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ANSWER: Hi, Nowadays, there are a lot of remedies which are able to reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostate.
PSA was 1.95 prostate size as -43cc and PVR urine retention was -40 ccQuestion I am male 58 yrs and diagnosed for BPH 12 months back. Finasteride Side Effects - Oral Uses, Interactions & Hair LossLearn about Finasteride side effects, oral uses, interactions and hair loss; and how it affects lipid profile.
Alternatively, you could also make a paste of leaves of Indian lilac by grinding them with a little water. Make a solution by mixing three tablespoons tea tree essential oil and 1.2 teaspoon olive oil.
Use cold compress application on the zoster infected skin to deal with inflammation, redness and itching.
For cold compress, fill a zip lock bag with ice cubes and rub the cold bag over the affected skin. Prepare lavender bath by adding 10 drops of lavender essential oil to bath tub filled with lukewarm water and oatmeal powder.
Cut your nails short so that accidental scratching does not burst the blisters and cause pain. Remember to not let the skin dry up too much. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Blood sugar is the primary fuel that empowers the body and our body needs to maintain the level of blood sugar within a narrow range else there arises the problem. When the level of sugar in the blood is too low, it is the brain that is affected first because of the deficiency. On the contrary, when there is a high level of blood sugar, it causes damages in the arteries of the body. The level of blood sugar can be effectively controlled with the consumption of proper nutrition as well as regular exercise. Firstly, the total avoidance of all foods that contain refined carbohydrates and sugar is necessary in order to check the level of blood sugar. Nuts are rich in good fats and are known to reduce the lower the resistance of insulin in the body.
Sometimes your own body can protest with your immune system and create disorders that are chronic. At times psoriasis can also lead to inflammation of the joints leading to an arthritic condition known as psoriatic arthritis.
A person with psoriasis must avoid being in the sun for long time as the condition will again be aggravated with heat and direct sunlight.
It is a huge relief for patients with psoriasis to know that a number of natural treatment methods can offer great solace and prevent frequent episodes of psoriasis. The anti microbial properties of apple cider vinegar help in clearing away bacterial and skin infections which can aggravate psoriasis.
A soak made of oatmeal and Epsom salt will help in healing the skin that is peeled and also in moisturising the damaged skin for preventing further attacks. Vitamin E can be used directly on the skin for moisturising it and also for rejuvenating the skin that is damaged. The leaves of cabbage are a great remedy for controlling inflammation on the skin and also from preventing pain and itching. A herbal tea can be prepared by mixing together a number of herbs that help in treating psoriasis.
Once the three months standing period is complete, take one cup of water and add one tablespoon of this mixed herbs after shaking the jar for mixing the ingredients.
Skin that is affected with psoriasis require abundant care to keep it moisturised.  Make sure that it is well protected from infections.
Did you know…that an African potato has been shown to be used as treatment for UTI (urinary tract infections) and enlarged prostate —and an extract of it could even kill prostate cancer cells? There is an untamed-looking African root that holds unparalleled medicinal remedies and is quite possibly the most well-rounded and nutrient root in all of Africa.
This label is a misnomer, as the root under the ground does not look or feel anything like a potato. Hypoxis hemerocallidea, as the African Potato is scientifically known, is often referred to as hypoxis rooperi, or hypoxis for short. According to experts, rooperiol is a remarkably potent antioxidant, so powerful in fact that research has shown it destroys colon and breast cancer cells and decreases tumor size by suppressing the spread of cancer cells.
Hypoxis also owes its antiviral qualities to rooperial, which boosts the body’s natural resistance to disease. Two prominent research studies have brought to light hypoxis’s value as a treatment for UTI (urinary tract infections) and prostrate problems, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate. The abilities of the African Potato treatment for UTI extend far beyond its prostate-promoting powers.
If you’d like to enjoy an extract of African Potato in the form of a tea, you can purchase a raw powder online at websites such as Alibaba and African Botanicals.

