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Acute bacterial prostatitis is a severe urinary tract infection which causes fever, chills, painful urination and pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and the pelvic area. Chronic pelvic syndrome is associated with pain in the genitals and pelvic area, pain and burning during urination, frequent and urgent need to urinate and pain during ejaculation. An enlarged and infected prostate gland presses on the urethra and causes a lot of pain and burning while urination. When one is suffering from prostatitis there is difficulty in starting urination and even if on is able to start it, it just dribbles despite the urgent need to urinate.
I have found that the best way to reduce cravings is to exercise in the evenings, but I am not everyone so take it with a grain of salt. Uterine fibroids are non cancerous tumors of the uterus, affecting a large percentage of women.
Prolactin, parathyroid hormone, insulin growth factor, and pituitary growth hormone also play a role in their growth. Goldenseal is a powerful herb that is antibiotic, antimicrobial and ant-inflammatory in nature. Black cohosh is a herb that contains isoflavones which help regulate the entire menstrual cycle.
Vitex regulates estrogen and progestrone levels in our body, thus normalizing the production of hormones.
A.Vogel Sinuforce Nasal Spray with menthol provides rapid relief for nasal catarrh and a blocked or congested nose. Skin cancer tends to be one of the most common forms of cancer chiefly because the sun’s rays act as its cause. Herbal treatments for skin cancer are increasingly becoming popular because they cause lesser side effects.
This particular herb has amazing immune-boosting properties and anti-carcinogenic properties.
This particular herb contains many essential nutrients that holistically improve the health of an individual.
Since vitamin C is required for synthesis of collagen, the structural proteins, it ensures health to skin, bones and blood vessels.
Green tea prevents cell division among cancerous cells and can really help in warding off skin cancer at its earliest stages. Green tea is especially helpful for those skin cancers that are caused by free radicals due to exposure to the sun. This particular herb enables new blood vessels to form and hence inhibit the growth of the tumor.
Milk thistle has amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties that ward off tumor promoters leading to development of skin cancer.It is well known to reduce to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy. White spots on the skin are also called as Vitiligo and are results of an autoimmune disease that leads to an adrenocortical deficiency (a deficiency in the adrenal gland) in certain individuals. This particular deficiency results in an inhibition in the regular production of corticosteroid, a hormone that is responsible for proper skin pigmentation. It is the reduction of corticosteroid in the body that leads to the formation of white patches. In addition to an adrenocortical deficiency, white spots on the skin can also be caused by other factors like improper functioning of the cells that produce melanin, genetic traits, Vitamin B12 deficiencies, stress, hyperthyroidism and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Honey is known for its antifungal properties that help deal with a number of skin related infections and ailments, including white spots. Apply this paste over the infected areas and wait for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. The potent antibacterial and antifungal properties of ginger make it a frontrunner for the treatment of several skin related ailments.
Both olive oil and almond oil have skin rejuvenating properties that can help the skin heal faster from the infection causing the white spots. Although prolonged exposure to the sun can contribute to white spots, limited exposure can help reactivate dormant skin cells in the affected area, thereby reactivating the pigmentation process.This in turn would reduce the appearance of white spots and prevent them from recurring as well. There are several home remedies that can be very effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines under eyes. Another excellent home remedy to diminish under-eye wrinkles and fine lines is by rubbing pineapple juice on the affected areas. The rose water treatment is a proven remedy to achieve wrinkle-free skin and also to rejuvenate the skin under your eyes. Just rub a cotton ball soaked in rose water over the affected areas. The natural skin-nourishing, soothing and moisturizing properties of grape seed oil make it one of the best home remedies to remove under eye wrinkles. Just like most of the other remedies as mentioned above, you can dip a cotton ball in this oil and rub it on the affected areas. Rubbing the under eye wrinkles with a cotton ball soaked in cucumber juice is also very effective. The coconut oil treatment is believed to give much faster results. You can see positive difference within as little as just 6-7 days.
Rub the exposed part of a half piece of grape over the wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes. Rubbing and massaging under-eye wrinkles with aloe vera juice has also been found to be very effective. While you are using these remedies, you must also drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Last but not the least, it is important for you to keep in mind that the affected area of under-eye wrinkles is sensitive because it is near your eyes.
As the term is self-explanatory, frequent urination refers to the urge to urinate more than usual.
