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Blended learning allows you to deliver training through a number of different methods. Skills2Learn’s instructional designers and e-learning developers can help you plan the initial process of developing a blended learning course. If you already have a practical training course then we can help you devise a complimentary e-learning programme that will boost your student’s knowledge. This evolution found its last term when the Lusitanian nomenclature, which is inscribed on that continental region, was blended with configurations borrowed from the Sevillan Hydrography, upon the latter appearing directly for the first time in Central Europe. The maps of the first type have exercised little or no influence on the contemporary cartographers of Central Europe. A significant point to be kept in mind in the discussion of the maps of Cantino and Caveri and their chief derivative, the Waldseemuller world map of 1507 (#310), is that, whether or not they regarded Newfoundland as an island, they showed Verrazzano and his contemporaries no connection of solid land between Newfoundland and the Florida landmass portrayed on them.

The so-called King-Hamy chart (#307.1), also dated 1502, is interesting as showing the Ptolemaic conceptions of Asia in the process of being fitted to the new discoveries in the west.
This has allowed us to create close relationships and partnerships enabling us to offer blended learning solutions to our customers. These training methods are designed to complement each other and work in tandem to achieve overall learning objectives and outcomes.
We will sit down with you, analyse the overall learning and training objectives and then come up with a possible list of solutions using different delivery methods. It represents the known world at the exciting moment when Europe was learning of its actual extent. He states that it doubtless originated with other maps, and proceeded from a type on which had been grafted data borrowed from fragmentary surveys brought by mariners of different nations, as we suppose, and who must have visited that coast several times in the course of clandestine expeditions.

One assumes that its maker had been allowed to study the Cantino map while that document lay in Genoa. Once these are in place we can take your training material and develop content in all areas to additionally benefit your learners.

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