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Its function is not quite clear to the end, but prostate has the role when it comes to men’s fertility and health. When it comes to enlarged prostate, people tend to look at this condition as a normal thing, since it happens pretty often, and maybe because of that it is the most common illness in men. The enlarged prostate can be very unpleasant, and since the urethra is going through the prostate, even the smallest pressure can decrease flow of urine. Saw Palmetto, or Serenoa repens is a plant that comes from North America, and it was used by Indian people. The effects of this plant are mild, but very efficient, and because of that it is one of the best remedies for prostate problems. Tea made out of small spurge (Euphorbia esula) gives excellent results with enlarged prostate and also with all the problems that include inflation of bladder, urethras and kidneys.
The extract of rye grass pollen is made from 3 kinds of grass pollen: corn, rye, and timothy.
The supplement of rye grass pollen extract seems to be particularly effective for helping patients not suddenly wake up and use the bathroom at night. Then you combine the mixture with lukewarm water and stir well till you have a complete mixture. The combination of 3 natural ingredients: Indian gooseberries, honey, and turmeric powder, is another of great home remedies for enlarged prostate. Then you grind the sliced Indian gooseberries with a bit of powdered turmeric and 2 teaspoons of honey. You combine all of them well and consume a tablespoon of this mixture early in every morning. The seeds of the watermelon also have the ability to reduce the signs and symptoms of enlarged prostate. Capers, apples, and onions along with several other vegetables has a flavonoid named quercetin. Therefore, you should try to consume much more foods containing quercetin in the daily diet to aid in reducing your symptoms. People who consumed more than 6 cups of coffee daily decreased the risk of an enlarged prostate by 20%. If you are looking some natural home remedies for enlarged prostate, using flax seeds is one of the best ways for you. Another choice is to squeeze the muscles in the anus and next to relax your pelvic floor muscles. Fill another bathtub with cold water and then add lavender essential oil (a few drops) to it. First step is to sit in this bathtub with hot water up to your waist for aboutA three minutes. Stinging nettle is also considered as one of the excellent home remedies for enlarged prostate. Another option is to add corn silk extract (15 drops) to one cup of water and then consume it a few times per day. If you want to discover other home remedies for enlarged prostate, keep reading this writing! Unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar contains astringent properties which help shrink swollen prostate glands. Mix raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 tablespoons) and honey (1 tablespoon) in a glass of warm water.
Another method is to add apple cider vinegar (1 cup) to a bathtub of water and then soak in it for at least 10 minutes.
You simply take 3 to 5 ounces of fresh celery root, 0.7 ounces of peeled pumpkin seeds, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and the lemon juice from 1 fresh lemon. Also, you can eat zinc-rich foods such as crab, fortified breakfast cereals, oysters, beans, yogurt and cashews. Eating a healthy diet can alsoA helpA in reducing and controlling the symptoms of enlarged prostate. Include vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, red bell peppers and Brussels sprouts in your diet.
Breathing postures and exercises can help relieve symptoms of BPH and reduce stress as well.
To get more information related to effective home remedies for health problems, go to our main Home Remedies page. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. In the past few years, the natural remedies for enlarged prostate have become more popular; actually, they are available now in myriad shops or via the internet. Pygeum africanum (Prunus africanum, Pygeum africanum) is amongst natural remedies for enlarged prostate. Stinging nettle is also known as urtica dioica (which is native in Europe, Asia and North America).From a decade, stinging nettle is used in Europe. Amongst natural remedies for enlarged prostate, hydrangea (also known as seven barks, common hydrangea, wild hydrangea, and mountain hydrangea) is famous with its long history of preserving the health of prostatic tissue.Hydrangea (ornamental plant) is native to Northern and Southern America, as well as east and south Asia. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant (fat soluble) that has the ability to eliminate free oxygen radicles produced from oxidation of fats, thus limiting or delaying chronic diseases, like BPH. Can you inform for diet control for (prostate enlarged and asthma) patient? Not rated yet QUESTION : Can you inform for diet control for (prostate enlarged and asthma) patient? Oyster and Pumpkin Seeds Prostate Nutrition Not rated yet QUESTION : Does using oyster which kind f oyster really decreases enlarged prostate to its normal size? Hyperthermia prostate cure  Not rated yet QUESTION : How does hyperthermia prostate cure work? PSA was 1.95 prostate size as -43cc and PVR urine retention was -40 ccQuestion I am male 58 yrs and diagnosed for BPH 12 months back.
