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The first quarter of 2014 is set to be full of new supplements and that is just from one brand!
Stay Tuned for more details and find the full line of current Genomyx products here at the best price! This entry was posted in G, Genomyx and tagged genomyx amp citrate, Genomyx Basyx, genomyx d aspartic acid, genomyx glutamine, genomyx new supplements, genomyx supplements, New Genomyx Supplements by Supplement Inner Circle. - Informatief portal voor voedingssupplementen, sportvoeding, afslankproducten, gezondheidsproducten. With its 1280 calories per serving, 50 grams of protein, rich glutamine, low fat formula that tastes great, Super Mass Gainer has everything you’d expect out of a mass-gaining dietary supplement, but it also has much more. Most mass gaining dietary supplements just slam scoop after scoop into your system and let your stomach try to deal with the sudden and massive influx of protein and calories.
Om werkelijk de beste zijn, bevat Matrix alleen de beste intacte proteine zoals ultra gefiltreerde whey proteine, ultra gefiltreerde melk proteine, volledige intacte ei-eiwitten en glutamine peptiden.
While other supplements focus on just protein and calories, Super Mass Gainer’s highly concentrated formula includes a Proprietary Amino Acid Blend that assists in rapid recovery and maximum growth in your muscles.

Vanzelfsprekend kosten deze proteine bronnen ook meer, maar de resultaten zijn er ook naar! A bit more of one ingredient than the other, but essentially mass-gaining supplements follow the same formula. Like no one else, Super Mass Gainer’s granular focus provides users with optimal fuel for your muscles. Using Zytrix technology, Super Mass Gainer includes a distinct set of digestive enzymes that allows for you to avoid digestive distress. Amino acids are so important to mass gain because they are the building blocks of protein and muscle. These digestive enzymes ensure that Super Mass Gainer’s glutamine rich protein can be easily and efficiently processed by your body.
Super Mass Gainer’s unique mixture of amino acids give your body the proper fuel to put on the muscle mass you’re seeking.
Geen klonten meer of blenders die je moet schoonmaken; met Matrix 2.0 heb je alleen nog maar een lepel nodig!

No other mass-gaining supplement has Super Mass Gainers Proprietary Amino Acid Blend that helps your muscles recover and grow or Zytrix enzyme technology that aid in digestion.
Porque debemos tomarlos:Antes de entrenar, protegen la masa muscular y ademas en los deportes de resistencia, nos aportan energia, evitando el uso del glucogeno muscular y por lo tanto retrasando la fatiga. If you’re looking for a step above the average mass-gaining dietary supplement look no further, look to Super Mass Gainer.
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