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Blackmores Proseren ch?a cac chi?t xu?t t? ??th?o m?c Serenoa ? li?u lu?ng khuy?n cao s? d?ng trong cac th? nghi?m lam sang du?c cong b?.
Co ch? ma Serenoa d?ng cong trinh khong du?c hi?u d?y d? nhung r?t co th? lien quan d?n h?u h?t cac ?c ch? enzym 5-alpha reductase va cung lien k?t v?i cac trang web th? th? androgen trong cac t? bao tuy?n ti?n li?t. Cac axit beo t? do co th? giup can b?ng t? s? lipid thu?ng b?t thu?ng du?c tim th?y trong cac thu tuy?n ti?n li?t va tinh d?ch c?a m?t s? b?nh nhan phi d?i tuy?n ti?n li?t lanh tinh.
Cac th? nghi?m lam sang da xac nh?n cac tac d?ng co l?i c?a Serenoa d? lam gi?m cac tri?u ch?ng c?a b?nh tuy?n ti?n li?t m? r?ng. The prostate is about the size of an apricot and is positioned below the bladder outlet, with the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder) passing through it. Prostate cancer is slow-growing, and if detected early and managed correctly, survival rates are high. Irritative symptoms: frequent urination, urgency and nocturia (getting up to pass urine more than twice at night). Bony metastases commonly involve the lower spine and pelvic girdle, causing lower backache and hip pain.
Lymphatic involvement can cause swelling of the legs and obstruction of the ureters (the tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder), which can lead to renal failure. Screening should be done yearly in men above the age of 50, or 45 if there is a family history of prostate cancer.
If there are suspicious nodules, or any abnormal findings with either the PSA or DRE, a biopsy of the prostate should be done.
Tests that may assist in grading and staging include spine, pelvis and chest X-rays and radionucleotide bone scans.
The choice of treatment depends on the stage of the cancer, as well as the condition of the specific patient – eg. Cancers confined to the prostate, with no involvement of lymph nodes or other organs, are potentially curable by surgery or radiotherapy. Patients with cancer that has grown beyond the capsule that encloses the prostate, or where there is lymph node involvement or metastatic spread, are not curable. Finally, in certain cases the doctor and patient may decide to resort to “watchful waiting”: surveillance of the cancer, but no active treatment.

In a procedure called radical prostatectomy, the entire prostate and seminal vesicles are removed through incisions in the abdomen or perineum (between the scrotum and the anus). The main complications after surgery are impotence and incontinence, although new surgical techniques have reduced these problems. Brachytherapy, done under general anaesthesia, involves implanting radioactive “seeds” into the prostate, with ultrasound guidance. Side effects may include hot flushes (short-lived and transient), impotence and a decrease in sexual drive, osteoporosis and weight gain. Cac th? nghi?m cho th?y cac chi?t xu?t du?c s? d?ng trong Proseren cung c?p c?u tr? hi?u qu? t? cac tri?u ch?ng kho ch?u c?a ch?n doan y khoa lanh tinh tuy?n ti?n li?t Phi (phi d?i tuy?n ti?n li?t lanh tinh) nhu di ti?u thu?ng xuyen, do d?, suy su?i va ti?u dem.
Cac lo?i trai cay m?ng c?a Serenoa r?t giau axit beo t? do va m?t h?n h?p c?a cac h?p ch?t sterol, bao g?m beta-sitosterol va stigmasterol (phytosterol). Co th? h? tr? lam gi?m t?m th?i c?a t?t c? cac tri?u ch?ng chinh va d?u hi?u c?a BPH bao g?m t?n s? ti?t ni?u, ti?u dem, t?c d? dong ch?y, kho ti?u va lu?ng nu?c ti?u con sot l?i.
It secretes seminal fluid, the nutrient-rich transport medium for sperm: about 80% of ejaculate volume is produced by the prostate. While the incidence of prostate cancer is rising, mortality rates are decreasing – probably because of increased awareness of routine screening. The disease is exceedingly rare before the age of 40, but one in eight men between the ages of 60 and 80 suffer from it. By the time the cancer becomes bothersome or apparent, it has usually spread so much it is no longer curable. The most commonly used system is the Gleason score (calculated out of 10), which rates how far the glandular pattern is distorted from a normal appearance. PSA is monitored, and treatment begun only if a rise in PSA or tumour stage warrants it. This is suitable for some patients with very early low-risk cancers, and for those with less than 10 years of life expectancy, eg. The radiation is delivered only to the prostate, not to adjacent organs, limiting side-effects.
Surgical orchidectomy is the surgical removal of the testes (castration), permanently stopping testosterone production.
M?c du di?u tra d? xac d?nh cac co ch? chinh xac c?a hanh d?ng dang di?n ra, cac thanh ph?n nay du?c coi la cac h?p ch?t co ho?t tinh du?c trong Serenoa, va m?c d? c?a h? du?c chu?n hoa trong cac ch? ph?m co ch?t lu?ng.

Screening does not prevent the disease, but it ensures that it is detected at an early stage, when still curable. If one first-degree family member (father or brother) has prostate cancer, your risk for developing it is doubled.
The urologist palpates the prostate to get an impression of the size and consistency of the gland, and to detect possible cancerous nodules. This classifies how much the cancer has grown in or beyond the prostate (T-stage), whether the lymph nodes are involved (N-stage), and whether the cancer has metastasised to other areas of the body (M-stage). If not, or if PSA rises after an initial drop, it may indicate residual disease or metastases.
The extracted prostate and nodes will be analysed to check if the cancer has been fully removed, and if lymph nodes are involved.
Patients are usually discharged after about five days, and may be off work for four to six weeks. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with oral medication or penile injections at an early stage. Another advantage is that patients are discharged the same or next day after this relatively painless procedure, with few complications. In 80% of patients, such treatment will cause shrinkage of metastases and a decline in PSA, improving symptoms.
With medical orchidectomy, injections of drugs called LHRH analogues prevent the testes from producing testosterone.
Tomato-containing products rich in lycopene are also beneficial, as well as anti-oxidants found in selenium and vitamins E and D.
It is normal to see blood in the urine, stool and ejaculate after this procedure, but this is temporary.
These can be given continuously on a three-monthly basis or intermittently, depending on the response of the cancer.

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