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Pools have completed the signing of Northern Ireland Under-21 defender Liam Donnelly following a successful trial period. Craig Hignett has admitted he is pleased with Pools’ unbeaten start to the League Two season but says that his players must start making things easier for themselves.
Brian Honour will be back in the commentary box this weekend when he joins Pools PlayerHD’s team for live coverage of our game against Notts County. They are looking for 10 volunteers to help them out on the day by joining our team of collectors who will be collecting for Prostate Cancer for around an hour and a half before kick off.
At kick off the volunteers are free to go and see the game and the club have very kindly given us tickets for the volunteers.
We will provide a full briefing and on the day and there will be a leader there to support the volunteers. The speed limits differ for some vans, with them being limited to 50mph on single and 60mph on dual carriageways.
Given the bigger size and weight, the average van is also significantly more powerful than a car.
Vans have evolved a lot in recent years, and there are now many options that look slick and stylish.
The battle between petrol and diesel as a fuel source has raged for years, with both offering alternative benefits in terms of cost, economy and overall performance. In this respect, there is no doubt that diesel is a preferable choice to petrol, and the prioritisation of environmental issues has helped to promote the accessibility and cost advantages of the fuel source. Make no mistake; diesel definitely offers more bang for your buck in the modern age and will continue to do so in the long-term. More specifically, the diesel-powered cars will continue to increase the fuel efficiency gap on petrol vehicles in the future, making an disparity between price points irrelevant. The biggest argument against diesel cars (from history, at least) is that there were more expensive to buy and service than their petrol counterparts. On a final note, it is also worth noting that diesels are generally cheaper to tax and insure than petrol cars, making it possible to add to your annual savings as a motorist. When you consider these savings alongside superior (and constantly improving) fuel-efficiency metrics, there is no doubt that diesel cars offer more bang or your buck over the course of a financial year. Misfiring: If the engine sounds like it is misfiring, then there may be a problem with the fuel injector. This diesel troubleshooting resource from United Diesel outlines the differences between the various smokes and it covers other problems as well. BURTON Albion Community Trust will be using pedal power to boost a charity after entering a fundraising team in the Football to Amsterdam cycle ride. Five cyclists will be taking part in the fundraising drive for Prostate Cancer representing the Brewers alongside another 71 Football League clubs. They will all be taking part in the ride that starts on Friday, June 3, from Barnsley football club’s Oakwell Stadium. After riding along the Dearne Valley with its challenging hills, the team will continue the journey across the Humber Bridge and then to the port.
Then it’s time for the teams to relax and jump off the saddle and onto the ferry to Rotterdam where they will refuel for the Saturday.
Their adventure takes them throughout the beautiful Dutch coastline and countryside before arriving at the home of Dutch giants Ajax. Prostate Cancer UK – the official charity partner of the Football League – aims to reach millions of football supporters through engagement activity across football grounds to raise awareness of the disease which now affects one in eight men in the UK – that’s a death rate of 10,000 a year.
The team are pictured with Brewers first team player and Prostate Cancer UK ambassador Damien McCrory, who gave them some training tips. Burton Albion Community Trust would also like to thank local company Cycling 2000, who will be providing the team with all the biking equipment and clothing.

