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Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project. WMG's PM follows the processes and guidelines established by the international Project Management Institute (PMI) Standards Committee. The figure above provides an overview of the process groups that will be implemented in any phase of a project. Today: we address the confusion between the PMBOK® Guide Process Groups and a typical project life span (project life cycle).
The PMBOK® Guide[1] is clear that the project life cycle consists of phases (not process groups); chapter 2, pages 15, 18, 21, and others sections. The focus on the processes, process groups, and knowledge areas often lead a person away from the first chapters of the guide where the PMBOK present the project life cycle. The guide also presents us with the Project Charter as the document that authorizes the project or a phase; this means that there could be a project charter, and a charter for every phase!

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When we ask them to name the stages of the project life span they provide the name of the process groups as stages; per the figures below.
In the top part it is not shown since the monitoring and controlling processes are active across the whole project life span.

The situation is not limited to individuals since some organizations are starting to name their project phases after the process groups. Here again, although we use the word project in all of these documents it actually means a project or a phase.
There is only one project charter but here again every phase should have a charter – although we do not call it charter. If we remember, a charter is to authorize the project or phase, so every time we are ready to start a new phase we should have authorization. The reality though, is that we find the use of the process groups as project phases, and this is critical.

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