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This overview course examines the management issues involved with assessing the security and risk environments in both the private and public sectors in order to assure continuous system-wide operations. This course considers macroeconomic factors of relevance to the firm: aggregate economic activity, cyclical movements, and fiscal and monetary policies. The course examines the concepts and applied techniques for cost effective management of both long-term development programs and projects. Prereq: MET AD642 To succeed in project management, you must be a strong leader and an effective communicator. Prereq: MET AD642 This course introduces the art and science of project risk as well as continuity management and cost management.
Prereq: MET AD642 Programs and projects deliver benefits to organizations by enhancing current capabilities or developing new capabilities for the organization to use. Plus two additional Administrative Sciences level courses, with the advice of the Administrative Sciences Department coordinator.
Prereq: MET AD642 This is a comprehensive course on project and program monitoring, evaluation, and governance.
Prereq: MET AD642 The course provides an understanding of how new Agile principles and practices are changing the landscape of project management.
Prereq: MET AD 630, MET AD 731 This course covers the nature and analysis of fixed income securities and an in-depth examination of some of the particular features of some major classes of fixed income instruments, valuation, sensitivity to risks, and management of fixed income portfolios. The following courses offered by other Metropolitan College departments are allowed with advisor approval. This course is designed to help students understand and apply the nature of computer crime in the criminal justice field. This course will include a general introduction to the overt as well as underlying ideology, history, reasons and causes of terrorism. This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the principles, processes, and practices of agile software development. This course enables IT professional leaders to identify emerging security risks and implement highly secure networks to support organizational goals.
The Web Analytics and Mining course covers the areas of web analytics, text mining, web mining, and practical application domains.

The MS in Computer Information Systems and the MS in Project Management are accredited by the Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC).
The course studies the elements of risk assessment and operational continuity using the project management framework of planning, organizing, and control. The course reviews the problems of decision-making relating to demand, production, costs, market structure, and price, and provides an analysis of the interplay between governments, economic systems, labor, and multinational corporations (MNCs). Project management principles and methodology are provided with special focus on planning, controlling, and coordinating individual and group efforts. This course examines the current philosophies of leadership as applied to project management and identifies various styles of communication and conflict resolution. Managing the risk of a project as it relates to a three-part systematic process of identifying, analyzing, and responding is examined through actual case studies.
This course will provide a detailed understanding of program management and will present concepts that promote efficient and effective communication and coordination among various groups.
The course is designed to give project managers fresh new insight into how to successfully blend Agile and traditional project management principles and practices in the right proportions to fit any business and project situation. Students learn techniques for initiating, planning and executing on software development projects using agile methodologies.
The web analytics part of the course studies the metrics of web sites, their content, user behavior, and reporting. Studying full- or part-time in the evenings or online, you will develop the advanced skills in project management necessary to retain an advantage in a global marketplace that is ever more competitive and complex. Students are exposed to the role of the firm in crisis response and management as well as the terms, systems, and interactions necessary to assure continuous operations. Key topics of focus include overview of modern project management, organization strategy and project selection, defining a project and developing a project plan and scheduling resources, project risk analysis, work breakdown structures, and project networks. Through case studies and various exercises, you will develop enhanced leadership, communication, conflict management, and negotiation skills.
Students learn how to manage the components of a project to assure it can be completed through both general and severe business disruptions on local, national, and international levels.
Students will understand PMIA® program management processes and use tools that automate and enforce processes for managing scope changes, risk, quality, issues, schedules, resources, releases, and costs.

The course provides a deep understanding of Agile project management principles and practices in order to see them as complementary rather than competitive to traditional project management.
Students will obtain practical knowledge of agile development frameworks and be able to distinguish between agile and traditional project management methodologies.
Students implement a comprehensive IT risk management plans (RMP) that identify alternate sites for processing mission-critical applications, and techniques to recover infrastructure, systems, networks, data and user access. This course additionally investigates the relationship between the interaction of national culture and development. MS Project will be introduced in this course to provide hands-on practical skills with the above topics. Students learn the process of cost management, early cost estimation, detailed cost estimation, and cost control using earned value method.
You will learn how to design a program and manage program costs, risk, and communication within the context of Project Portfolios. Students will learn how to apply agile tools and techniques in the software development lifecycle from project ideation to deployment, including establishing an agile team environment, roles and responsibilities, communication and reporting methods, and embracing change.
Topics range from developing nations' rain forest and species management to pollution generated by developed nations. Mastery of key tools and concepts introduced in this course provides a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Students study in depth the issues of project procurement management and the different types of contracts for various scope scenarios. We also leverage the guidelines outlined by the Project Management Institute for agile project development as a framework in this course.
This course introduces processes and knowledge areas from three new PMI standards: Program Management standard, OPM3, and Portfolio Management.

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