they are in one of the body’s cavities, such as the mouth or the intestinal tract. As the deep layers of human tissue are low in oxygen, the bacteria are able to reproduce quickly and infect healthy tissue. Having failed to kill the infection, your immune system will attempt to limit its spread by using healthy tissue to form a protective barrier around the pus. The sulphur granules are actually made up of lumps of bacteria, but they are known as sulphur granules as they are the same colour as the chemical sulphur. Rather than passing harmlessly down into the stomach, the particles are mistakenly passed down into the windpipe and the airways of the lungs.
The IUD is a small, T-shaped contraceptive device made from plastic and copper that fits inside the womb.
In England, millions of women use the IUD device and there have only been a handful of reported cases of pelvic actinomycosis.
Surgical therapy may include incision and drainage of abscesses, excision of sinus tracts and recalcitrant fibrotic lesions, decompression of closed-space infections, and interventions aimed at relieving obstruction (eg, when actinomycotic lesions compress the ureter).
A defining feature of this condition is that it tends to relapse in majority of cases after completely clearing off.
This bacteria resides in our body and is also responsible for keeping the naturally occurring yeast and fungal growth in control.
There are multiple ways in which you can use neem remedy for alleviating this skin condition. Tea Tree oil is very strong in nature and direct undiluted application can cause a lot of discomfort in form of burning sensation. However, the problem associated with  turmeric application is that it tends to leave yellow color and tinge on the skin where it is applied. Consume 2 cloves of garlic everyday with warm water on empty stomach regularly if you are prone to this skin condition. I would like to explain the logic behind the procedure and how I took it upon myself as a gynecologist and pathologist to venture into the field of urology and offer an alternative approach to treat one of men’s most troubling and yet most neglected diseases, prostatitis. My background as a pathologist first and then a gynecologist– a rare combination in medicine- gives me a unique vantage point. During these years I became convinced that there are two incomplete branches of medicine, gynecology and urology which should not be studied separately and cannot be understood separately.
If you are an older man who was never able to have children, prostatitis could have contributed to your infertility.

Some of these antibodies are less specific than others and the sperm themselves may get into the crossfire causing anti-sperm antibodies. The interaction of these factors with the pathogenic bacteria will determine when the acute phase becomes chronic and when during the chronic infection an acute flair up occurs.
Next the infection progress to the prostatic urethra and promptly spreads to the bladder and into the prostate itself.
Among them the most important are the virulence of the infecting bacteria and the state of the immune system. Often by the end of this short course of antibiotic therapy, most if not all the urethritis and bladder symptoms disappear and  the patient feels well.
Chronic infection with the formation of scar tissue will form firm nodules within the prostate, which are readily detected with manual examination. It is therefore not an unreasonable hypothesis that chronic prostatitis, prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer represent a continuum of a disease process, and effective eradication of the infectious element should be pursued aggressively. A numerical score is given to the individual symptoms and they will be used later for comparison with the post therapy symptom index. Pictures taken during the sonographic examination are stored in the chart for documentation and for future reference. The transperineal injection needs local anesthesia of the deep tissues, therefore it takes longer and the aim of the 25G injection needle is compromised while traversing through several layers of the perineum. I attribute this to the broad-spectrum antibiotics we use and to the fact that the injected antibiotics, upon withdrawal of the needle, promptly fill the track of the needle, as witnessed on the sonogram screen.
As the patient receives repeated courses of antibiotics the growth rate of Chlamydia will greatly diminish and eventually intracellular, spore forms will develop.
Studies have shown that patients with chronic prostatitis often fear of developing prostate cancer, fear of having a sexually transmitted disease, erectile dysfunction and marital problems.
Advanced cases can progress to complete obliteration of the entire gland with markedly diminished ejaculatory volume. The markedly dilated seminal vesicles, seen on the sonogram, help make the likely diagnosis of isolated, bilateral occlusion of the excretory ducts of the seminal vesicles.
If injection therapy is directed only to cure an assumed prostatitis, the results bound to be disappointing. The epididymis is highly vascularized and the nourishing medium surrounding the tubules not only promotes sperm maturation, it is also a fertile ground for bacterial growth.
As the bacteria multiply in the infected prostate, they form lactic acid which in turn will lower the acidity of the tissues and different calcium salts will precipitate forming a rather patchy deposit. Prompt filling of bilateral prostatic ducts are visualized in structurally intact prostate. The main reason for the infection is the growth of infectious micro organisms there it is very important to maintain the basic cleanliness and hygiene. Prepare a mixture of salt and warm water and put a few drops of it around the belly button.
