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Free online 1000’s  Question Simulated Project Management Professionals PMP Exam Practice Test cover all of the Knowledge Areas required by PMI® to prepare for your PMP certification or to refresh and maintain your PMP certificate. All our Online Exams are free of charge, but you need to be a registered member (Free) in order to take any exam. The first exam for a specific certificate will be shorter than real exam without time restrictions and Answer to each question can be seen immediately by pressing see answer. The second Exam will be with no time restrictions, but you have to complete the whole exam in order to see your result and score. Once you completed the exam you will see your grade immediately and we will send you an email including your results to know which questions you answered wrong and which questions you answered right.

You can take the exam as many times as you want, Every time new questions will be added to your Exam.
This Exam Simulator duration is 2 hours and it has 100 question which is half of the real exam.After you finish this PMP Exam I will email the exam result to your email along with score and % and if you succeeded to pass the exam (60 % +) your name will be written in the honor board table below Okay, enough talk. 4-200 questions with no time restriction to complete the exam (Just like the Real Exam),Immediate grading after completing the exam.
5-200 questions with  time restriction to 4 HRS to complete the exam (Just Same as the Real Exam),Immediate grading after completing the exam.
3-100 questions with time restriction to 2 HRS (Half the Real Exam),Immediate grading after completing the exam.

2 50 questions with time restriction to 1 HR (Quarter the Real Exam),Immediate grading after completing the exam. Professional instructor, Online 200 questions simulation exam ,Smart learning platform , Immediate access to the course after your purchase.
You need to take this exam in order to be issued the completion certificate which makes you eligible to submit your PMP application on PMI website.

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