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Early data from a study at the University of Florida has found that men under age 55 whose prostate cancer has been treated with proton therapy report that they have few side effects. Proton therapy has been touted as more precise than conventional radiation and some proponents say that it is less likely to lead to complications because the proton beams are targeted. Although proton therapy is considered ideal for hard-to-reach tumors in the brain, head and neck, prostate and lung as well as sarcomas, lymphomas and childhood cancers, the treatment is most often used for prostate-cancer patients, who are searching for options that reduce the risk of complications. A 2007 study from the Journal of Clinical Oncology compared proton-beam therapy to a common form of radiation therapy on prostate-cancer patients.
And, compared to the cost of the technology, the benefit of using proton therapy on prostate-cancer patients was marginal, the study concluded. That’s why researchers at UF are studying how effective the therapy is at reducing complications. At UF, where the patients were all treated at the UF Proton Therapy Institute, the clinical study includes 98 men with low-, intermediate-, and high-risk prostate cancer and who are 55 years old or younger. According to Doug Sommer, he was just “in the right place at the right time with the right doctors,” when he was offered the opportunity to be the first in the state to receive a new treatment option for his prostate cancer.
A double bass player in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Sommer is the first patient in Georgia to receive a new FDA-approved radioactive therapeutic drug for advanced metastatic prostate cancer. Doug is doing well after his first treatment, and has experienced no side effects from the drug.
Until now, patients with this form of cancer have been treated with chemotherapy, with modest results.
Experts say Xofigo is the first and only alpha particle-emitting radioactive therapeutic agent approved by the FDA that has demonstrated improvement in overall survival rates. Patients who receive radium RA 223 dichloride injections pose no harm to others around them, despite the agent being radioactive. In the coming months, Emory University Hospital, Emory University Hospital Midtown and Emory Johns Creek Hospital will also offer Xofigo injections to patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer and metastatic bone cancer. Emory Saint Joseph’s Mobile Mammography is celebrating 26 years of saving women’s lives in metro Atlanta! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have been given the opportunity to share my experience in caring for patients with breast cancer over these past years.
As October brings renewed awareness and emphasis on breast cancer early detection and screening, an Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital patient felt compelled to share her experience as a reminder of the need to be diligent about mammograms and screenings. As October brings renewed emphasis on breast cancer detection and prevention, Emory Saint Joseph’s Laboratory Manager Eileen Stone, a 15-year veteran of the Susan G. Each school year millions of children walk to, from, and around school carrying backpacks filled with books and materials. When it comes to building strong and healthy bones, two key nutrients are critical to success: calcium and Vitamin D.
Long known as a place providing uniquely compassionate care, Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital recently celebrated a significant milestone deeply rooted in its heritage of serving those in need – the 35th anniversary of the McAuley Awards. Health Imaging – A Norwegian study of screening with one-time flexible sigmoidoscopy demonstrated a drop in the colorectal cancer incidence rate by 20 percent and the death rate by 27 percent.
The study, published in the August 13 issue of JAMA, found that randomized screening with flexible sigmoidoscopy and fecal occult blood testing (FOBT) lowered the risk of cancer each year in the screened group after the first year, wrote author Oyvind Holme, MD, and colleagues, of the Sorlandet Hospital Kristiansand in Kristiansan, Norway.
A total of 98,792 participants included 78,220 in the control group and 20,572 in the screening group. The authors reported that 253 participants in the screened group were diagnosed with colorectal cancer versus 1,086 in the control group, (112.6 vs. The screening was conducted in 1999-2000 (55 – 64 year age group) and in 2001 (50-54 year age group), with a follow-up in December 2011. Brett also noted that the debate between sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy or CT colonography may soon be rendered moot by another screening technique, stool DNA testing, which has shown 92 percent sensitivity for detecting cancer and 42 percent sensitivity for detecting advanced precancerous lesions.
A cure for metastatic, human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive oropharyngeal cancer has come within reach for at least some patients, data from a prospective cohort suggest.
A fourth of patients with limited distant spread (oligometastasis) remained alive and disease free at 3 years versus 15% of similar patients with HPV-negative disease.