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The position of a prostate gland in a man is at the top of the urinary bladder, around the urethra and when this gland gets infected and cancerous, it is called prostate cancer. Garlic is a bulbous and perennial herb that is extremely beneficial in the treatment of prostate cancer as it possesses certain compounds that are known to prevent the free radicals from attacking and damaging the cell formation and also prevent the damage from occurring. This herb is well known for possessing substances such as fatty acids and phytosterols that are extremely beneficial for combating prostate cancer. This herbal remedy originates from Africa and has the ability of inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer.
Ginger is another effective herb and is known as a cancer champion as it has strong antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc is a trace element that is essential for normal growth, development of the reproductive organs, normal functioning of the prostate gland, healing of wounds, and manufacture of proteins and nucleic acids (the building blocks for RNA and DNA).
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cell membranes and other fat-soluble parts of the body, such as low-density lipoprotein (LDL; “bad” cholesterol) cholesterol, from damage. Selenium activates an antioxidant enzyme called glutathione peroxidase, which may help protect the body from cancer. The liposterolic (fat-soluble) extract of saw palmetto provides concentrated amounts of free fatty acids and sterols.
Lycopene, found primarily in tomatoes, is a member of the carotenoid family—which includes beta-carotene and similar compounds found naturally in food—and has potent antioxidant capabilities. There has been a great deal of controversy regarding the identity of nettle’s active constituents. Prostacet manufactures Prostate Treatment products along with a wide variety of herbal supplements, liquid formulas and capsule products.We create unique, safe and effective products that help people supplement their lives. As one of the primary organs in the male reproductive system, the prostate produces fluids in semen that help to sustain and protect sperm against natural vaginal acids.
At birth the prostate weights around 1.5 grams During puberty the prostate grows to around 11 grams In the early to middle 20’s the prostate grows to around 18 grams In the early 50’s there is a new growth phase which continues until around age 70 where the prostate usually reaches around 31 grams. The prostate gland is different than most of the other organs because it grows in size during several stages of a man’s life. There are conflicting theories as to why the prostate glands growth goes through these phases.
There is mounting evidence to suggest that the growth in the prostate requires conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), along with the presence of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which synthesizes testosterone into DHT.

As a man ages the relative levels of the testosterone and estrogen change, with estrogen levels increasing in relation to testosterone.
We are so confident you will be pleased with our Prostacet - Prostate Health Supplement product that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.
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It starts with enlarged prostate (Benign prostatic hyperplasia), but it can be much more severe than that. Aging and hormonal changes have a big impact on the prostate and as the years pass by, number of people with enlarged prostate is going up. That causes some other problems, such as infections, and problems with kidneys, urethras and bladder.
A review published in BJU International indicated that men having an intake of rye grass pollen extract reported that they had a positive improvement in the symptoms of enlarged prostate, compared to those taking a placebo.
In addition, it can also aid men in urinating more completely, hence, the amount of urine left in their bladder afterward will be less. This is extracted from the bark of Prunus Africana and has been widely applied for treating urinary problems for centuries. You can simply pour 1 tablespoon of Triphala powder and then add it in 250 milliliters of steaming water. Soy foods, in fact, are loaded with phytoestrogens which will be capable of helping to slow down the production of testosterone. They can aid in flushing out your system and thereby enabling to fight against prostate related conditions. This flavonoid has been shown to be able to inhibit the cancer cell growth in the prostate of males.
