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All told, there are now at least a dozen business schools with accelerated full-time MBA programs ranked in the top 100 by Poets&Quants (see table above). While most of the shorter 12-month programs require an undergraduate degree in business or undergraduate work in quant courses, there are some that allow any undergraduates entry.
The benefits of one-year programs are obvious: Getting the same degree in half the time brings considerable savings in tuition and fees, room and board, and the lost opportunity cost of not having a job for two years. And despite the shortened academic experience, MBA employers tend to award one-year grads the same starting salaries they pay MBAs of two-year programs.
One-year students also lose out on the intense bonding experience of a two-year program, many of which require cohorts of students to go through the first year core together.

It’s not a 12-month option, but it does shortcut the traditional two-year program by several months.
Once you include lost income and interest charges on student debt, the one-year program at Kellogg would save a student roughly $115,614.
In fact, several schools report that their one-year MBAs make slightly more than graduates of their traditional programs, largely the result of differences in work experience. If you already have a business degree, you can get through the Florida program in record time—just ten months (it’s so-called Option B program). The total cost of Kellogg’s one-year program is $207,008 versus $322,622 for the two-year program.

Deans at those schools believe that the ideal MBA program is a two-year, all-encompassing experience with an internship, a global immersion trip, and a full menu of electives that allow more time for specialization. The University of Southern California’s Marshall School has a one-year MBA with an international business consulting project open to candidates with more work experience than is typical for such programs.
The average age of a Class of 2012 student in USC’s program is 33 with ten years of work experience on the resume.

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