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If you want to persuade someone to do something, then you need to master the SWOT analysis.
Now that you have given everyone a new level of hope, you need to close your SWOT analysis with the threats. Using the SWOT analysis can persuade people to do almost anything for your business…if you word the SWOT analysis correctly and send it to the people who would care. In your SWOT analysis, you need to start off with the strengths to make everyone feel good about the business.

The reason many businesses (and countries for that matter) fall apart is because they do not pay attention to the weaknesses.
This part of the SWOT analysis is to give people a new level of hope and show them how to make the strengths stronger. Ending off with the threats will make your employees and business colleagues believe that moving forward in the direction of your vision is the best and right way to go. In order to move forward as a business and an entrepreneur, you need to identify what is not working so you can fix the problems.

This new level of hope can be used to increase productivity among your employees and business colleagues to get better results.

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