The prostatitis treatment of our prostrate clinic has the revolutionary cure for these prostrate problems, such as enlarged prostrate, prostatitis, BPH and prostrate infection. Prostrate prostatitis don't have an easy cure, in fact, most prostatitis cases end up incurable after gone through various prostrate treatments. Our prostrate treatment provides a new perspective and new hope to the long term prostatitis suffers. This prostrate treatment is for serious patients who understand the complexity of prostatitis and are willing to sacrifice his time and effort for a complete healing on prostatitis and prostrate. Prostrate and prostatitis are not known to most men until they experience prostrate pain and prostrate symptoms.

Prostrate is a small and tender organ, cure prostatitis with injection on the prostrate could cause serious damage, sometimes permanent damage, to the prostrate.
Prostrate prostatitis is clearly caused by infection of the urethra, and is called prostatitis, most prostatitis cases start with pain and symptoms in urethra, then the infection invades the prostrate and cause long term prostrate pain and prostrate symptoms.
For prostatitis, the effectiveness of antibiotics depends on the timing, right type of antibiotics, amount of dosage, and duration of prostatitis treatment, missing one could cause failure in the prostatitis treatment.
Timing is critical for prostatitis, once noticed pain or symptoms in urethra, patients should immediately seek medical attention and start antibiotics treatment. Once you notice prostrate pain and prostrate symptoms of prostatitis, it is critical to have a visit to a prostrate doctor as early as possible, the next step is a prescription of antibiotics, but how do prostrate doctors know which antibiotics is right for your case? Most urethra infection is highly infectious and not easy to eliminate, hence, a correct dosage of antibiotics is very important for prostrate infection.
Prostrate doctors usually prescribe two weeks of antibiotics to patients with prostatitis, and if patients come back again, they will prescribe another brand of antibiotics for two more weeks and so on.
Unfortunately, most prostrate doctors and urologists don't have much knowledge on the prostrate and treatment related to prostatitis, doctors are more interested in surgery on the prostrate. Some cases of swollen prostrate is due to other factors, but most cases of swollen prostrate is due to infection of the prostrate, or prostatitis. Western diet normally is not beneficial for health of prostrate and prostatitis, grease, alcohol, spicy food, certain seafood are irritative to the prostrate.
Prostrate massage is a very primitive method for prostatitis, it helps in circulation of prostate fluid, however, it cannot be considered an effective treatment for prostatitis, it cannot break down the accumulated waste, calcified waste. There is no such easy way to shrink the prostrate, if you take Quercetin or Saw Palmetto, it may slow down the growth of prostrate gland a bit, however, it is unable to shrink the prostrate, the innovative prostatitis treatment conducted in our prostrate clinic can shrink the prostrate.
Pain in the prostrate is mostly caused by the infection of bacteria, Quercetin or Saw Palmetto are the herbs used for enlargement of the prostrate, however, these herbal treatments for prostatitis are not able to cure infection in the prostrate, so the pain in the prostrate cannot be cured with Quercetin or Saw Palmetto.
When your prostrate doctor diagnose a patient as nonbacterial prostatitis, it usually mean that the prostrate doctor is unable to identify the specific bacteria in the prostrate, so he uses the term nonbacterial to describe the prostrate condition. Chlamydia prostatitis is a very stubborn bacterial prostatitis and requires extra dosage or duration of treatment, and it is likely that Chlamydia already has resistance from the partner. It typically costs $100 million to build a proton treatment center and treatment may be $20,000 more expensive than conventional radiation treatments. The study found that, for a 70-year-old man, the proton-therapy treatment cost $63,511, compared with $36,808 for the more common radiation therapy. Tumor control probability for prostate cancer following external beam RT(click on figure to enlarge)Figure 2.
He received the treatment, a single injection of radium Ra 223 dichloride, (brand name Xofigo) at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. The drug’s anti-tumor effect on bone metastases is an important addition to the treatment of this cancer. Kim, MD, who recently opened a sports cardiology clinic on the Emory Saint Joseph’s campus. These two nutrients work with each other and play vital roles in maintaining strong and healthy bodies. Like many other parts of the body, testicles can be affected by certain conditions and diseases, which can lead to symptoms.
Should you have any questions about your health or this information, please contact your physician.
