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Haematuria, must be taken seriously and investigated, as occasionally it can be due to a cancerous cause. Urethritis (inflammation of the urethra or the tube that empties the bladder to the outside). Menstruation – the bleeding from a period can sometimes be mixed in with urine and be confused as haematuria. Rectal bleeding – bleeding from the rectum can drip into the toilet bowl and get mixed in with urine. Heavy exercise or physical exertion can cause myoglobinuria (muscle breakdown product in the urine) and cause the urine to appear red or brown in colour.

Urine tests: A mid stream urine sample is sent for microscopy, and cultured for bacteria (infection). Blood tests: A full blood count is done to check how much blood the patient has lost and whether a blood transfusion is needed.
Radiological imaging: Ultrasound or CT scan to look for signs of infection, stones, kidney obstruction, cancer and anatomical abnormalities. Cystoscopy (examination of the inside of the bladder and urethra with a special telescope) may be recommended. Other blood tests look at kidney function, calcium levels (if there is a kidney stone), blood electrolyte levels and blood clotting tests.

A complete workup effectively rules out the serious causes for blood in the urine (for example, cancer), so it is appropriate to just keep things under review.
The urine may be red or cola coloured and in severe cases blood clots may be present which can block the passage of urine.

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