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It is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project.
The project team is compromised of the people who have roles and responsibilities for completing the project. An important component of this section for the program are the interacting styles of individuals, it is the basis of a projects success, a template driven stakeholder analysis is determined in this process and emotional intelligence and personality profiling are addressed. In the simulation of the project, the teams will develop and full sequence of a WBS to a level 06 that will be transformed into a project schedule utilising Microsoft Project.
The PERT principle will be applied to determine the project time estimates and then translated to the project schedule, the delegates are then entertained with the task of calculating the costs with the time pashed schedule activities.

Delegates will have to produce comprehensive project status reports throughout the project lifecycle. Delegates will be exposed to all aspects of project controls and will have to track all aspects of the project management lifecycle within the framework of the simulation. The influence the Project Manager has on the different stages of the project is also explored for maximum benefit.
All teams have by now been provided with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are relevant to Project management, which they use to good effect in managing the monitoring and control processes of the project.
Although simulations have often been used in for skill practice, our ‘Practice Fields’ Simulation Continuum takes the concept one step further, making simulation the primary driver of project insight and behaviour change across the life of the project processes or initiatives.

The project schedule will be utilised to drive the simulation with specific emphasis on tracking and integrated scope change control. As Bridgit has acquired Prism project manager, a progressive estimating and financial tracking system will be utilised in conjunction with Microsoft project.

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