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Specialized software is really software that is typically used for specific goals, unlike Word, Powerpoint, and Excel which anybody from a journalist to an engineer could use, specialized software typically comes packaged for specific job types or functions.
There are three types of tools or functions that I find incredibly helpful in being more efficient and effective in my role as a business analyst.
I lump wireframing and mock ups together only because they are typically done with the same types of tools and serve a similar purpose, being to give a visual representation of an idea.

Requirements management software is specialized to help business analyst basically manage their entire job via a tool. Blog was very help full…please updated with such details or online tutor to scope up business analysts skills for a IT- software company. You can do it with pen and paper or MS Paint, so there is no excuse to not diagram, but having an efficient tool will help you create, manipulate, and share those diagrams faster.

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