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During the initial stages, urinary problems are usually the only symptoms of a prostate cancer. Radiation, surgery and chemotherapy are the major treatments available for prostate cancer. Ginger is a powerful herb and its roots posses certain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can either eat raw tomatoes or take processed tomatoes in the form of ketchup, tomato soups or spaghetti sauce.
Scientific researchers have proved the fact that pomegranate helps in curing prostate cancer.
Pumpkin seeds work as a diuretic and are effective in curing a wide range of diseases affecting the prostate gland and urinary bladder. Pumpkin seeds contain lots of zinc content which helps in strengthening the immunity system of our body.
Soy foods contain an active ingredient known as phytoestrogens that inhibits the secretion of testosterone.
It is a very effective home remedy that can definitely help in recovering from prostate cancer. It has been scientifically proven that presence of ample vitamin D can help in preventing the occurrence of prostate cancer. Green tea contains an active ingredient known as polyphenols that stop the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells. In Japan where green tea is a staple drink the instances of prostate cancer are 67% less than that of America.
Regular consumption of foodstuffs like flax seeds and fatty fishes that contain high levels of omega3 fatty acids can reduce the effect of prostate cancer. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The use of natural remedies in the treatment of prostate cancer is still under many discussions. One of the most common herbs that is often used and that is highly recommended in treating prostate cancer is Saw Palmetto. Another natural remedy for treating enlarged prostate is Pygeum, while prostatitis is often treated with Cernilton. Besides the natural remedies, there are several other methods that can be very beneficial for the prostate cancer.
Men who have prostate problems may be surprised to learn that in some cases, herbs can be more effective for relief of symptoms than commonly prescribed medications. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! One of the biggest health problems faced by men in all parts of the world is a problem with the prostate.
The medicine suggests different therapies, but sometimes medical therapies are ineffective or not effective enough. Yet we will introduce the most powerful natural weapon against all the listed diseases of the prostate. Smallflower Hairy Willowherb has been known for several hundred years, but due to the influence of medicine its power was slowly forgotten. Pale willowherb (Epilobium roseum), small-flowered willowherb (Epilobium parviflorium), broad-leaved willowherb (Epilobium montanum), dwarf willowherb (Epilobium obscurum), Epilobium collinum, alpine willowherb (Epilobium anagallidifolium), swamp willowherb and Epilobium angustifolium. It is interesting to note that the willowherb as tea and as a cure for prostate problems is mentioned on all continents, cultures and languages, which speaks volumes about its universal recognition and success.
The tea has a pleasant taste, the plant is completely harmless and you do not have to worry about any side effects.
Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the male reproductive gland, which is medically known as prostate.
The symptoms of prostate cancer may cause pain during passing urine and problem during sexual intercourse; however, these symptoms vary with person. Research proves that zinc not only can prevent prostate cancer but it can also prevent any type of cancer. Including Omega 3 in the diet can help curing prostate cancer naturally. Fishes have omega 3 fatty acids in abundance and it is proven that men who consume fish regularly have one-third risk of prostate cancer than men who do not eat fish regularly. Prostate cancer can be prevented by consuming green tea as it has polyphenol compound (a substance found in some plants). Deficiency of vitamin ,magnesium and calcium can lead to the development of parasites that are greatly responsible for prostate cancer. A selection of foods “spiced up” with some supplements may improve well-being of an ageing man and even prevent enlarged prostate from development, claim 2 articles dated June 7, 2013 in Mail OnLine and The Guardian Nigeria. According to the article titled ‘Home Remedies for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia’, dated June 8, 2013, in The Guardian Nigeria, some of the specific foods have been proven to be effective in the management and prevention of prostate enlargement, such as diet that is rich in soy, tofu and sea foods, adding in menu tomatoes, apple cider vinegar and crude blackstrap molasses, pumpkin and watermelon seeds. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. In the past few years, the natural remedies for enlarged prostate have become more popular; actually, they are available now in myriad shops or via the internet.
Pygeum africanum (Prunus africanum, Pygeum africanum) is amongst natural remedies for enlarged prostate.

