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With this article, my aim is to help familiarize fellow PMPs with the 'simplest' and most 'economical' means to earn the 60 PDUs, which will qualify for PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR). Earn 60 PDUs in a Certification Cycle (3 years): A Certification Cycle is 3 years in duration.
Note that categories D, E, F fall under "Giving Back to the Profession" category, which has a combined limit of 45 PDUs per Certification Cycle.
Maintain a Record of your PDUs: PMI randomly selects a small percentage of re-certification applications for auditing.
Carry over excess PDUs to next Certification Cycle: Yes, you can carry over upto 20 PDUs earned in the last (third) year of your Certification Cycle over to the next cycle.
Review PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System Website: Last, but not the least, review the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System website for a deeper insight into PMI's CCR Program.
International Institute for Learning (IIL): Offering dozens of free webinars worth 1-2 PDU each. If you do your math, you can earn more than 60 PDUs (15 + 30 + 12 + 6) without much sweat, by following the 4 simple steps listed above. If you want to take your Project Management skills to the next level, then you should consider investing in the PDU Podcast series from Cornelius Fichtner, PMP.
If you are serious about improving your Project Management skills and not just earn PDUs merely for the sake of maintaining your PMP certification, I recommend the WBS Coach.
Find an Activity (Course or Event): This option is for courses or events conducted by PMI REPs. Report a Component 1-2 PDU Event: This option is for 1 or 2 PDU events conducted by PMI Component Chapters.
Keep a record of all the activities and PDU certificates, because PMI can select any application for audit, at the time of renewal.
I started finding several good and effective ways to earn these PDUs, without burning a hole in my pocket.

As per the new PMI guidelines, the certification cycle ends exactly 3 years from the date you certify (or recertify). If your application is selected for an audit, you need to produce evidence of all the PDUs that you reported. Though PMI does not mandate the frequency of reporting the PDUs within a certification cycle, it is in your best interest to report them periodically to keep track of your progress and avoid forgetting to report them altogether.
For example, if you have earned 50 PDUs in the first 2 years of your Certification Cycle and you earn 30 PDUs in the third year, 20 of your 30 PDUs (earned in the third year) can be carried over to the next Certification Cycle.
Category A - Join your local PMI Chapter (such as Singapore PMI Chapter - SPMI) and attend PM seminars and focus group meetings.
Category A - Attend free Webinars: Even if you attend 2 webinars per calendar year, you can achieve 6 PDUs per CC. It's a subscription based program, which allows you to earn PDUs by simply listening to Podcasts on your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry or any similar device. If you wish, you can earn all your 60 PDUs by subscribing to this single program for 3 years. Read PMP Renewal: How to Report PDUs to PMI to learn the step-by-step instructions for reporting PDUs to PMI. The same PMI account, which you must have created to apply for PMP certification, can be used on the CCRS website. The default number of PDUs for the activity is automatically filled in, but it can be changed.
Just to give you an idea, I managed to earn 35 PDUs within just 5 months using the sources listed below, and without spending too much money.
My advice is to plan early and start accumulating PDUs as early as possible in your Certification Cycle. Therefore, you should maintain a folder of all PDU certificates or other documentation, which validates your claim.

I suggest that you refer to PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System for more details. The steps to claim PDUs for other categories are quite similar to those for these two categories. Note that there's no maximum limit to the number of PDUs for courses or events in this category.
You can claim total upto 15 PDUs per certification cycle (CC), which is typically 3 years in duration, under this category. It's ideal for people who want to maintain their PMP Certification, but do not want the hassles of searching for free PDUs resources. If you haven't yet figured out where these PDUs will come from, I suggest that you read How to get my 60 PDUs for PMP Re-certification. If you can attend two 2-hr event (worth 2 PDUs) per year, you can earn about 4 PDUs per year or about 12 PDUs per CC.
Even though PMI requires us (certified PMPs) to report PDUs at the end of the certification cycle (3 years), it's in our best interest to report the PDUs as we earn them. I said to myself that with 250 thousand PMPs out there, there ought to be some easier and cost-effective ways to get these PDUs. PDUs are logged (or reported) into PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS). I need to re-certify (by earning 60 PDUs) every three years in order to maintain my credentials.
In this article, I'm going to walk you through the process of reporting PDUs to PMI, with step-by-step instructions.

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