Not only this, the anti inflammatory properties prevent inflammation and reduce the severity. Therefore it is highly recommended to apply a few drops of warm coconut oil over the belly button to get relief from the problem. The typical cancer is a hypoechoic nodule, occasionally with increased vascularity or distortion of the prostate capsule. If we take a closer look at the change in incidence of infection at each hospital, there is a statistically significant decrease at Sandwell Hospital – following introduction of metronidazole suppository. If you tend to suffer from UTI frequently then you must include one bowl of plain yogurt in your daily diet. During the infection the acidic environment of the bladder and the vagina increases which leads to burning and pain during passing of urine.
The bacteria tend to grow into unhealthy numbers when the skin remains wet and sweaty most of the times.
It is largely found in the geographic regions that have tropical climate that is warm and humid.
Medicated anti-dandruff shampoos and anti fungal ointments are recommended for Tinea Versicolor. Boil a bunch of neem leaves in the water until they get completely infused in the water and strain the water. Dilute this oil either with coconut or lavender oil and apply this concoction on the areas affected by this skin condition. Also include a routine of drinking warm milk mixed with a spoon of turmeric and consume it everyday until this condition clears off. Bacteria harbored in the inflamed prostate are transferred into the female's uterus and can cause functional and structural damage to her reproductive tract and interfere with the course of a normal pregnancy.
My first fifteen years, after completing medical school, were spent in the laboratory with a microscope, giving me a three dimensional view of diseases and a keen interest in searching for cause and effect correlations in all diseases. The prescribed antibiotic therapy and the subsequent favorable clinical and reproductive outcome seemed to confirm that we are on the right track. Symptoms in this phase of the infection affect the urinary tract with painful urination, difficulty starting urination, bladder spasm, a feeling of incomplete emptying following urination, or frequent urination at night (nocturia).
Ultimately the disease will follow an erratic course with gradual scarring and obstruction of the vital duct system and enlargement of the prostate. With a functioning immune system and antibiotic therapy the progression of the condition may abort at any level, or if the antibiotic therapy was inadequate it can progress into the second phase with persisting symptoms fluctuating with various intensity (typical for Chlamydial infections). Involvement of the ejaculatory duct and the seminal vesicle out flow duct can result in premature ejaculation or diminished ejaculatory volume. In addition, any joint, synovium can be affected and I have seen several cases where a recurrence of the infection resulted in a tingling sensation in different parts of the body. A significant number of patients report decreased libido and often exhibit nervous behavioral patterns. My assumption was that the intrauterine and intravaginal bacterial flora during his intrauterine life gained access to his prostate during the pregnancy.
While the symptoms may change marginally, the lower pelvic discomfort persists unless proper antibiotic cocktails are injected into the seminal vesicles. If the antibiotic therapy is inadequate, following repeated failed courses; the collective duct system is damaged and localized scarred nodules, called spermatoceles form.
The extent of scar tissue within the prostate is never proportional to the patient's symptoms.
We are glad to share some health tips, discovery and perhaps our personal experiences, to make you feel more empowered to make your lifestyle healthier. This remedy improves the blood circulation and prevents the growth of infection causing organisms. UTI is caused by bacteria and is the second most common infection after thrush, which is caused by yeast. Successful treatment of UTI is possible and needs to be done in time because severe form of the infection involves passing of blood along with urine. This bacterium may cause infection when it is introduced into the soft tissues by trauma, surgery or another infection. Common symptoms of tinea versicolor are white patches, scaling and flaking, slight itching and these patches tend to turn into pink and red tinge on exposure to sun and heat. In this writeup we will introduce you to various home remedies that can help you in getting rid of this skin condition. Often, involvement of the posterior urethra will affect the ejaculatory ducts causing painful ejaculation or difficulty with ejaculation including premature ejaculation and difficulty maintaining an erection. Once the sperm forming elements of the testes are destroyed, the volume of the testes diminishes and their consistency softens.
