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Prostate laser surgery TURP or Transurethral Resection of the Prostate is the surgery performed for the removal of partial or whole portion of the enlarged prostate gland. Improvement is experienced by many of the patients, in terms of better flow of urine, even right after the catheter is taken out. It helps the patients to get relief, from the renal dysfunction, where the tendency to profuse bleeding is seen. When decided to perform the conventional TURP, blood thinning agents are considered to be terminated before a week or 10 days of duration of the surgery.
Laser TURP makes use of diode, which has the ability to vaporize the mass of 3 to 4 grams per minute. As the open procedure in conventional TURP is needed to be performed, the blood loss will be much more.
Conventional TURP surgical procedure is slow and unsafe, as it utilizes the electrical energy. Because of the above complications of the conventional TURP procedures, it is not considered to be an ideal surgical procedure, especially, for the prostate glands that are big in size.
TURP has unique complications, as the large volumes are involved in the irrigation of the fluid is used for the endoscopic resection. On receiving your medical reports, we will revert to you within 24 Hours with right estimate package after getting your medical reports examined by best team of doctors at best hospitals in India. To avoid any spam using query box, please enter the characters as shown in the image bottom.
I had a medial right knee compartment surgery at World health expert with the surgical staff.
I underwent a minimally invasive Maze procedure in World health expert which cured me of atrial fibrillation. I traveled to the World Health Expert and met with a medical oncologist who would become my rock throughout my treatment.
I traveled to WHE who performed a minimally invasive mitral valve repair, making a two-inch incision through my right side and successfully fixing the leak. Bipolar Cutting Loop is used to remove prostate tissue in the form of small chips during TURP surgery for treatment of BPH. The Procedure : As current is passed using a bipolar generator, a voltage gradient is created between the bipolar electrode active and return components that vaporizes the sodium chloride solution resulting in small ionized bubbles that produce a plasma.

The Advantage : In bipolar electro surgery, the current flow through the tissue is restricted to the area between the two electrode's loops that are under visual control of the surgeon. The use of saline solution for distension media is a major advantage of this technology as it is easily metabolized, is not toxic, can be used with higher quantity and is also less expensive than conventional hypotonic non electrolyte solutions.
The plasma effect of bipolar current allows better cut and coagulation of the tissue with reduced bleeding. It is treated as the second most common surgery performed for male candidates, who have over age 65. We will also assist you in traveling part, which includes, airfare booking, medical visa invitation, airport pick-up and drop, hotel stay & visit for any sightseeing.
They took the stem cells from my bone marrow and fat and he injected them and it has been fabulous. I did a tremendous amount of research about the various treatment options and ultimately decided to go with the surgery at World health expert. But when I had a lump in my breast checked out, the diagnosis about knocked the breath out of me. My wife had a call from the hospital that a liver had been procured and I was scheduled for surgery. Resection in saline (NaCl) is mainly used in urology for prostate and bladder resection as well as in gynecology for myoma and endometrium resection as an additional alternative to monopolar resection. Since, the electrosurgical current returns to earth through components of the active electrode or the resectoscope working element and cord; a separate grounding pad is not needed.
Laser TURP is treated to be the gold standard, among the treatments available for the BPH or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia.
At the same time any of the strenuous activities are to be avoided for at least 6 weeks of duration, and it should be til the scar gets healed. The primary advantage of the laser TURP is that, the procedure is performed with no blood loss. With our 10 years of expertise in delivering highly caring International Patients Assistance Services, you can completely rely on us in every step of your recovery. Our all International Patient Assistance Services are absolutely FREE!!!
I don’t have the aches and pains that I used to suffer from on a constant day to day basis. I credit the World Health Expert weight Loss Surgery staff with helping me have a successful surgery.

After a few days of rehabilitation and physical therapy, I’m now back to climbing the stairs to my suite. The energy of the plasma transfers to the tissue causing locally restricted vaporization and the loop resects the tissue. The current does not flow through the patient’s body but is conducted back to the electrode fork through the saline irrigation medium.
Minor air bubbles and less bleeding during resection allow a better vision during surgery reducing length of surgery and improving results. So, the surgery with even more than 100 grams of prostate glands too can be well managed with the help of laser energy.
I would highly recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a remedy to their back pain and their aching joints. WHE continues to have one of the largest and most effective surgical programs in the nation. Everyone from the compassionate nurses and technicians who cared for me, to the welcoming environment.
Saline is used as an irrigation medium and as a conductor of the electrosurgical current, contributing to even greater patient safety because a neutral electrode no longer needs to be connected to the patient’s body. This is biggest advantage of bipolar electro surgery as it reduces the risk of collateral thermal injuries to adjoining tissues, by direct contact of instruments, imperfection of insulation or diffusion of the electric current.
The staff and the doctors of WHE went out of their way to complete the arrangements for the surgery on very short notice. The prescribed physical therapy returned me to full mobility within just a few weeks and allowed me to return to all of my pre-surgery sports and activities. The current does not therefore, flow through the patient’s body but is conducted to the electrode instead. It has minimal risk of interference on other electronic equipments (ECG, pace makers and others) simultaneously connected to the patient and there is reduced stimulation of peripheral nerves including the obturator nerve, due to no flow of current through the patient’s body. So, if the size of the gland is found to be more than 60 grams, the conducting endoscopic procedure will become open procedure.

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