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The anesthesia technician certification test manual from ASATT is the best study resource available, as it is published by the same company that certifies anesthesia technicians. Anesthesia technicians perform technical duties related to the administration of anesthesia to patients. The anesthesia technician certification examination covers several subject areas related to this career. When studying to become a certified anesthesia technician online, use the outline below to guide you. The anesthesia technician certification exam is computer-based, so you will be working on a computer for the duration of the test. The duties of an anesthesia technician typically include setting up equipment for anesthesia administration, sterilizing anesthesia equipment, ordering anesthesia supplies, inspecting anesthesia equipment for defects, maintaining anesthesia equipment, scheduling repairs for broken equipment, and assisting with the transportation and monitoring of patients.

To qualify to take the test, you must have two years of experience as an anesthesia technician OR have completed a two-year anesthesia technician training program.
These topics include operating room tasks, anatomy and physiology, infection control techniques, airway management equipment, types of anesthesia, anesthesia machine and gas delivery, intra-operative complications, IV therapy, monitors and ancillary devices, and pharmacy. Some anesthesia technicians also assist in the placement of pressure monitoring devices and intravenous infusion lines. The exam consists of 100 anesthesia technician certification test questions, with 15 questions covering the operating room environment and 85 questions devoted to anesthesia-specific topics. Obtaining an anesthesia technician certification is one of the best ways to improve your job prospects. The time you use to complete the practice test does NOT count against the time allotted for the actual exam.

Certification is available through The American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians (ASAAT). Once you begin the anesthesia technician certification test, you will have three hours to complete it. This guide will help you prepare for the anesthesia technician certification test so that you can become a certified anesthesia technician. When registering for the anesthesia technician certification examination, it is important to select a date that will work with your schedule.

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