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For the most part, individual buyers buy smaller products, which ultimately limits what the salesperson can make for themselves…and for the organization. An over reliance on individual buyers hinders the growth of the salesperson by focusing on a more transactional sale, making it much harder to break that style when they focus on groups or B2B.
Young sales reps take more enthusiasm and energy into self-prospected leads, which create larger sales…and expands what the salesperson can make for themselves and the organization. Self-prospecting is a critical sales skill as a rep moves up the leader.  Self-prospecting is at the core of a successful group salesperson and B2B seller.

Take a business card from the restaurants you go to, hotels you stay in, dentist offices you attend, etc.  Complimenting someone on the service they have provided you is a killer way to get into a sales conversation. It may seem like a little word…but it will result in a lot of sales and meetings.  Give it a shot! We choose whether or not we will invest in sales as a career, not the thing I’m doing right now to pay the bills.
RAM can deliver everything that your business needs to develop your sales teams and managers.

Welcome to RAMRAM provides business development solutions to SME’s in Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Developing front line sales people needs to be a process of “mental mouthfuls” delivered over time rather than one single training event.

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