Stinging nettle is also known as urtica dioica (which is native in Europe, Asia and North America).From a decade, stinging nettle is used in Europe. Amongst natural remedies for enlarged prostate, hydrangea (also known as seven barks, common hydrangea, wild hydrangea, and mountain hydrangea) is famous with its long history of preserving the health of prostatic tissue.Hydrangea (ornamental plant) is native to Northern and Southern America, as well as east and south Asia. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant (fat soluble) that has the ability to eliminate free oxygen radicles produced from oxidation of fats, thus limiting or delaying chronic diseases, like BPH. Can you inform for diet control for (prostate enlarged and asthma) patient? Not rated yet QUESTION : Can you inform for diet control for (prostate enlarged and asthma) patient? Oyster and Pumpkin Seeds Prostate Nutrition Not rated yet QUESTION : Does using oyster which kind f oyster really decreases enlarged prostate to its normal size? Hyperthermia prostate cure  Not rated yet QUESTION : How does hyperthermia prostate cure work? PSA was 1.95 prostate size as -43cc and PVR urine retention was -40 ccQuestion I am male 58 yrs and diagnosed for BPH 12 months back. Finasteride Side Effects - Oral Uses, Interactions & Hair LossLearn about Finasteride side effects, oral uses, interactions and hair loss; and how it affects lipid profile.
The size of this gland increases with age and at times it can cause pain and discomfort while urinating. These procedures might cause certain side effects but they can be resolved with the help of certain natural cures that are quite simple and that have a potential to heal prostate cancer at its initial stages. When consumed on a regular basis, it inhibits the proliferation of cancerous cells and thus helps in treating prostate cancer.
Ginger can help them in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy such as vomiting and nausea. This restricts the blood flow in the area of prostate gland and thus it inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. Reduce the level of carbohydrates from your overall diet and add more fruits and green vegetables. Start with these home remedies that are excellent in promoting a speedy recovery from prostate cancer. The opinions are different, and while many recommend the use of natural remedies, on the other hand, many doctors do not recommend it and tend to state that the natural remedies even interfere with the medical treatment. Stinging nettle is also an herb that can be very good for relieving the symptoms of prostate cancer. These treatments, such as acupuncture, massage and homeopathy, as well as magnetic therapy, are usually combined with the proper medical treatment. Some of the problems that plague men who have a problem with the prostate are: frequent urination, inability to complete urination, nighttime urination, weakness, cold and pain in the lower back and genitals, problems with erection, ejaculation problems, etc. The plant was back in the headlines thanks to the most famous herbalist from Austria Maria Treben whose books have sold over 10 million copies.
Marija Treben successfully treated inflammations of the prostate and the bladder, problems with urination caused by the prostate, blood in the urine, discomfort and pain in the prostate, the bladder and the kidney, prostate and bladder cancer. Usually prostate cancers are slow growing; however in some cases the cancer can aggravate in a short span of time to a critical stage. Prostate cancer can be cured by natural process if it is not aggressive as the natural cure is the best way to cure any disease. Mix half tsp of aluminium free baking soda with two tsp of maple syrup and have it once a day daily for one week, then after that twice a day. Since zinc has anti-inflammatory properties it kills the prostate cancer cells. Men should have a diet that contains at least 16 mg of zinc per day, to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Fish has about 30 percent of omega-3 oil in it, and flaxseed oil has 60percent of omega-3 oil.
Prostate cancer takes place in those men who lack proper immunity. Increasing the levels of Vitamin D with proper diet and supplements can boost your immune level in your body and can fight against prostate cancer.
The male prostate gland enlarges with the old age naturally; the bigger it gets the greater the chances of developing cancer in the prostate cells.
Allen’s Device at home without resorting to medication or prostate removal procedures, by improving blood circulation in the prostate gland. Allen’s therapeutic device treats enlarged prostate safely and, moreover, helps men to avoid unnecessary and invasive treatments. While Fine Treatment believes that proper nutrition is highly important for the overall well-being of any man, its role in combating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is overestimated.
These measures may not cure or reduce prostate enlargement, however, they do it indirectly by helping to remove potentially dangerous toxins and mopping up or neutralizing free radicals in the body. Allen’s Device for Prostate Care provides a unique independent approach to the treatment of BPH by improving blood circulation in the affected organ locally, continuously and for a substantial amount of time. Surgeries are too frequently offered to men without any pressing need, and without a full explanation of their devastating side effects.
You can easily combine these herbal treatments to your prescribed drugs.It is mandatory to ask your doctor for medical advice before you start using these natural supplements. The recommended dose of pumpkin seed oil needed for the treatment of enlarged prostate is 160 mg three times per day.The most delicious way to enjoy pumpkin seeds is to eat them without salt. Lycopene is the most potent form of carotene; actually, lycopene has ten times more antioxidant activity than I?-carotene. This is the place where you can ask a question about any aspect of Prostate Natural Remedies.