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Cellulite is a bacterial infection that causes swelling, redness, pain and rash on the skin. A number of supplements can be administered to improve the power of the body to fight the infection naturally. Bromelain, an enzyme present in pineapples which facilitates the reduction of inflammation is available as supplements in herbal shops. Being a natural healer and antiseptic, using organic honey on the affected skin can be done in conjunction with antibiotic treatment. Calendula being a good healing herb is good for treating inflammation and infections on the skin.
Acupuncture is one of the possible choices, but the result is not observed in every patients.
The medication is mainly for boosting the immune system (which weakens considerably due to attack of herpes virus) and controlling the pain. Apply the fine paste of leaves of Indian lilac all over the affected skin and leave for 20 minutes.
Calamine lotion will relieve itching and also reduce the formation of scars once the crusts begin to fall off.
To prepare wet compress, soak a clean towel in chilled water, squeeze it lightly and apply it on the skin.
The aroma of rose hip oil will soothe your nerves and help you get a peaceful sleep at night. Oatmeal powder will gently exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells and dried crusts.
Extreme dryness of the blisters can cause pain as every movement of the body will stretch the dried out skin. Besides the brain, the level of energy in all the tissues of the body becomes totally less, which leads to the feeling of fatigue and tiredness of the concerned individual even with little performance of work.
This damage, if continued for a long period of time can cause strokes as well as heart diseases. If this can be done, in that situation, the liver can slowly but steadily regain the full control of blood sugar, and it might take even months and hence there are chances that the symptoms might still exist. Therefore, with the consumption of nuts, the cells of the body will be more sensitive to insulin and successfully lower the blood sugar level of the body.
The sweet potatoes have high content of fiber as well as powerful antioxidants like cartenoids that have encouraging effect on the insulin along with chloregenic acid that successfully fights insulin resistance. This is an unfortunate situation and many people are entirely frustrated and debilitated with the resultant conditions. As there is no cure for this chronic auto immune disease, all a person can do is to strive for control and to make serious lifestyle and diet changes in order to remain out of symptoms. Extreme climatic conditions that hamper the PH balance of the skin too are causative factors that can trigger psoriasis. Epsom salt being an antibacterial will also prevent skin infections that a patient with psoriasis is susceptible to. You can soak in this water for about 20 minutes every day for relieving the symptoms of psoriasis. Vitamin E has the power to restore the lost glow and smoothness of the skin with continuous application.
The hard leaves of cabbage have to be first softened for the purpose to prevent the inflamed and raw wound from getting irritated.
But continue drinking this juice and in a few months you will surely start feeling and looking much better.
Take Echinacea, Oregon, calendula, cleavers herb, sassagrass, dandelion, nettle leaf and burdock in equal proportions. Cover the skin completely when you are out in order to prevent dust and sunlight form affecting the skin and causing flare ups. Taking bath in sea water that is enriched with minerals will remove the irritation and clean it off the bacteria and other germs. While appropriately nicknamed African Star Grass for its lush green leaves and gorgeous yellow flower petals, this plant is more commonly referred to as the African Potato.
It is named such for the plant’s primary medicinal ingredient, hypoxoside, which, in addition to possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, also contains the cancer-fighting compound rooperiol. Research has even indicated that hypoxis kills prostate cancer cells and pre-malignant cancer cells. A comprehensive review of 63 studies reveals that this compound is one of the top 3 most effective cures for reviving urinary flow and overall prostate function. Zulu healers traditionally used it to cure blood sugar problems, diabetes, infections, and skin conditions—such as psoriasis.

Unfortunately, African Potato extract is not readily available as a capsule or tablet unless mixed with other ingredients. Plus, you'll also receive eAlerts from the Underground Health Reporter to help you stay on top of the latest healing breakthroughs from the world of nutrition and dietary supplements.
Many people are not aware of the benefits and potency of naturally occurring substances and go after antibiotic medications which have severe side effects if taken indefinitely. Cellulitis is the result of bacteria entering through a cut on the skin and infecting the underlying connective tissue, blood stream and lymph node in severe forms of infection. Cellulitis can be diagnosed early on and treated through natural methods which not only cures the infection, but also prevents further occurrences.
Probiotics increases the strength of good bacteria in the body which will help in fighting off the bad bacteria and reducing and finally removing the infection from the body. This is especially important when you have infections as too much bacteria can build up in the body if you do not flush them out.
Crush 4-5 garlics in your mouth and eat them raw, preferably on its own to retain the concentration of juice or with some water or along with your food.
This will help in preventing further infection on the skin and also helps in the healing process of the skin when you have cellulitis.
According to a study, only 75% of the patients above 50 are feeling improvement caused by the acupuncture. The most commonly used medicines for treating herpes zoster are acyclovir, famciclovir and valcyclovir. However, you will need to keep re-applying calamine lotion to prevent scratching of the skin. Turmeric also has healing properties which help repair the damage done to the tissues and cells of the skin thus helping in faster healing.
People with herpes zoster often find it difficult to sleep at night because of the pain and the constant need to itch. The aroma of lavender will soothe your nerves and oatmeal powder will provide relief from itching. Hence, it is always vital for any individual to maintain the level of blood sugar to the normal state. Similarly, stress too is a factor that can be blamed when a person gets a psoriatic episode.
Doing this every day will help control psoriasis and prevent you from scratching and peeling the skin. The African Potato is not a tuber, but a corm, which is a short, vertical swollen plant stem that differs in both appearance and texture from a tuber. Garlic will help remove the infection causing virus due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
For treating the skin with apple cider vinegar, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in apple cider vinegar for covering the entire area of the skin.
Add a teaspoon of lime juice along with it and take this juice as soon as you wake up in the morning empty stomach.
It has even proven effective as an aid for tuberculosis and digestive upsets, such as diarrhea. According to this theory, the patients with very large prostate gland are not obtaining the needed result. However, you have to know that this theory is not approved and besides this, the accurate size and weight of the prostate gland is not established.The other more traditional way for reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate is the use of medications. You have to know that these medications are only prescribed by your doctor due to their effect on the cardio-vascular system. These drugs are alpha-blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.The alpha blockers are causing the relaxation of the muscles in the prostate. This relaxation is causing the improvement of the urine flow, which prevents the urine retention. The 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are lowering the synthesis of certain molecules in the prostate, which caused the reduction of the size of the prostate gland.Besides this, there is a surgical treatment of enlarged prostate. There are several operations and some of them are open prostatectomy, TUNA, TUPR and others. The aim of these operations is to reduce the size of the prostate gland and to reducing the risk of the urine retention of the eventual infection development.

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