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I am delighted to announce that after almost 10 years working as an Analyst and operating this site for 6 years I have now launched an Online Performance Analysis Course.
The course is broken into a series of video lectures (over 400 mins of video) lasting between 5 and 15 mins and you can login and watch them whenever and wherever you want.
Dartfish will be running six public courses for the first half of 2012 in London, Bristol and Loughborough.
My favourite bit of this course is that as well as getting to learn a performance analysis tool you also get to take the software home for 60 days!
The LMA School of Football Management in conjunction with Prozone has launched an e-learning course to assist coaches in understanding the techniques used to evaluate player and team performance. The advantage of this course is that it is all delivered online so it doesn’t matter where you live you can enroll.
The reality is, for a large majority on the course, they will return to clubs that have full or part-time analysts. The evolving role of analysis as a teaching and learning tool to enhance performance improvement in Sport.
Coach Educator - to Coach - to Player: this seminar focuses on the evolving role of analysis as a teaching and learning tool to enhance performance improvement in Sport.
Three-time All Ireland winner, Peter Canavan will be sharing his experiences of using analysis with the Tyrone U21’s who won the 2015 All Ireland Title. The Certificate for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) is a framework within Ulster University with a range of short courses of study which can be undertaken at any stage in life, regardless of prior qualifications. Developed in partnership with Ulster University this foundational half-day training module is designed to help coaches learn how to harness the power of performance analysis to enhance the coaching process and improve performance communication. With 70% of what happens in a game being missed and the evolving dynamic of learning styles, performance analysis has become an integral part of the coaching process.
Ulster University School of Sport and Performa Sports have teamed up to host a seminar on the evolving role of analysis as a coaching tool to enhance performance improvement and athlete learning in Sport.
Three-time All Ireland winner Peter Canavan, UEFA A-License coach Kyle Ferguson and respected coach educator Tandy Haughey both from Ulster University School of Sport will share their experiences of putting analysis into practice.
Developments in technology now mean that Sports Science is readily available at all levels of sports performance.
Performa Sports analysed each game live from the Quarter-Finals to Final played at Kilmacud Crokes.

Performa Sports Cloud Analytics Platform builds player profiles and creates extended match analysis with a range of interactive reports. Congratulations to Borris-Ileigh, the One Direct Kilmacud Crokes All Ireland Hurling 7 Champions who also earned a Performa Sports performance analysis and coaching software license. Head of Operations Chris Cousins explains why and how Sports Recruiting USA implemented Performa Sports for performance analysis, talent identification and player development. Tyrone U21 Football Manager Feargal Logan and Performance Analyst Martin McGirr explain how they use Performa Sports for team and individual player analysis and performance improvement. Be the first to know about product updates and the latest advances in Performance Analysis.
They are also knocking the cost of the training off any software bought after making a booking or within 30 days of the course. The course is intended for coaches who work (or aspire to work) with professional, semi-professional, elite youth or college players. However Nigel Best, coach education manager, is keen for these coaches to at least have an understanding of the process an analyst goes through to prepare the clips & presentations. To contribute to this success was extremely special for me as the performance analyst to the team, and for it to be the second in as many years, made it even more fulfilling.
Performa Sports helped to play a vital role in our Preparation, Performances and after match Analysis.
Chris Cushion from Loughborough University to Dublin to speak about the importance of coach behaviour analysis and how Leicester City Football Club are using this to their advantage. Runner-up PFAI Manager of Year, Shane Keegan who led Wexford Youths to the League of Ireland First Division Title will discuss his coaching process using analysis. You can study small courses which can be built up to achieve an award (60 credits in total) from the University.
This course is not a pre-requisite to complete the Level 4 CPPD module but provides a solid foundation to build upon. As part of the tournament analysis the following contenders were shortlisted from available footage of the knockout stages played at Glenalbyn. As part of the tournament analysis the following contenders were shortlisted for Goal of Finals. Performa Sports Founder and Performance Analyst Danny Turley (pictured second from left) presented the GAA analysis iPad app to winning captain Matthew Stapleton.

Quickly create coaching playlists based on trends and linked video clips to see build up play and consequences of key performance indicators. Each student, included in the course fee, will receive a 15 week¬†License of Dartfish ConnectPlus, a 15 week¬†subscription to Dartfish TV and access to the Dartfish Note App for live tagging. I really wanted to build a strong community around the course so it’s filled with opportunities to ask questions and chat with other coaches (and me) from around the world. Last year I mentioned the Prozone courses – they are still going on this year and see one or two are already sold out. I took a quick look around – my initial observations are that the course is an introduction to the area of performance analysis and probably not aimed at existing analysts. Places tend to be quite limited on these courses as it’s intended for those working at the very top of the game. Special mention should also be made to Niall Collins, a past graduate of our Level 4 CPPD Performance Analysis course for his detailed and insightful analysis behind the scenes and on match day. A graduate of our Level 4 CPPD Performance Analysis Course, Shane stood out as an accomplished coach with a passion to learn and develop both himself and his players. Importantly there will also be a player’s perspective, shared by former inter-county footballer Dermot Carlin, to highlight the link between coach educator, coach, player and the role of analysis as a teaching and learning tool in sport. Automatically back up game date online and upload game videos to Performa Sports Cloud Analytics platform to extend valuable coaching contact time and enable players to self-analyse to improve performance learning.
In truth I spoke mostly with the Wives or Girlfriends of coaches as they tried to install software and course material prior to meeting up that first year. The highlights of  the year included our Ulster Final victory over a talented Donegal team, our All Ireland Semi Final win over strong favourites Roscommon and of course that memorable day in Parnell Park when we defeated Tipperary to become All Ireland Champions.
Myers have been using Performa Sports to improve the analysis of their own game to develop a smarter style of play against stronger opposition.
Working with a talented young group of hurlers who are as a determined as their coaches and performance analyst Owen Henry, a graduate of our Level 4 CPPD course, the school are looking forward to their All Ireland semi-final in March 2016.

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