Mostly, it doesna€™t cause any serious issue but in certain cases it may spread to other regions.
Many people state that the natural remedies are good for them, but on the other hand, there are those who claim that these remedies only provide a false hope and nothing else. Saw Palmetto is very good in reducing the levels of estrogen and in prohibiting the composition of growth stimulating dihydrotestosterone.
Furthermore, antioxidants such as Lycopene, Selenium and Resveratrol are proven to be very powerful in the treating prostate disorders.
However, it cannot be stated that all these treatments can be a complete cure for the prostate cancer. Almost every other man over the age of 45 has already had a prostate problem and it is very likely that they will all experience this problem if they live long. Maria Treben has personally cured thousands of patients with prostate problems throughout Europe using only Smallflower Hairy Willowherb. Drink it twice a day, once in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping, at least for a few weeks.
The cancer cells may spread from the prostate to other parts of the body if immediate treatment is not done. Pumpkin seeds contain generous amounts of zinc in it, thus one can have these seeds in various recipes to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Toxins are also one of the cause for prostate cancer, thus detoxifying your body is also very important to prevent cancers.
Other recently discussed in the press attempts to treat BPH with a daily intake of certain foods and supplements may help indirectly, by improving general health, but they do not stop the enlargement process, highlights Fine Treatment. Oxford Innovation has released a testimonial that confirms the success of prostate enlargement termination with Dr. Also, saw palmetto has a direct inhibitory action to the receptors of androgens (male sex hormones) as well as anti-inflammatory characteristics. The recommended dose is 75 - 200 mg capsules daily, taken orally as one dose or divided into 2 equal doses.
You can also buy stinging nettle extract in the form of capsules.The recommended dosage for BPH is 120 mg of concentrated root extract in capsules taken twice daily.
By any mean, dona€™t take more than 2 grams of hydrangea daily and for a long period of time as well.
However, it is widely thought that natural remedies cannot cure the prostate cancer, although, they can relieve some symptoms of this condition.
Saw Palmetto is even more effective in treating the enlarged prostate than Proscar, which is the medicine usually prescribed for the swollen prostate.
Massage and acupuncture are widely used only as a complementary treatment and not as an alternative cure. Ginger has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiproliferative agents in it which helps in fighting against prostate cancer at the early stage. Allen’s Device for Prostate Care offers a superior natural approach to the treatment of BPH (as well as chronic prostatitis).
He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders.
There is a strong scientific evidence for using saw palmetto extracts as natural remedy for enlarged prostate.
You can simply crush the amount of handful of pumpkin seeds, put them in a jar, and add some boiled water on them. SuproA®), and soy noodles.The recommended dose for BPH is 40-120 mg taken orally for one year. It is very important to consult a licensed herbalist who will determine the appropriate dose for you depending on your age, your weight, and your general medical condition as well. In fact, if you follow an eating plan rich in fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts can effectively supply your body with its needs of the antioxidants. It is recommended to use this herb instead of Proscar, because it is less expensive and does not have side effects.
It works on termination and reversal of the prostate enlargement process at the capillary level by enhancing blood circulation locally. Fine Treatment exclusively offers Dr Allen’s devices for chronic prostatitis and BPH treatment, coronary heart disease, dissolving kidney stones, as well as back pain and sciatica relief. Many human clinical studies have proved saw palmetto to treat symptoms of BPH, including nocturia, urinary flow, as well as enhancing the general quality of daily life, though it might not significantly decrease the size of the enlarged prostate.The therapeutic efficacy of saw palmetto is very similar to ProscarA® (finasteride), but with less side effects. As men age, they often experience various problems with the prostate, the most common being prostate enlargement, acute and chronic inflammation, and prostate cancer.
In fact, nearly all available researches have approved PermixonA® as a medical product of the standardized saw palmetto oil extract.Adjusting the dosage of saw palmetto is necessary.
Each patient usually needs different doses of different substances that homeopathy recommends. You must read carefully the product pamphlet, and it will be very helpful if you consulted a qualified healthcare provider before you start any herbal treatment.Dosage - Mostly, a dose of 320 mg per day taken as one dose or divided into 2 doses has been reported in myriad studies.

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