Nevertheless, it is recommended by many medical experts that you should not consume too much coffee to keep this disease at bay because coffee can trigger several health problemsA if consuming it too much. You consume a tablespoon of flax seed powder during your meals and sprinkle it over the curd, cereals, and cooked vegetables.
After that, tighten your pelvic floor muscles for about 5 seconds and then relax them for at least 5 seconds. A small amount of exercise like resistance and aerobic exercises can help decrease urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate and can even stop this problem. Aerobic exercises like jogging, running, walking, tennis,A rowing and basketball in your daily routine.
Plus, it also helps prevent complications of enlarged prostate such as UTIs as well as aids weight loss. As you see, zinc is an important trace mineral that plays an essential role in the bodya€™s cell growth and immune response as well. You can easily combine these herbal treatments to your prescribed drugs.It is mandatory to ask your doctor for medical advice before you start using these natural supplements. The recommended dose of pumpkin seed oil needed for the treatment of enlarged prostate is 160 mg three times per day.The most delicious way to enjoy pumpkin seeds is to eat them without salt. Lycopene is the most potent form of carotene; actually, lycopene has ten times more antioxidant activity than I?-carotene. This is the place where you can ask a question about any aspect of Prostate Natural Remedies. It is a composite and prickly herb that works effectively in eliminating the cancer cell lines as it comprises of silymarin which is highly beneficial in curbing the growth of the cancer in prostate glands. This is possible as these substances have the ability to prevent the production of 5 alpha-reductase. It is extracted from the tree’s bark and is known to possess a lot of chemicals that are instrumental in preventing and stopping the bonding of DTH. It is a very effective antibiotic that not only inhibits the growth of cancer but is also expert in getting rid of the cancer cells.
Yeast-derived forms of selenium have induced “apoptosis” (programmed cell death) in cancer cells in test tubes and in animals.
One study with a saw palmetto extract suggests that it reduces the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (an active form of testosterone) binding in the part of the prostate surrounding the urethra (the tube carrying urine from the bladder). A study conducted by Harvard researchers examined the relationship between carotenoids and the risk of prostate cancer.1 Of the carotenoids studied, only lycopene was clearly linked to protection.
Corn Silk is used for renal problems in children, and also as a urinary demulcent combined with other herbs in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, and prostatitis. While echinacea continues to grow and is harvested from the wild, the majority used for herbal supplements comes from cultivated plants.
Currently, it is thought that polysaccharides (complex sugars) and lectins are probably the active constituents. Prostacet has formulated a unique and highly effective line of herbal dietary and other supplements.
In addition, we use only those precursor materials that are of the highest quality and that pass our in house quality inspection.All raw materials are tested for purity prior to production. The analysis contains the specific components of the herbal product, including a lot number for each of the ingredients, as well as the production methods used.Raw materials These are purchased only from reputable wholesalers.
The prostate doubles by the time a man reaches 25 and continues to grow again when many men are in their 50’s and through the remainder of their life.As the prostate grows it can put excess pressure on the urethra (the small tube that carries urine and semen). Doctors refer to this condition as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or benign prostatic hypertrophy. 5000+ ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - A measure of the potency or power of an antioxidant) and antioxidant blend. Our health and wellness directory goal is to present valuable health and wellness resources. Saw Palmetto is one of the main plants used for natural treating enlarged prostate and it can be found in many homes, and store bought remedies too. For centuries, people has used this herb in traditional medicine to aid in relieving urinary symptoms which include those caused due to an enlarged prostate. A small research found that pygeum combined with other herbs will help you a lot to reduce the frequency of using the bathroom in both day and night. However, you should take special precaution while applying it because bee pollen may cause an allergic reaction in some certain individuals. Testosterone is a factor which contributes to aggravating the growth of prostate cancer by increasing blood capillaries or angiogenesis formation around the tumor. Another small study also indicated that people suffering from chronic prostatitis had a significant improvement in the signs of this condition. A prostate cancer, in fact, can develop quickly and then spread to various organs in your body. Hence, increasing the intake of flax seeds in your daily diet can help to maintain the health of prostate gland and keep inflammation at bay. A In addition, lycopene also helps lower the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) associated with prostate inflammation as well as BPH. You had better use above remedies for at least one or two months to receive positive results. Also, saw palmetto has a direct inhibitory action to the receptors of androgens (male sex hormones) as well as anti-inflammatory characteristics. The recommended dose is 75 - 200 mg capsules daily, taken orally as one dose or divided into 2 equal doses. You can also buy stinging nettle extract in the form of capsules.The recommended dosage for BPH is 120 mg of concentrated root extract in capsules taken twice daily. By any mean, dona€™t take more than 2 grams of hydrangea daily and for a long period of time as well. If diagnosed early one should adopt herbal remedies as it is one of the most effective mode of treatment and comparatively inexpensive too. It can be consumed in dried powder form and also supplements are equally potent in treating prostate cancer.