Uva versi has been used since ancient times by North Americans for the treatment of both ‘polyuria’ (frequent urination during day) and ‘nocturia’ (frequent urination during night). Bacterial infection on the walls of the bladder is one of the most common causes for frequent urination.
Corn silk is used for the treatment of an array of health conditions, including frequent urination.
However, you must consult your doctor first before using this home remedy, especially if you are already taking other medications. Saw palmetto is a herb that is used not only to treat frequent urination but more severe conditions also, such as prostate.
For the best results, the general dosage recommendation is 320 mg of saw palmetto once daily. The natural substances available in valerian stop muscle spasms and also relax the bladder muscles.
The tea prepared using the seeds of the dodder plant can also be very beneficial in treating the condition of frequent urination. A third degree burn is a very serious condition and immediate medical attention is crucial. Emergency help is essential in such cases. Tomatoes and grated potatoes contain acids that minimize the chances of having blisters caused by burns. The coating of onion juice on burns minimizes the chance of blistering and also relieves pain.
Egg white is probably the most powerful home remedy for burns because it heals the burns, prevents your skin from blistering and also relieves you from pain. Alternatively, you can also use a clean piece of cloth soaked in lavender oil and put it on the burns.
Tea bags can also be used as a very effective treatment, especially for minor or first-degree burns.
Fresh aloe Vera juice can also be applied after cleaning the wound with cold running water. Aloe Vera contains tissue-healing, astringent and painkilling properties that can be very beneficial in treating minor, first-degree burns.
However, there is a word of caution for those who have a medical history for heart problems.
The coating of diluted vinegar on the burnt area relaxes your skin, prevents it from blistering and also reduces pain.

After that, you can rinse it off. Overall, there are plenty of home remedies to treat first and second degree burns, but again, for very serious third degree burns, you must seek emergency medical help. Applying papaya pulp on the burns can also prove to be very effective. Papaya pulps contain pain-killing enzymes that also promote quicker healing of burns. I recently learned that the beneficial part of the aloe plant is actually the inside meat of the leaf.
Many men suffer form this disease and it is classified into several types of prostatitis such as acute bacterial prostatitis, asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis and chronic pelvis syndrome.
Cranberry juice helps to flush out all the bacteria from the prostate gland and the entire urinary tract and keeps them in good health.
If you have been an alcoholic in the past then it is important for you to go on a juice diet in order to quit alcohol.
For women of childbearing age, herbs are the best solution if they want to avoid hysterectomy. It is an effective herbal remedy for treating uterine fibroids as it keeps the uterine tissue healthy and reduces inflammation. This eliminates the toxins effectively from the   body and helps reduce the estrogen levels which are the main cause also of fibroid formation in the uterus.It is rich in nutrients and minerals, helping keep your body tissues well nourished.
It is very efficient  in supporting the functions of the female reproductive system as it affects estrogen levels and acts as a uterine stimulant. It reduces swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, but leaves the natural protective function intact. Other symptoms may include a feeling that your sinuses are congested (possibly causing headaches), or catarrh sitting stubbornly in your nasal passages. Can Sinuforce be used for children?We advise not to use it for children under the age of two, and for parents to administer it to children under the age of twelve. 2.
Other than basal cell carcinoma, there exist other forms of skin cancer such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma that are caused by the herpes virus.
The component in sage herb that prevents skin cancer is vitamin A because of which the herb has strong antioxidant properties. Also, regular intake of vitamin C boosts immunity and inflammation-inducing free radicals thereby preventing cancer-like diseases. Regular consumption of green tea reduces risks of skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.
The active agent in green tea namely polyphenols have amazing antioxidant properties that inhibit growth of cancerous cells. The anti-cancer properties of red clover are due to the presence of biochanin-A, chlorogenic acid, coumarin, caffeic acid, formononetin, etc. There are certain home remedies that can effectively curb the white spots from spreading and reduce their occurrence. Add a few drops of white vinegar to this paste and keep it in the refrigerator overnight.The next morning, apply the paste over the white spots and leave it on for about 3 hours. An added benefit of honey is that it is easily absorbed by the skin and starts its work of fighting off the harmful fungi and bacteria in the affected regions almost as soon as you apply it on the skin.Wash the infected areas with a mild soap and pat them dry. Continue doing this to get rid of the white spots and make your skin youthful and radiant again.
Stand under the sun for at least 10-15 minutes every day to get the best benefits from the sun’s rays.Try catching the morning rays as these are the most beneficial for your body and would not cause sun burns.
The best thing about these remedies is that they treat the condition in a completely natural way.
