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Safari Books Online offers access to a huge catalog of books and videos about computers and technology for a fixed monthly rate.
Safari Books Online offers access to a staggering selection of technical books and videos, and makes it easy to find what you need.Safari Bookshelf (no relation to Apple's Web browser) is a subscription-based service, for which you can pay either monthly or yearly.
The Unlimited Access plan does away with the concept of slots and lets you read any and all books, but you still must read them online, using a browser (Safari also offers an iPad app and a mobile-friendly version of the site).
The search feature is well thought out, and is one of the best parts of using Safari Books Online.
The steep price Safari Books charges for the Unlimited plan only makes it worthwhile if you regularly buy more than two brand-new computer books every month--and I don't know anyone who does, really.
With a 1 year online subscription to the Haynes manual for your Acura, you can do it yourself; from simple service to basic repairs.

A subscription gives 24x7 online access to a massive library of technical books - an iPad app is also available. When users first try to sign up, they are offered either unlimited access for $43 per month, or a 10-slot bookshelf for $20 per month.
Once you choose to read a book, it takes up one slot on your shelf, and must stay there for at least one month.
Safari Books Online hosts books by Apress, Adobe Press, Microsoft Publishing, O'Reilly, Sams, Wiley, and several other big-name publishers.
Imagine having to leaf through 19,000 books to find the information you need, or even to search through PDF files on your computer.
The Unlimited plan also provides access to many video courses, and to a section called "Rough Cuts," containing drafts of pre-published manuscripts--the bleeding edge of online publishing.

Apart from this, Safari Books Online is an amazing service, and is probably the best way to read unlimited computer books online today. Books span the gamut of programming, Web development, computer graphics (Photoshop and friends), and more.
Safari Books Online lets you do a simple text search, but you can then quickly refine results by category, publication year, author, and publisher.
Not all books are computer-related: There are plenty of books about photography, for example.

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