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Operations Management Operations Management deals with Management of transforming inputs to outputs. HISTORICAL EVOLUTION Operations Research -- Started with World War II Mathematical Technique to Deploy Limited Resources.
OPERATIONS STRATEGY STRATEGY is a Plan consistent with the Objectives to eliminate external threats or to take advantage of Opportunities. Operations Strategy Operations Strategy specifies how operations can help implement firm’s corporate strategy.
DEVELOPING AN OPERATIONS STRATEGY Should be in line with Organization Strategy And Organization Strategy should be in line with Corporate vision Aim is to achieve Long Term goals of Business strategy Operations Strategy should be Flexible to support product through its Lifecycle.
Productivity Productivity ratios are used to measure efficiency of operation and comparison of same with reference to Time, Industry.
Shell said acquisition provides existing production and near-term growth potential from a proven resource, as well as promising opportunities for expansion.
The acquisition covers 618,000 net acres in the Permian Basin in West Texas that currently produces some 26,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and has significant growth potential.
Building strong relationships with key suppliers helps to ensure consistent supply and quality of inputs.

A well run, proactive procurement organization working closely with other functional areas in the business and third-party suppliers can help drive significant benefits that materially impact the company’s profitability and cash cycle, and thus, the overall return on investment. Operations Strategy involves linking design decisions and operating decisions Cross-functional interaction must occur for implementing any functional strategy.
Executives are often concerned about linking sourcing success to financial business outcomes, such as operating profit and working capital -- unsure of the proper systems and processes to create this linkage -- and this applies inertia to procurement innovation efforts.
Tengzhi National Forest Recreation Area, at an altitude of between 1,500 and 1,804 meters, encompasses a 400-hectare primeval broad-leaf forest and a 300-hectare reforested area. Manufacturers generally make significant investment in machinery, equipment and facilities. The next largest investment is commonly in inventories: raw materials, subassemblies, work-in-process, finished goods, MRO and consumables. It provides a home for a wide variety of native plants and birds, as well as the protected Formosan rock-monkey.
Since 2011 more than $6.5 billion and more than 15,000 jobs have been created by foreign-based companies.
Procurement organizations can assist operations in optimizing owned inventory levels by implementing vendor-managed inventory programs, just-in-time deliveries and consignment programs.

By working closer with material planners and production schedulers, procurement can furthermore gain insights into the demand schedules, enabling them to work with suppliers to build the on-time and flexible deliveries that will result in lower inventories on hand, optimizing order sizes, flow of materials, etc. A subsequent outcome of reduced inventory levels is reduced obsolescence and damaged inventories.
This translates into lower inventories of both raw materials and sub-assemblies, less scrap and re-work, and fewer returns and allowances due to the quality of the production materials, all of which enhance profitability and efficiencies. Fewer quality issues also lessen issues with vendors, as there are fewer vendor returns and claims. More broadly, a roster of innovative suppliers can review the entire supply chain and can assist in identifying opportunities for improvement.
Financially, suppliers are more apt to give longer payment terms to favored customers, thus lowering the investment in inventory and improving the company’s cash cycle.
Working closely with both service providers and machinery and equipment manufacturers offer additional opportunities for generating efficiencies and reductions in overall investments.

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