Once it becomes cold, apply it on your under eye areas that are affected with lines and wrinkles.
For best results, you should do it two times daily, preferably once in the morning just after you wake up and then at night right before you retire to bed. This gentle rubbing, when done at least once daily, will give you very positive results within just a couple of weeks. While you are rubbing ice cubes on the fine lines and wrinkles, you are advised to rotate one the ice cubes around your eyes also.
Cucumber contains natural ingredients that refresh the areas around your eyes, tighten your skin and give it a smoother look.
Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer that does not just fight against wrinkles but also makes your skin soft and smooth.
Avocado contains skin-healthy natural oil that is very effective in reducing under eye wrinkles and fine lines. The natural acids that grapes contain can be very effective in tightening your skin, which means the wrinkles will also be reduced in appearance. Though all these remedies are natural and safe, you are still advised to try a particular remedy on a small area first to see how your skin reacts to that.
There are lots of medical evidences that confirm its effectiveness, especially if frequent urination is caused by urinary tract infections. Drinking more water may further increase the frequency of urination, but it will also flush out the harmful bacteria from the urinary tract and thus will accelerate the actual recovery process.
The natural substances in corn silk have certain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that soothe your bladder.
As per medical studies, corn silk may cause some side effects by interfering with certain medications. The natural probiotic that plain yogurt contains fights against such infections very effectively. Also, putting a slice of grated potato or a tomato on the burn wounds takes away the pain very quickly. As part of this remedy, you just have to apply a generous amount of toothpaste on the burn. Coat the burnt area with generous amounts of soy sauce and leave the coating on for around half an hour. You will not feel any pain as long as the coating is wet, but it might return when the coating dries up.
Instead of putting diluted vinegar directly over the wound, you are advised to use a clean piece of cloth soaked in vinegar. When generous amounts of yogurt are applied on the burnt areas, you get quick relief from pain.
The naturopath said that the best use is to scrape and discard the jelly and tape the inside of the leaf against burn (or bandage). Asymptomatic prostatitis is without any symptoms though the prostate gland does become swollen and inflamed. Once the infection causing bacteria is eliminated then the swelling will automatically subside and with it, the pain and burning felt during urination.
Heat a griddle and when it is quite hot place one heaped tablespoon of water melon seeds onto it. Tomatoes cleanse the prostate gland and the urinary tract of infection and increase the flow of urine.
If you have decided to kick the bad habit of drinking alcohol then let us tell you, it is not as difficult as it seems. If you drink fresh juices for about 10 days, you will gradually stop missing alcohol.The juice diet will help you to crave less for alcohol and you will ultimately quit alcohol by the 11th day. If you join an activity which keeps you occupied then you will stop drinking yourself.Being around happy people and doing some productive activity always helps. You can have bitter gourd juice early in the morning on a daily basis in order to quit alcohol. Whenever you get the urge to drink alcohol, just drink a glass of carrot juice and you will be fine.It treats alcoholism effectively and also helps in improving your digestive system. When your mind and body is relaxed, it does not need alcohol to feel better.You should learn yoga from an expert.

Yes, eating grapes and drinking fruit juices will cure someone with alcoholism….NOT!!!! It also helps to increase our body’s immunity.It is available in capsule form and you can have a daily dose of 400 mg.
It is also a good product to try if you are finding it hard to breathe freely through your nose, with symptoms affecting your sleep or ability to exercise.If your symptoms are caused by hayfever or allergic rhinitis (allergies to dust or animals), giving you an itchy or irritated nose, Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray will be more suitable for you. Can Sinuforce be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?There are no restrictions on use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but we advise pregnant women to consult their doctor or midwife before using any herbal products.
Sage herb also contains manganese that is used as a co-factor of superoxide dismutase (antioxidant enzyme) by the body.
UV rays are one of the primary causes that lead to growth of tumor cells and damage of DNA. Recommended dosage of red clover for treatment of skin cancer is 500mg to be taken four times daily. Repeat this remedy at least twice a day for quick and effective results.The antibacterial properties of turmeric would eradicate the bacteria causing the white spots while the antiseptic properties of turmeric would promote quick healing of the skin in the affected area.
Add a few drops of this juice to the white spots and wait for 10 minutes before washing it off with cold water.You can also place cabbage leaves directly on the affected area.
