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Betasitosterol is a substance found in many vegetables and herbs that can reduce prostate enlargement.
The Prostatitis treatment  procedure is a lot longer with pee culture since it needs to be tried with assorted antimicrobials. However, sexual dysfunctions caused by chronic prostatitis or prostate enlargement cannot be improved by changing the lifestyle or taking herbs alone. Prostatitis - Herbs To Herbs Overview of prostatitis, and how to treat it in a natural way. Prostatectomy injection surgery is designed for chronic prostatitis, many of them have serious prostate pain and symptoms, thick blockage, multiple spots of calcifications.
Picture A shows the prostate infected with prostatitis before prostatectomy and picture B shows the diffusion of medicine after prostatectomy surgery. Home treatment for prostatitis consists of two integral parts, urinary perfusion prostate treatment and herbal medicine. First, urinary catheter is inserted into the urethra, medicine consists of antibiotics and unblocking herbs are then pumped into the urethra, a clipper then seal off the urethra opening for 1 to 2 hours, medicine works on the openings of prostate glands in urethra cavity, eliminate bacteria and soften blockage. The procedure is simple, patients can handle it by themselves in the comfort of their own houses. Prostatitis is a complex prostate disease caused by mixed infection from disease-causing microorganisms.
The above are the theory of causes and mechanism of prostatitis, from our own perspective, it is based on the research, tests and clinical surgery treatment of thousands of chronic patients.
Prostatitis is not just the infection of the prostate glands, in most cases, it affects all genital organs near it and cause a string of symptoms and pain, most notably are epididymitis, seminal vesicle infection, urethritis, vas deferens infection, orchitis, etc.
These organs are all interconnected, prostatitis always start with an infection from the opening of urethra where it travels upstream and affects the prostate, seminal vesicles, and sometimes infects rear vas deferens, epididymis and testicles. Since prostatitis inflammation usually develops into  the whole genital system, any treatment surgery protocol that claims impressive cure rate must treat all organs that have pain and symptoms, if not, the risk of re-infection from other organs is very high. A prostatitis research found that almost 80% prostatitis cases also have complications of chronic infection in seminal vesicles (seminal vesiculitis), vas deferens (deferentitis) and epididymis (epididymitis), in addition to prostate infection. Prostatitis is poorly studied, researched and treated by prostate urologists, even urology dr.
Urologists also lack of effective surgery treatment tools to use other than antibiotics, so both urologists and patients face frustration with prostatitis. Prostatitis is usually treated with antibiotics for several weeks, and then switch to different antibiotics for another couple of weeks if it fails.
Since prostatitis is ignored by the medical field in general, and breakthrough in treatment on prostatitis is little in recent years, urologists and urology dr try to explain the causes of prostatitis to something else rather than infection, they cite pain problems, muscle problems, tension problems or mental problems as the reasons of symptoms and pain from prostatitis. Prostate symptoms are important indicators for evaluating degree of prostate infection, these symptoms could vary greatly from case to case.
In summary, if you want to know how serious your prostate infection is, you should based on lab tests and morphologic exams on prostate, you also need to combine clinical symptoms of prostatitis and EPS exam. How prostate doctor and urologist diagnose prostatitis clinically and evaluate pathogeny of prostate infection is unknown to many of us, here we reveal all important technical indictors for you to learn and understand the terrible disease called prostatitis so that you can control your own destiny.
Lecithin presence in a healthy prostate glands is ++++, if the prostate is infected, the number of lecithin is reduced to +++, sometimes even ++ or + for serious prostatitis cases. Prostate enlargement and calcification can be detected with ultrasound scan, blockage of the prostate glands can also be detected, it can also tell the texture and hardening of the prostate. Enlarged Prostate due to infection and blockage compresses prostatic urethra and cause urinary symptoms. In some cases, if your major symptoms are infection of seminal vesicles but not prostatitis, the lab test indicator is slightly different. Seminal vesicles help nurturing sperms, if infected, toxin is produced and affect the color of semen, unlike prostate glands, seminal vesicles are easy to have blood when infected, so there is some blood in semen.