The physical symptoms of BPH are life-changing in some men and can cause considerable emotional upset, particularly in men with an active work or social life who find they can no longer go for a period of time without the urge to urinate. There are a number of treatments for BPH starting with lifestyle changes that don’t involve medical help through to surgical options in severe cases. Men suffering from the need to constantly urinate, or those who have a weak flow, should see their doctor for a check-up. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can increase the need to urinate because they are diuretics. Bladder training by holding on for a little while longer each time the urge to urinate appears.
Double-voiding technique, which means urinating, waiting a while and trying to urinate again.
Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor such as tensing and squeezing the muscles that support erections and cut off urine flow. Men who are suffering from erection problems may find that erectile dysfunction medication can help.
Surgery may be an option if other methods have not had the desired effect and symptoms are particularly distressing. Some men worry that BPH will lead to cancer, but BPH is not cancer, nor does it does it lead to an increased risk of cancer.
It’s worth checking out other medications to see if they might have an impact on symptoms of BPH.
Family members and friends can help by locating toilets and remaining neutral on the subject. Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia should regularly visit their doctor for a prostate check and to chat over symptoms. Universal Healthcare meeting patients’ needs, free at the point of use, funded by taxation.
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At least, if you’re a car driver, that’s what your initial response will more than likely be. This is partly because few have a rear view mirror and also due to the fact that most vans are a lot larger than regular cars. Due to their larger size and weight this is for safety reasons, and can put off boy racers wanting to feel the speed.
There are a lot of similarities when it comes to the controls of cars and vans so it’s easy to pick up, though best to do a little practice away from main roads first.
The feeling of controlling such a powerful vehicle can make it more fun to drive compared to more lightweight cars. You won’t feel just like another white van man cruising around in some of the more lightweight options or tearing up the road in a powerful machine.
Despite this, there has been an undoubted shift towards diesel in recent times, especially as the rise of hybrid and electrical vehicles has raised awareness concerning the environment.
There are two main debunkers of this is in the modern age, however, with the first being that larger, premium vehicles are actually cheaper to procure than similar petrol models. This is a particularly important consideration for young motorists or recently qualified drivers, where higher premiums and taxation can trigger inflated operating costs. As the market continues to move towards environmentally-friendly fuels, this trend is only likely to continue and gather further momentum in the future.

The second day should be easier for the teams as they have a mainly flat 71-mile ride from Rotterdam to the famous Amsterdam Arena. Once they have officially finished the race, it’s time for the teams to ditch their bike gear and get ready to hit the town.
As well as raising awareness of the disease, the official partnership will help to raise funds so that more men survive it and enjoy a better quality life. According to the NHS most cases develop in men aged 50 or over and if a direct relative has had prostate cancer, you also face greater risk. It’s not cancer but a common condition that causes the prostate to grow and puts resulting pressure on the bladder and urethra. An ever-increasing urge to urinate may develop from an inability to empty the bladder and a dripping, weak flow.
It’s thought to be part of the normal aging process in men, with some experts suggesting it’s related to age and hormonal changes. They found that long-term stress didn’t affect the ability to urinate, but those who underwent recent stress or hostility had trouble emptying their bladders.
Spread fluids out over the day, sipping rather than drinking a whole glass of fluid in one go. Although mostly well known as treatments used by men experiencing erection problems, these medicines such as Cialis (tadalafil), have been known to have secondary benefits, which include reducing high blood pressure levels, and symptoms in men with enlarged prostates.
High blood pressure medicine is often a diuretic, which increases the body’s volume of urine. Urinate before leaving the house or work, and always carry something to urinate into during car journeys. The condition can worsen, so it’s important to make sure all the correct steps are in place to improve quality of life. We promote health and well-being and the eradication of inequalities through the application of socialist principles to society and government. In most cases it simply depends on the type of van you’re in, a new Peugeot Bipper from Robins and Day is always going to provide a more enjoyable ride than a clapped out old banger. Once you’ve adjusted to the bigger size and only using wing mirrors it soon becomes a lot simpler, with the more challenging element even making it a bit more fun.
However, lighter and smaller vans can be just as nippy as their car equivalents and also modified for use off-road. Technology in vans has advanced a lot in recent years too, improving their handling when going straight, cornering and more. Petrol heads who love the sound of a powerful motor will feel at home behind the wheel of a van.
Additionally, dealerships such as Shelbourne Motors offer a growing range of used diesel cars, enabling you to access high-quality but competitively priced models that are more environmentally-friendly.
On a cold morning the car will be harder to start and put more strain on the battery, in which case you may need to purchase a new car battery, although they are not expensive. The prostate and bladder reacts to adrenaline that stimulates their smooth muscle cells – when they contract they narrow the urethra and slow down urination.
Anti-spasmodics can bring on symptoms, as can allergy medication and particular drugs for Parkinson’s disease, depression and other neurological issues. We believe that these objectives can best be achieved through collective rather than individual action.
It is believed that the polyphenol acid compounds found in pomegranates delivers supportive health properties.

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