It would also increase the blood flow to the affected site, thereby promoting quick healing of the skin.Drinking ginger juice at least twice a day can provide immense relief from white spots. Repeat the same twice in the morning and night every day to make the white spots disappear faster. Warm the resultant mix and apply it on the white spots.Massage the affected area gently until the oil is completely absorbed by the skin. Following is a brief rundown on some of the most popular ways to remove under eye wrinkles.
Various medical studies have confirmed that rubbing alpha-hyroxy acid on wrinkles can reduce its appearance quite significantly. As an added advantage, this remedy also makes your skin look more attractive and beautiful.
For the best results, you are advised to leave the application of grape juice over your skin on for at least fifteen minutes or more. In addition to that, too much exposure to sun should also be avoided because it can otherwise aggravate the condition.
If you are satisfied, you can go ahead and apply your chosen remedy on the entire affected areas. In general, if you need to urinate more than eight times during a day, you might be affected with this condition. Also, instead of drinking cranberry juice cocktail, you are advised to drink 100% pure cranberry juice only. Proper dosage of corn silk does not just help in treating bladder infections but also in normal function and tone of the urinary tract. Though ice water or ice might look like a better alternative, the fact is that they can make the condition worse. So, you are advised to use cold running water only. When you cut an onion and leave it for a few minutes exposed to air, it loses its soothing properties. Bladder infections, sexually transmitted diseases and injuries are the main causes of prostatitis. They also contain large amounts of zinc which is a crucial mineral for the health of the prostate gland. When fresh corn is available you can use the fresh corn silk and at the same time dry enough of it to last you the whole year.
Drinking once in a blue moon fine but there are people who drink thrice or four times in a week.
If they are small in size it may not cause many problems, but as these tumors grow it might result in painful symptoms like abdominal pressure and heavy menstrual bleeding. Take some crushed vitex berries and add some boiling water to it.Let it steep for fifteen minutes, strain and have this tea thrice a day for best results.
Other symptoms may include your nose and eyes reacting to certain weather conditions or factors that you can’t pin down.It is unlikely that you would need both these products at the same time - Sinuforce Nasal Spray is for blocked noses and Pollinosan Nasal Spray predominantly for runny noses. It shrinks the cancer tumors and prevents continuous blood supply to cancerous cells thereby causing their death. You can also opt to add some Neem leaves to the paste for additional benefits.Neem would also contribute to the healing process and would aid in the quick growth of new skin cells in the affected area. Make some holes on the leaves with a toothpick or fork and place them on the spots for at least 10 minutes before washing the area with lukewarm water.You can also boil some cabbage leaves in water, strain the resultant solution, cool it, and then use it to rinse the affected area at least 3-4 times a day for effective results.
Repeat this procedure every night before going to bed and wash off the oil with lukewarm water the next morning.This would effectively get rid of the white spots and keep your skin healthy and moisturized for longer periods.
Spread this paste on two cotton eye masks and put them on both the eyes, making sure that the masks are also covering the under eye wrinkles.
After washing and cleaning the burnt areas with cold running water, dry it with a soft cloth and then apply lavender oil directly on the affected areas. Even if you do not drink regularly, you will have to face illnesses such as headaches, nausea, insomnia and much more. The taste is bitter and not great but you can mix the juice with buttermilk for better taste. Estrogen and progesterone are female hormones which contribute to the growth of the fibroids. It’s also available as a liquid extract and as capsules, which can be taken internally everyday. It also helps in reducing side effects of conventional skin cancer therapies like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.Recommended dosage of cat’s claw for treatment of skin cancer is 1000mg thrice daily. Grind a few Neem leaves and add it to the turmeric-mustard oil paste before applying it on the white spots for best results. Mix this in a glass of water and drink the concoction twice every day for desirable results.
When practiced regularly, it will not only remove wrinkles and fine lines, but it will also provide your skin a youthful and smooth look. It is also available as a liquid extract and in capsule form. Uterine fibroids can be a very painful condition.
This simple remedy cleans the surface of your skin and also makes the under eye wrinkles less visible.
After 15 minutes, replace it with the first piece of cloth again soaked in cold whole milk. Yes, there is no reason not to use Sinuforce Nasal Spray if you have high blood pressure or other heart problems.
However if you feel unwell in the middle of this diet then it is advisable that you should discontinue. If you are trying to quit then try the above mentioned home remedies because they will definitely work.
The darker and more stubborn lines will take a few weeks provided you are applying this remedy daily. If they do not help you in any way then take the initiative and do everything it takes to get rid of the bad habit.

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