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For example, you might say that I will plan for the PMP exam certification, identify a good PMP coaching program, and begin to study in earnest.
You might go into detail, and decide when you will study (mornings or evenings, or whatever time suits you), how much time you will devote to PMP studies, and even plan to book the exam date in advance, so it will act as a motivator as the due date comes closer. You decide WHAT you want to do (Study for the PMP exam), and then you start in earnest… sign-up for a good PMP training program, buy a good PMP exam preparation book from Amazon, and begin to study. The outcome could be that we want to enjoy the happiness from the prestige that comes with professional certification, the higher self-esteem, the credibility of being a professionally certified project manager.

You could even make a detailed PMP study Plan (if you need help with creating one, you could use this sample PMP study plan here). And then a boulder comes your way, and your Best Laid Plans of getting a PMP certification are forgotten quickly. But if the Outcome is not achieved, and we are dead sure why it is essential, why we really want it, then we can change our plans, our goals, and our activities to something different. When I think of the Why, I am filled with a sense of awe, and it becomes absolutely necessary.

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