Infection of vas deferens and epididymis can seriously damage the sperm quality and semen quality because of the toxin and competition for nutrition from bacteria. Pain in testicles, pain in groin area, pain in upper thighs, pain in waist, weak ejaculation. Symptoms from infection of vas deferens and epididymis is slightly different from prostatitis, pain in testicles is obvious, the groin area also have serious pain due to swelling of vas deferens, pain in waist is also the cause of enlargement of vas deferens, weak ejaculation is due to the poor semen quality.
Female patients contracted with Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma may have urethritis and cervicitis. Infection of Chlamydia and Mycoplasma is a hot topic in diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Prostatitis diagnosis for chronic Mycoplasma infection is done with a series of tests, semen is collected and cultured.
Timing for surgery and treatment of prostatitis is critical, if treated properly, acute prostatitis can be cured with antibiotics.
New Chapter Prostate 5LX: Healthy Prostate Softgels is a combination of full-spectrum herbs, whole food vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that are essential for healthy and well-functioning prostrate. New Chapter Prostate 5LX: Healthy Prostate Softgels combine multiple prostrate supportive phytonutrients that synergize to give you more than the benefits of each of them by themselves. Herbal Prostate Care capsules provide nutritional and herbal ingredients, designed to support and enhance masculine needs. Improper Hormonal levels: One of the reasons for Leukorrhea is increase or decrease in the levels of Hormones. Pumpkin Seed Interest almost all males: Pumpkin seed maintain your own personal prostate??Ts wellness!
Then the prostate surgery shift to elimination of blockage and calcification which are the main cause of most agonizing prostate pain and symptoms, cloudy urine observed during prostatectomy shows the ongoing unblocking process. In the mean time, patients take herbs daily to help unblock blockage and reduce inflammation in the prostate. These theories help our prostatectomy injection surgery to tackle infection, symptoms, blockage and enlargement of the prostate glands.
So basically when a patient is diagnosed with prostatitis, it is very common that he has other infections too. Even prostatitis is treated in these cases, symptoms remain in those organs and recurrence is inevitable in these prostatitis cases.
Antibiotics is very tricky that it works well only in the very early stage of prostatitis when prostate glands are still open, once it is mistreated, or the bacteria is too strong, antibiotics prostate treatment is useless and even harmful to you. Prostatitis cases with severe and agonizing pain are then transferred to see pain specialist, psychiatrist etc, they even classify chronic prostatitis as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS).
Prostate enlargement also compresses nerves and cause chronic pain in the abdomen, pelvic, perineum area.
WBC count is lower than that of infection of the prostate because prostate is slightly infected.
Longer liquefying time of semen means the fluid produced from seminal vesicles is abnormal, hard grain in semen indicates cyst and blockage in the seminal vesicles due to infection. WBC count is low because the body immunity do not react violently to certain strains of bacteria, vas deferens is thicker because of blockage formed inside that cause swelling, this is also true for epididymis that have pain when pressed, swollen lump is sometimes possible for the reason of heavy blockage. However, not all types of Chlamydia and Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma cause prostate infection. Prostate symptoms including redness of anterior urethra, hot sensations in urethra, also symptoms such as itchy and pain in urethra is also common, perineum pain, groin pain and epididymis pain are typical symptoms of Chlamydia and Mycoplasma prostatitis. Majority of female patients and sex partners of prostatitis patients have no symptoms or only mild symptoms. Research shows that more than half of infertility problems are infected with Chlamydia, Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma.

PCR test is very popular for Mycoplasma infection but sometimes the result is not correct if mishandled. The inflammation of women reproductive system is very common, particularly among sex partners of prostatitis.
After one to two months, prostate infection enters into chronic prostatitis, bacteria spread deep into the prostate glands, and starts to block prostate glands.
However, it has very limited success because the shots are not comprehensive enough to reach every infected area. Most prostate patients have their prostate symptoms returned after they stop these surgery treatments.
These herbal remedies are very popular for chronic prostatitis and bph, particularly enlarged prostate. The ingredients are scientifically extracted and blended in right proportions to give optimal health benefits.
It contains Saw Palmetto, traditionally used to relieve symptoms of prostate enlargement and act as a mild urinary antiseptic.Herbal Prostate Care also contains Pumpkin Seed to improve night urination and difficulty in urination in BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) patients. After infection and blockage in the prostate is gone, most prostate symptoms and pain are greatly reduced or completely gone. Later prostatitis has enter its chronic stage and the prostate glands starts to clog and block, you start to feel the intensive prostate pain and symptoms. Some prostate doctor now tend to mislead patients that the pain is in their heads, rather than from the prostate glands. However, a complete prostate test on all possible microorganisms and pathologic analysis is necessary for a professional diagnosis of chronic prostatitis. Ultrasound: Prostate is swollen, inequality on both sides of prostate, with multiple spots of blockage, even calcified. According to our surgery treatment experience, most prostatitis cases are caused by Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Mycoplasma genitalium, Mycoplasma hominis, these pathogens cause infections including chronic nonbacterial urethritis, chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, deferentitis, epididymitis, cystitis, proctitis.
Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma cause prostate calcification and prostate blocking which are hard to treat in many prostatitis cases. Infection of cervicitis usually cause symptoms of inflammation, infection, erosion, light yellow leucorrhoea, and more amount of leucorrhoea than normal.
According to statistics, 70% of the adult women have some degrees of gynecologic inflammation, such as the vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis and pelvic inflammation.
And most of all, it has no clue about blockage symptoms of prostatitis and lack of effective protocol for blockage of the prostate glands, so this kind of surgery treatment has poor efficacy.
These herbs are able to shrink the prostate a little bit, but these medicine cannot cure prostate infection and blockage. Southernature's unique formula combines Saw Palmetto with Selenium and Lycopene to have greater impact for the management of BPH than using Saw Palmetto alone. Infection can also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), uteritis, chronic pelvic pain and infertility. Since prostatitis seriously affect the quality of semen and sperms, and these symptoms affect the chance of successful pregnancy, infertility is actually one of the common symptoms of prostatitis.
All above test specimen must be collected for accurate lab tests to find out the real cause of prostatitis.
In addition, long term use of antibiotics to treat prostatitis could cause damage to liver, kidney and stomach, promoting antibiotics resistance and stubborn bacteria, causing bacteria imbalance and increase chances of endogenous infection. These cases are most likely infected with prostatitis by Mycoplasma, Chlamydia and Escherichia.

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