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A talent review meeting is an important part of any leadership development and succession planning process. I usually have the managers fill out their grids independently (plot each of their employees on the 9-box), consolidate the results, and have them review the results together. It’s a great way to efficiently and effectively calibrate the expectations and perceptions of any leadership team. To your grandmother, everybody’s just wonderful, and nobody could possibly have any weaknesses. Jessica just can’t seem to understand the difference between performance and potential, and keeps getting the two mixed up.
Hey Dan -I was loving this, agreeing and nodding my head with recognition of every type you mentioned, until I got to number 10 - Jessica Simpson. Bravo Dan- having sat in on these year after year- you nailed it- If only you could hand out the "Role" name tags prior to the meeting, it would go faster, and be far more efficient!
Dan,I love it, I laughed at a few as I caught myself pin pointing different situations and people I've ran into that I could match up with a few numbers on here.
Dear Dan,I think an effective way to mitigate the impact of the dysfunctional characters is identified in your introduction. A consensus top talent (high potential) list usually emerges, as well the identification of problem performers and everything in between. However, what can make it messy are the different dysfunctional characters (or behaviors) that can show up at the meeting.
Constructive feedback or conflict is considered rude, and everybody is encouraged to play nice.
He’ll tap his foot like Thumper the rabbit, roll his eyes, and interrupt any discussion that threatens to prolong the process. It would be nice if we could point these people out at the beginning of the meeting when everyone first sits down. Having team members complete their performance and potential matrix prior to the meeting helps get everyone's head in the game and focused on the task at hand. Each possible fault is torn apart and disputed, just like Johnny Cochran and a glove that doesn’t fit. If I may add, number 11, Einstein, he can't use constructive criticism nor feedback because he has the answers to everything and could possibly be the smartest person on board or better yet alive. After a while, the rest of the team just gets worn down and starts buying everything she has to sell. She gets so wrapped up in trying to make the process perfect she can't see the forest from the trees. Managers should be encouraged to contribute thoughts on individuals who are not their direct reports as well.

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