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Gonorrhea is one of those diseases that are tough to diagnose since it exhibits few to no symptoms. The bacterium that causes gonorrhea can infect other areas of the body such as the anus and throat. If you or someone you know could have gonorrhea or are showing signs and symptoms of it, see your physician to be tested and receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Infectious disease regimens: animal bites, bronchitis, cellulitis, cholecystitis, conjunctivitis, tooth infection, h.
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A female with gonorrhea could develop terrible complications, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), if the infection traveled from the cervix to the uterus and on to the fallopian tubes. This can be used for any kidney illnesses including kidney failure, kidney stones, or kidney cancer or bladder issues such as incontinence.
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With women, the symptoms are usually bleeding after intercourse and frequent, painful urination.
When the infection is transmitted orally, it will cause the victim to have a sore throat and some pus-like material on the back of the tonsils or throat. When a female has this cervical infection, it can lead to infertility and increase the risk of an ectopic pregnancy.
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES (STDS), notably GONORRHEA and CHLAMYDIA, are common infections that irritate and inflame the URETHRA, often causing bleeding into both the URINE (HEMATURIA) and the semen as either passes through the urethra to leave the body. Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance.

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The penis will appear tender and red, and there may be some swelling in the groin area around the glands.
Gonorrhea is a STD that can infect a person’s urethra, throat, cervix and anus; and depending on how long the person has had the disease, they could experience some symptoms and signs affecting one or more of those areas. Symptoms that come on a little later are fever, nausea, yellow discharge from the vagina and vomiting.
Urethritis are the primary, if the inflammatory process starts directly in the wall of the urethra, and secondary, if the infection gets into the urethra of the other organs.
The most common infection penetrates into the channel with prostatitis , cystitis , pyelonephritis , inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Sometimes able to finish and household transmission of infection when using a common towel, toilet bowl.
At birth, if the mother has gonorrhea, can occur in a child infected conjunctival membranes of the eyes.
After sexual contact with a patient with gonorrhea 4-7 days appear yellowish-gray, thick, purulent discharge from the urethra.
With the spread of infection up the urethra, inflammation of the area expands, the patient appears high body temperature, weakness, chills. The causes of chronic inflammation are nedolechennaya gonorrhea, gonorrhea in patients with weakened immune systems and the spread of gonorrhea up the urinary tract: the upper part of the urethra, the prostate gland.
After the treatment necessary to repeat smears from the urethra after provocation in order to prevent chronic infection. After 6-12 days after infection of the urethra appear whitish foamy discharge, itching sensation in the channel.
Treatment of Trichomonas urethritis spend metronidazole (trihopol) for 8-10 days, and be sure to have both sexual partners. The primary bacterial urethritis occurs in contact with microorganisms in the urethra of sexually or otherwise. But in order to prevent gonorrheal urethritis must conduct a microscopic examination of smears from the urethra. Secondary bacterial urethritis may occur in debilitated patients in the presence of foci of infection in other organs.

Treatment of bacterial urethritis is carried out with the obligatory account of the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics. Recently, because of the wide spread of antibiotic resistant microorganisms increased to antibiotics, therefore, for the treatment of bacterial urethritis have to use the most effective antibiotics, the second and third generations.
The combination of urethritis with other inflammatory diseases of the urinary system is carried out comprehensive treatment.
Kandidomikotichesky (candidiasis), urethritis developed in lesions of the mucous membrane of urethra yeast genus Candida.
Therefore, for the occurrence of inflammation in the prostate gland also necessary predisposing conditions – congestion of venous blood in the gland secretion and breach outflow of the prostate. These conditions are created by supercooling, immoderate use of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, while working in a sitting position. The seminal ducts of the epididymis approaching the neck of the bladder expands to form the seminal vesicles.
Inflammatory disease of the seminal vesicles can cause gonococcal infection, or other microorganisms (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Proteus).
Vesicles can be Most often, in this case the infection gets into the seminal vesicles through the vas deferens. Occasionally, the infection can get into the seminal vesicles from distant foci of infection by hematogenous (blood-borne). Pain in the groin, in the rectal area, the abdomen with one or two sides, pain in the act of defecation. In the analysis of urine detect inflammatory changes in the fluid of the seminal vesicles, which are themselves, after palpation of the seminal vesicles through the rectum, if possible, find a large number of leukocytes and erythrocytes. After normalization of body temperature is assigned physiotherapy, hot tub, heating pad on the perineum, hot microclysters. Occasionally there is a complication of empyema of the seminal vesicles, when the seminal vesicles are completely filled with liquid pus and stretched. In this case, make surgery – seminal vesicles dotted line, the pus is removed, the cavity of the seminal vesicle drainage tube inserted.

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