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Triathlon of Compassion: Human Powered Racing for a Great CauseJune 28, 2016Bjarne, Scott, and Dustin celebrate at the finish line. The Victoria Times Colonist summed up the Food Bank Challenge in an article dated December 10, 2015, that included StarFish Medical’s activities. Congratulations to Mike Harding, DeAndra Chmelyk, Debbie Gould, Hayley Young, Nathan Muller and Kimberly Nguyen for creating a magical (and award winning) tree  for the 2015 Festival of Trees fundraiser.
StarFish and ViVitro employees enthusiastically supported the annual Bike to Work Week commuter challenge. This year’s team captain, Joe McMahen (with bike above), is a ViVitro Labs product manager. For over 22 years the Festival of Trees has transformed The Victoria BC Fairmont Empress into a lush forest of beautifully decorated trees to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital.
Sunday, June 8, 2014, Dana Trousil, Joe Bogner, Shaun Barry, and Tim Cummings represented StarFish Medical in the UrbaCity 2014 Corporate Face-Off, which pits local Victoria businesses against the course, and against one another to raise funds for The Prostate Centre, Victoria BC.
The Prostate Centre offers prostate cancer programs and services to local men and their families. About BTWBC: Bike to Work BC is a registered non-profit society governed by a board of directors. Rob, Gerry, Scott, Martine, Mike & Lori  braved the icy waters on Thursday, November 28, 2013. Thank you to these brave flyers and to all ViVitro Labs and StarFish Medical employees for your support of the Mustard Seed. In third place, with the super meaty chilli: newcomer, Mike Camplin (prize – chilli’s for his next batch). 73 beautiful trees were decorated on Thursday night and over 450 people were in attendance for the Decorating Reception. Volunteer teams raised a combined total of $11,086 through your bribing and Spirit of Giving donations! The team combined this moving fluid tube with white gauze bandage on the tree to create a stunning effect. Last year the theme was medical devices (yes, we were pretty excited by that) and this year the theme was food safety. Empress TreeDecember 24, 2010Who knew that excess wiring and circuit boards could help sick kids?
There’s still time to vote for the StarFish Christmas tree at the Festival of Trees website. Our intrepid leader joined another 14 of Victoria’s local tech sector leaders in jumping into the icy waters at Fisherman’s wharf to raise money for the Mustard Seed food bank. That's what Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama did after his campaign mailed a memo criticizing rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, causing a furor in the Indian-American community.

The annual event is a fun, sprint-distance triathlon put on by Human Powered Racing that benefits the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. The triathlon starts at 0730 with the 500m swim, at the Esquimalt Rec pool. Congratulations to Team Captain, Joe McMahen, and the 31 riders in the Bike to Work Week 2016 team. The festival invites visitors to browse through the holiday displays and donate to vote for their favourite trees. Thanks to Mark Drlik and the social committee for organizing, and to Christine Park, Sal Sanci, Michael Lubben, Nigel Syrotuck, Bjarne Hansen,and Paul Charlebois for cooking up a storm.
With over $1,589,457 value of food and cash donated from Greater Victoria Technology companies, this year’s Food Bank Challenge raised over $45,000.
Local businesses, organizations and individuals decorate the trees in a sometimes wacky, often irreverent, and always beautiful fashion. If students are successful at WEC, there is also the opportunity to continue on to the national level, at the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC). These include community education, awareness and outreach, patient counseling and follow-up, collaboration and research and more. Vision: To experience the joy of an ever increasing number of people safely commuting by bicycle. Towards the end of the campaign period, we have some staff “volunteer” for the Harbour Hop, which is organized by Contech. To date $1,543,457 value of food and cash has been donated from Greater Victoria Technology companies.
While we may joke about the money we raise in terms of the people that will be swimming, your donations will feed a lot of people who really need the support. And those who paid for lunch – today’s event raised $116 for the Mustard Seed.  The favourite side-dish was Rob Fraser’s cornbread in the silver pan.
Congrats to Ted, the first ever Veggie Chilli winner in the four year history of this event.
From there we thought of adding the heart and blood bags to make a more complete theme for the tree.
I started by using a steady flow pump but this did not work because the air bubbles all gathered in one spot and the pump only worked when it was primed with fluid. Christian rigged up a sub-woofer with the sound of his own beating heart which added an extra level of experience to the theme, while Cam provided a model heart centerpiece in the middle of the tree. After all, what industrial designer, engineer, or physicist can resist the allure of all that plastic potential? As always, we were happy to donate resources to this cause, but the best part for us, by far, was having the opportunity to attend the event as judges and spectators and get to talk to the kids about their projects. Bjarne will probably hit the water at ~0830.  About 8 minutes later he’ll tag off with Scott, who will scoot around the bike course 3 times, for a total of 20km.

The event offers sponsors, like StarFish Medical and ViVitro Labs,  an opportunity to demonstrate community leadership, show their creative talents and support child health. The trees are  displayed throughout the holiday season, beginning November 19, 2014, through to January 6, 2015. Engineering competitions promote sharing of ideas between students, and push them to challenge themselves.
A not-for-profit staffed primarily by volunteers, The Prostate Centre is the only centre of its kind in Canada.
Mission: Encourage more people in all BC communities to commute by bicycle through Bike to Work initiatives.
Harbour Hop involves jumping into the Victoria BC Inner Harbour wearing a crazy outfit  (or a swim suit) all for the sake of fundraising and a chance to be on the evening news!  Those already jumping are Rob Fraser, Mike Harding, Martine Janicki & Gerry Wight – pretty cool, huh? Last year $87,325 in cash and 3421 of pounds of food was donated to the Mustard Seed food Bank.
Add robotics, a science theme and kids to the mix and you’ve got an event that we wouldn’t miss for the world. After raiding the inventory room for interesting bits and pieces and finding some great photos of client projects from Marketing, we were all set. In addition to much heckling and good-natured dares, the brave group of divers raised $13,500.00 for the very worthy cause. He should be at it for 40 minutes or so, and will then pass the torch to Dustin, who has a scenic 5km run down to the ocean and back. We will secure and share resources and best practices that will stimulate growth in commuter cycling.
I did not get the power or the displacement required out of the voice coil, and did not want to use a large expensive one to increase the power.
Of course, no StarFish tree would be complete without a full host of StarFish Christmas ornaments from years past, including the ever popular sound activated LED ornaments.
I finally borrowed a gear motor from Allan and mad a bracket which cycled the plunger of the cylinder in and out with the rotation of the motor shaft. It’s a worldwide organization that holds an annual competition for kids aged 9-13 to flex their research and problem solving skills and come up with a project and Lego robot that addresses a particular scientific area. These were a big hit with all the kids and adults who came to view our tree and scored us big points with the event judges! This worked very well to pressurize the tube of air and liquid and create a visible motion of the fake blood.

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