It helps in retaining the normal size of these prostate glands that are otherwise enlarged. It is equally beneficial in relieving symptoms of cancer such as nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, flatulence, loss of appetite and many others. A double-blind trial that included over 1,300 people found those given 200 mcg of yeast-based selenium per day for 4.5 years had a 50% drop in the cancer death rate compared with the placebo group.

Other members of the antioxidant carotenoid family include cryptoxanthin, alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, and lycopene. Test tube studies also suggest that saw palmetto weakly inhibits the action of 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. The men who had the greatest amounts of lycopene in their diet (6.5 mg per day or more) showed a 21% decreased risk of prostate cancer compared with those eating the least. This anti-adherence action is thought to reduce the ability of the bacteria to cause a UTI.
Parsley Seed is an excellent source of natural chlorophyll, along with a variety of other healthy nutrients.
Capsaicin temporarily depletes “substance P”, a chemical in nerves that transmits pain sensations.
Quality control engineers have the authority during any stage of production to reject any product that does not adhere to our strict quality standards. Each raw material in our products must come with a Certificate of Analysis obtained from the supplier. As this pressure increases the urethra can become pinched which can lead to painful and embarrassing symptoms such as urinary hesitancy, painful urination, and erectile dysfunction.
It is not meant to substitute for medical advice provided by your physician or other medical professional. If you use these health and wellness links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites as all websites are dynamic in nature and forever changing. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) highlights in some small-scale studies that saw palmetto has the ability to relieve enlarged prostate symptoms.
People using bee pollen noted that the frequency of urine in both day and night decreased and the remaining volume of urine in their bladder also had a decrease after using bee pollen. After studying the writing of top 22A natural home remedies for enlarged prostate, hope that this article will help you find out the best solution to treat enlarged prostate fast and effectively. There is a strong scientific evidence for using saw palmetto extracts as natural remedy for enlarged prostate. You can simply crush the amount of handful of pumpkin seeds, put them in a jar, and add some boiled water on them.
SuproA®), and soy noodles.The recommended dose for BPH is 40-120 mg taken orally for one year. It is very important to consult a licensed herbalist who will determine the appropriate dose for you depending on your age, your weight, and your general medical condition as well.
In fact, if you follow an eating plan rich in fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts can effectively supply your body with its needs of the antioxidants.
Men after the age of 45 start have difficulty in urinating and sleeping, get false feeling of a full bladder and the urge of urinating but not able to do so, are the main signs of prostate cancer and should be attended to as soon as possible. In that same study, however, selenium supplementation was associated with a significant increase in the risk of developing one type of skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma).
In test tubes, saw palmetto also inhibits the actions of growth factors and inflammatory substances that may contribute to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
This report suggests that lycopene may be an important tool in the prevention of prostate cancer. This is thought to be caused by nettle preventing the body from making inflammatory chemicals known as prostaglandins. Second, it reduces inflammation by lowering histamine levels and possibly by increasing production of natural cortisone by the adrenal glands.