330 in the control group, an absolute rate difference of 11.7 percent per 100,000 person years. Historically, metastatic oropharyngeal cancer has been considered incurable, Sophie Huang, MD, of the University of Toronto, reported at the International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Head and Neck Oncology in Nice, France. As previously reported, the data also showed that HPV-positive disease was associated with favorable characteristics that facilitated aggressive treatment. If delayed or mistreated, the prostrate problems develop into chronic prostrate problems and it would be extremely difficult to treat by ordinary prostrate treatments. The cause of prostatitis is still unknown and confusing to many experienced prostrate doctor and urologist. The prostatitis infection also causes prostatitis pain and other prostrate infection symptoms.
The prostrate treatment is the latest, practical treatment for prostatitis, BPH, enlarged prostrate, prostrate pain. When the prostrate is suffering from prostatitis, men start to study the disease and search for a genuine cure on prostatitis.
Many prostrate doctors and urologists fail to identify bacteria infection and suggest other causes or prostatitis treatments for prostrate infection.
Prostatitis may affect urethra and cause urinary symptoms, prostatitis may affect nerve system and cause pain in the thigh, legs, foot, or lower back area.

During acute stage of prostatitis, antibiotics should be administered as soon as possible, and should with strong dosage so that more concentration is in the prostrate. This is particularly important because infection is still in the urethra and it is relatively easy for antibiotics to reach the urethra than the prostrate. Prostrate doctors usually take a specimen from urethra secretion and analyze it under microscope, they usually look at the amount of white blood cells. Since antibiotics is dispersed to the whole body, the actual amount of antibiotics that reach the prostrate is very low, if you follow the standard dosage, it is likely that you may not be able to eliminate infection due to low concentration of antibiotics in the prostrate. This kind of practice is very bad because two weeks are only enough for some simple infection, however, most prostatitis cases have strong bacteria infection which cannot be eliminated with only two weeks of dosage. Many patients are mistaken by this concept and have taken a lot of other herbal therapies or treatment remedy without much help. If you have prostatitis, the prostrate is very sensitive to the food, for instance, a few bottles of wine or beer cause the prostrate immediately to react with pain and symptoms, sometimes the prostrate pain aggravates to higher level and maintain there for a long time.
Some prostrate doctors and urologists boast cure on prostatitis with a few weeks of prostrate massage, this is nothing more than a scam.
However, that doesn't mean that your body is free of bacteria, it only means modern lab test cannot identify any bacteria in the prostrate.
This type of Chlamydia is often difficult to treat and requires early prostatitis treatment.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. If you do not have a physician, please contact the Saint Joseph's Hospital referral center. However, a specialized or alternative prostrate treatment is not easily available in your country. The unique structure of the prostrate make it very difficult for prostrate medicine to penetrate the barrier. These prostatitis symptoms may include urinary symptoms, urethral symptoms, prostrate pain symptoms, lower back pain symptoms, thigh, leg and foot stinging or tingling symptoms. The prostrate treatment does not boast fancy or hi-tech medical tools, it cures prostatitis with the traditional Chinese herbal medicine and modern antibiotics. If properly and promptly treated, it is possible that the prostrate infection can be eliminated with a few weeks of antibiotics prostatitis treatment. Once they found unusual amount of white blood cells, they prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics for you without knowing specifically which bacteria is causing the infection. Our prostrate clinic finds that four weeks is the minimum duration for infection on the prostrate, sometimes a few months is needed.
Before taking these herbs, a comprehensive lab test is needed to find out bacteria in your prostrate, also please have prostrate test done in a national lab rather than a local municipal hospital so that the results of lab tests are more accurate.
It is vital that a proper diet is enforced when you have prostatitis, more vegetables, less meat, avoid alcohol, these are the guidelines. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. In addition, prostrate infection causes the prostrate glands to get calcified, clogged and obstructed. The prostrate therapy gets back to basics with simple yet skillful and ingenious prostrate injection. Our way of treating prostatitis use a special needle that is extremely thin and longer than and other models in the market. This approach is risky because prostrate doctors and you are making a gamble that antibiotics work in your case without knowing the exact kind of bacteria. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. The prostrate remedy cures both prostrate infection and prostrate enlargement in a span of several weeks. Repetitive injections for prostatitis using this extra thin needle cause no permanent damage or serious pain in the prostrate. The formal diagnosis procedure should include advanced lab testing on a list of bacteria to find out the exact causes of prostatitis. Geo encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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