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Our free online CSET Study Guides give you a concise, bullet-pointed listing of exactly what topics will appear on your exam, so you can ensure you're studying the right material, right from the start. Whether you decide to prep with us, or study on your own, reviewing these guides is a great way to begin your test preparation. CSET Study Guides are available for all sections of the CSET Multiple Subjects exam, as well as for the CSET Single Subject Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and English exams.
Read, search and review the study guide content on your laptop, tablet or phone — a convenient way to prepare for the CGFM examinations! As with the printed version, the online study guides feature a textbook-like format, with learning objectives, a summary and a reinforcement quiz included in each chapter. See About the Study Guides for more information and to view the sample format of the online version. For students that want to do more thorough preparation for the exam, we offer the discussion forum. You Know That What You Are Studying is Relevant to YOUR Test - As we mentioned before, many test prep providers claim to teach you only the questions that are going to be on the test.
With InstantCert, you're not studying test questions–you're essentially studying the textbooks that the tests are based on.
You Can Prepare for your Tests Quickly - InstantCert's flashcards may be thorough, but that doesn't mean that they take longer than other study resources. What Topics to Focus Your Studies On - It can be very helpful to know where to focus your efforts, especially when you're dealing with a particularly broad or difficult subject. Other Advice - Based on their experience studying for and taking the exam, members often offer critical advice on how to avoid mistakes that they made or general tips on how to do well.

InstantCert's flashcards teach you everything you need to pass your exam, but the Specific Feedback Area can help you to achieve a higher score and improve the quality of your studying time. Before I had found the site I was studying other sites and did not comprehend or learn as much as I did from yours.
I took the Principles of Management Clep test this morning at 10:30 am using only the Instantcert study materials and passed with a 66 score on the exam. I found your site on a Google search, hoping there was some good stuff out there as I tried to find faster ways to finish my BS and take care of prereqs for a Master's program. I've recommended you to several people, but most don't seem to have the discipline to study on their own. Your student receives high quality learning material created by certified teachers who are subject matter experts, along with the fun and engagement of exciting video games as a reward for completing academic tasks!
Stride Academy online skills practice and video lessons allow your student to work on material that is personalized to his or her individual needs.
For extra offline skills practice, Stride Academy automatically generates study guide pages for your child based on his or her areas of weakness. Upon purchasing the online version of each guide, you'll have immediate online access to the entire publication for a period of 12 months. Our research and development make the Interactive Flashcards a comprehensive study guide covering the most important material on each subject's CLEP exam.
According to our records, 97% of our students have quickly earned college credit by easily passing the CLEP* exams they took. I took the test exactly after one month of studying using Instanctcert's online study guide.

If someone like me who is working full time as a software QA Engineer with two kids can pass the tests anyone can and believe me I don't have enough hours during the day (or night) to study.
Our unique online program combines video game-based rewards with Math, Reading and Science curriculum that is aligned to critical academic standards. Ongoing assessment and Stride Adaptive Technology automatically positions the student where foundational skill-building, remediation or enrichment is needed for each skill set. Stride Academy has proven effective in engaging even the hardest-to-reach students— improving their test scores, behavior and motivation to learn more. In addition, if a newer version of this study guide is published within this period, you'll also have access to the new version!
Individuals ordering the study guides can purchase the option of earning self-study Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours upon passing an online CPE quiz. CGFM study guides are separate from CGFM examinations and are based on the publicly available examination content outlines. Skills practice questions, video lessons, printable study guide pages, assessments and quizzes provide you with a multimedia toolkit of exceptional resources to guide learning, identify skill gaps, remediate weaknesses and accelerate achievement. I would like to go ahead and cancel my subscription as I won't need to study anymore for quite some time!

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