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This series of Project Management skills training workshops is designed to help organizations manage projects more collaboratively and profitable across borders. This becomes especially difficult when working with team members from different cultures, who speak different languages and have different values and working styles.Solution This series of project management seminars is designed to provide learners with management and leadership skills, communication techniques, and technical and human resource problem solving strategies to effectively and confidently manage and contribute to projects in multicultural and international environments. We emphasize building confidence and developing practical business management and communication skills.
It is especially useful for understanding the behavior from the standpoint of project managers.
Project Management Institute Globalinx has been reviewed and approved as a Global Registered Education Provider ofOrganizational Benefits project management training by the Project•Learners acquire a practical skill set for Management Institute (PMI). Objectives Since the way to handle projects has changed from controlling to managing recently, all IT engineers have to understand knowledge and skills of project management.

These days, Overview the working style of IT engineers is project oriented and relies on project management Case Study methodologies.
This means that all graduates of Globalinx PM•Learners develop the confidence and ability training will receive Professional Development Units to negotiate in high pressure situations. Our seminars are modular in design, using a consistent format and layout, which means thatMaterials they can be combined to create complete, All seminars are accompanied by workbooks, intensive training programs. These programs videos, slides and textbooks written and may be used for various purposes, such as pre- developed 100% in-house by Globalinx. It shows the conversations between customers Deliverables and project managers or between team Therefore, participants of this training course: members or other stakeholders and project managers in realistic situations which most likely •Understand the technical terms of IT happen in IT projects.
It illustrates the PM Chapter 3: Defining importance and necessity of this phase as the requirements phase start of an IT project.

The participants will analyze the situations from •Understand the characteristics of IT the viewpoints of managers, customers and projects and can see the whole picture of other stakeholders respectively through the IT project life cycle.
Unit 5: Go live and Support Phase Recently this phase becomes the most important phase of the IT projects since most IT development projects are improvements to existing systems.
This chapter explains connection and transition from downstream to upstream on IT projects. This serves to reinforce through the use of CD-ROMS, pre-study textbooks, and complement the learning experience, and interactive e-mail instruction, and online training help the participants to quickly and effectively programs.

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