All personnel follow explicit written protocols that are strictly enforced during the manufacturing process. Our in house Quality Assurance team also analyzes the raw materials for authenticity.Packaging material All packaging materials are purchased only from reputable wholesalers. It first occurs during puberty (when it nearly doubles in size) and again around the age of 25.
You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. Besides, saw palmetto is really safe and it doesna€™t cause serious side effects while applying.
Being an herbal remedy, pygeum is very safe for human and does not cause any serious side effect.
However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before applying any home remedy.
Many human clinical studies have proved saw palmetto to treat symptoms of BPH, including nocturia, urinary flow, as well as enhancing the general quality of daily life, though it might not significantly decrease the size of the enlarged prostate.The therapeutic efficacy of saw palmetto is very similar to ProscarA® (finasteride), but with less side effects. This study also reported that those who ate more than ten servings per week of tomato-based foods had a 35% decreased risk of prostate cancer compared with those eating less than 1.5 weekly servings. Nettle’s root affects hormones and proteins that carry sex hormones (such as testosterone or estrogen) in the human body. Cranberry has been shown to reduce bacteria levels in the urinary bladders of older women significantly better than placebo, an action that may help to prevent UTIs. All steps during the manufacturing process are documented and reviewed by quality control specialists.Manufacturing equipment is properly maintained and cleaned on a predetermined schedule that is documented in company logs for review by the Department of Agriculture. Specific Quality Assurance personal ensure that all labels are assigned to the proper products to avoid any confusion.
The prostate will continue to grow through the remainder of life, usually causing significant complications beginning at the age of 40.
If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. In fact, nearly all available researches have approved PermixonA® as a medical product of the standardized saw palmetto oil extract.Adjusting the dosage of saw palmetto is necessary. A small double-blind trial with younger women ages 18–45 years with a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, found that daily treatment with an encapsulated cranberry concentrate (400 mg twice per day) for three months significantly reduced the recurrence of urinary tract infections compared to women taking a placebo. Numerous double-blind trials have proven topically applied capsaicin creams are helpful for a range of conditions, including nerve pain in diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), post-surgical pain, psoriasis,muscle pain due to fibromyalgia,nerve pain after shingles (postherpetic neuralgia), osteoarthritis pain, and rheumatoid arthritis pain. Fourth, it has been shown to reduce platelets from clumping together, which in turn improves circulation and may help protect against atherosclerosis. All new labels are cross checked with the original master label to make certain that there have been no mistakes during the printing process.Lot Numbers Once an order request has been received, the herbal supplement to be manufactured is entered in the production records and a lot number is assigned.
If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your physician or health care provider. You must read carefully the product pamphlet, and it will be very helpful if you consulted a qualified healthcare provider before you start any herbal treatment.Dosage - Mostly, a dose of 320 mg per day taken as one dose or divided into 2 doses has been reported in myriad studies. There are also test-tube and animal studies showing a cancer-preventing action of curcumin.
BPH is often a condition of concern for most men, as its symptoms can often mimic those found in prostate cancer. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. In one of these studies, curcumin effectively inhibited metastasis (uncontrolled spread) of melanoma (skin cancer) cells. Following granulation and blending, the powder blends are stored in specially designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination. Once again the Director of Operations ensures that all new blends are labeled appropriately.Encapsulation and Compression Once a test unit has been processed, a sample is unit is issued to Quality Assurance to be compared to retained samples in order to ensure product integrity. As with the blending and granulation process, the capsules are stored in specifically designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination. Broken tablets, over filled capsules and any other defective products are removed from the lot.
Products released by the Quality Assurance staff are subsequently either packaged for bulk storage or bottled and labeled for consumer use (labels contain the appropriate information required by the Federal Drug Administration; batch numbers are logged). The Quality Assurance unit also retains samples of raw materials for one year past the expiration date of the last product they are used in.
The unit also retains samples of finished products for one year past the product expiration date.

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