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The prostate is a walnut shaped gland that’s role is to nourish and transport sperm and hangs out between the bladder and rectum.
Sometimes the genes of a cell are damaged during reproduction and thus this creates mutated genes in the new cells. If you tick yes to any of those it doesn’t mean you will get it, but it does indicate that you are more likely than someone else your age and gender.
To find out if you have prostate cancer there are two preliminary tests: Digital Rectum Examination (DRE), and the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Blood Test.
PSA – Blood test looking to pick up elevated levels of a hormone produced only by the prostate called prostate specific antigen, or PSA.
It’s important to note that the PSA can detect up to four different dysfunctions related to the prostate.
On the other hand, if you are oblivious to it and you happen to get an aggressive prostate cancer, it ‘s deadly.
Facebook: meeting place for those who want to ask questions, talk about their health improvement story or what they thought of their HealthStyle experience. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia -a non cancerous enlargement of the prostate1 Pathophysiology - this condition can cause the urethra to be compressed, which leads to urine retention, frequent urination, urine dribbling, and kidney infections-if severe, complete blockage can occur requiring surgery.
Gonorrhea is a serious infection, which can result in inflammation of the prostate gland or prostatitis, inflammation of the urethra or urethritis and epididymitis.
Before learning how to get rid of gonorrhea at home with simple to apply yet useful home remedies for gonorrhea, people should learn about the basic information, the causes, as well as the symptoms of the disease and thereby avoiding it. A person living with gonorrhea might not have first symptoms after getting infected, but some sufferers do notice the appearance of the hateful symptoms after 3 days of getting infected. The very first sign of the disease is that sufferers would face a faint pain on the tip of the penisA after their urination.
In a severe case of this disease, abscess might be present in the infected area and the sufferers might need to get surgical procedures. In women, the symptoms of vaginal itchingA may occur, and sometimes men can also suffer from the feeling of genital itch. Another thing people should know about this disease before turning to learn home treatments for gonorrhea in men is that there might be also the signs of difficult urination: this would be occurring when you want to urinate but the urination will not pass out as it has to do as normal.

Frequent urination and burning: this sign usually occurs when the condition will start triggering some other discomforts and force the body to face regularly.
VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Prostate conditions can affect a man at all ages although it is more common in the elderly man. We perform transrectal ultrasound and uroflow & bladder scan in the centre, facilitating a 'one-stop' approach. Kidney and urine stones can cause severe pain but may sometimes be silent till the kidney is damaged. Our urology clinic sub specializes in uro-oncology, which is treatment for kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer andtestes cancer. The centre offers a comprehensive range of urology surgery and care for children, adults and geriatrics. Surgery if necessary is performed in Gleneagles Hospital or any of the preferred private hospitals in Singapore.
Our emphasis is on day surgery procedures where patients undergoes consultation, surgery and are discharged within a 24 hour period. Other times it’s a carcinogen (cancer forming element) in the cells such as those found in tobacco. When you look at the treatment of prostate cancer and the side effects (which include impotence and incontinence) it can be life saving for those that have the cancer that could kill them, or something you will take along your journey.
However, most vital signs do occur when the situation comes and start causing some discomfort inside the body.
This urination problem will make sufferers feel extremely uncomfortable and the sufferers sometimes would pray for not to feel another urge for urination. Burning sensation is felt when people want and start urinating and immediately before their urination finish. To reproduce, one cell replicates its genes then divides so that two duplicate cell’s  are formed.
These mutant cells can rapidly divide and form a tumour which is either benign or malignant.

This would occur after 3 days of getting infected, and some people can even notice the appearance of this symptom just after 24 hours of the disease.
In most cases, according to many experts and professionals, this disease can target your rectum, throat, or urethra, although women might also develop some symptoms in their cervix.
The signs in men might be the pus coming out of the penis, an inflammationA of the tubes connecting to the prostrate, and painful urination.
It’s sort of like taking photocopies of the cell which creates two new ones with the same genes as the original. Benign tumours tend to grow slower and stay local, whereas malignant tumours spread rapidly and can affect other parts of the body such as your major organs. Treatment for gonorrhea is important to avoid some complications, like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – PID.
Until this faint pain reaches a stage where the pain will become much more noticeable during and after urination, it will not disappear. Learning about the home treatments for gonorrhea, you need to know about the influences of the infection as well.
Women would face painful urination, pus in their vaginal discharge, bleeding even while they arena€™t menstruating, and pelvic inflammatory condition with the progression of the disease. Take a look over this writing about natural home treatments for gonorrhea in men on our website! If sufferers cannot treat the infection and its symptoms on time, the bacteria responsible for gonorrhea would be able to spread to other bodya€™s parts fast at the same time. Herbal and home remedies for gonorrhea may the best to fight against the symptoms of this condition fast and effectively without leaving unwanted side effects and could be used an adjunct therapy to deal with the condition.

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