Positive bacteria cultures from the EPS in bacterial prostatitis  are highest in the early phase of the acute infection, with white and red blood cells and bacteria present. Adding steroids to the injected cocktail will accelerate intracellular replication of resting Chlamydia forms and, following cell destruction, will bring the elementary bodies into the extracellular space for antibiotics to gain access to them. Irritation of the surrounding nerves and muscles, the formation of peri prostatic adhesions, scarring around the seminal vesicles will cause pain localized behind the pubic bone or lower back or bilaterally if the seminal vesicles are also involved. In our practice, antibiotic therapy has reversed several cases of severe arthritis that developed after the onset of a Chlamydia infection. The precise factors that allow these bacteria to multiply enough to cause a symptomatic infection remain a mystery. The two median segments of the arches represent the two ductus deferentes, while the lateral segments are the two excretory ducts of the seminal vesicles. Since the seminal vesicles are much more sensitive to chemically irritating antibiotics then the prostate, significantly more analgesics should be offered prior to injecting concentrated solutions into the seminal vesicles. This treatment must be done 3-4 times for three days to get rid of the infection completely.
The sugar present in some of the foods and drinks tends to increase the severity of the infection because the bacteria multiply rapidly when they are fed sugar. Once in the tissues, it may form an abscess that develops into a hard red to reddish purple lump. However, vinegar has drying properties as well so ensure that you back up this cleansing routine with neem oil or any other anti-fungal ointment. Wash properly thereafter with a mild soap to alleviate the strong odor of garlic as well as the infection.
Our frustration with returning symptoms and positive bacteria findings after repeated oral therapies prompted us to use multi-drug regimens and later intravenously administered antibiotics. It is rare to encounter patients who have reached this stage of the disease and have not already sought therapy. In the chronic phase the white blood cells will gradually diminish and the chance for bacteria isolation diminishes. If the ductus deferens is involved, especially if the infection progresses to the epididymis, testicular pain can develop. Immune suppression therapy had been unsuccessful in alleviating the arthritic symptoms but the antibiotic therapy provided a permanent cure. The case helped me to delineate a group of people whose infection is not a clear-cut sexually transmitted disease, but more likely a vertically acquired infection. Bilaterally, the tip of the arches represents the fusion of the two structures into the ejaculatory ducts. Even after the symptomatic phase has subsided, the scarred areas become a source for bacteria, causing future flair ups or they can lead to asymptomatic bacteriospermia. I have had a number of patients who had prostate ultrasound in my office and subsequently moved on to another center where they received dozens of calcium removing injections. It is important to keep the vagina dry at all times or the bacteria will find it easier to multiply under wet conditions.
At least 5-6 glasses of baking soda water must be had for four days daily to treat the bacterial infection. Recalling the microscopic image of an enlarged prostate with extensive scarring shielding pockets of bacteria and inflammatory cells, it was easy to understand that oral or even intravenously given antibiotics cannot reach proper concentration in those areas. Unfortunately, this group of patients will have a poorer response to therapy and will exhibit the above-mentioned psychological problems to an even greater degree. In cases of orchitis, acute painful enlargement of the testis signals the bacterial invasion. I could not see any difference in the amount of calcification when pre and post therapy ultrasound pictures were compared.
The introduction of directly injecting antibiotics into the prostate gland delivering 1000 to 2000 fold the concentration of antibiotics than any other previously practiced approach became a logical sequel to our therapy. Following our therapy, the natural course of the disease  will show an up and down course, not unlike a sinusoidal wave with diminishing amplitudes.
I believe it is total ignorance at best or outright charlatanism at worst when a patient is told that the cloudy urine he is voiding following an EDTA injection represents dissolved calcium stones.
Ureteral Pelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ) is a rare condition beginning from birth in which the ureter is blocked between the kidney and bladder.
The injection therapy is rewarded with much improved symptomatic response and great reduction in positive post therapy semen cultures.
Patients with strong psychological overtone of their disease will experience disproportionate symptom flare ups while on the upside slope of the first few post therapy sinus wave. Virulent bacteria rapidly destroy the sperm forming tubules and neglected cases can lead to severe oligospermia or azoospermia. March hematuria - Very prolonged exercise, such as long-distance horseback riding and bicycle riding. A calm, reassuring and caring voice can do much more good then most of the other remedies combined.
Is the red colour mixed in completely, or does the colour change during an episode of urination? Often, the diagnosis is made on the basis of the medical history and some blood tests - especially in young people in whom the risk of malignancy is negligible and the symptoms are generally self-limited.Ultrasound investigation of the renal tract is often used to distinguish between various sources of bleeding.

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    Prostatectomy is the surgical removal nitrates??such as nitroglycerin or other medications like isosorbide dinitrate or isosorbide mononitrate.
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