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With good prioritizing skills, complete all the important urgent tasks, the ones that would get you into a crisis if not done.
For scheduling, be sure of what time you set aside for your work.Make time available for absolutely necessary actions.
She realises that tasks numbered 1, 2 are absolutely necessary and decides to take them up on a priority basis. Then, you focus your attention on those most important, but not urgent tasks, the ones that are most rewarding in the long run. Review your list of things to be done and check if anything there can be delegated.Set aside some contingency time for interruptions. She cannot delegate these to any one else.She delegates task number 4 to a team consisting of the Supervisor, two senior teachers and the teacher in charge of the audio visual section.

Example: You want a few print outs,get them at a stretch rather than going to the printer several times. When you set priorities in to do lists, also keep asking yourself if any of your tasks can be eliminated or delegated.
The rest of the time available with you is time available to deliver your priorities and achieve your goals.This is the time you actually get to work. She sets aside time for task number 5, where she will speak to the parents for about 20 minutes and then ask a Senior teacher to speak individually to them and guide them.
Practice good filing patterns.More often than not precious time is spent searching for material that is misplaced.
By delegating some of these tasks, she can deal with them and at the same time not waste time.

Tasks that are important but not urgent should not be kept until the last, then they become urgent and important. Jones is sure she will find some time in the day to do this.When she actually starts her day, three unplanned for tasks prop in.
This is done to prevent future complaints and avoid wasting time ahead.The second unexpected event was that a past student dropped in to say Hi.

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