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Behold, here is the official trailer for our Project Portfolio Dashboard, releasing worldwide on 19th November (Monday), 2012. In about 3 days, I am leaving to USA for participating in PASS Business Analytics conference – 2015.
In Excel Gantt Charts part of our project management series, we have discussed about how using Conditional Formatting and Formulas we can make a gantt chart like this: But when you have large project plans, gantt charts like above can get pretty intense and hard to read. Debra at Contextures is having an Excel Fall Giveaway and you could get a free copy of Project Management Bundle by sharing your excel nightmare or excel costume idea.
For this tutorial, we will choose a familiar project – Project Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich.
Get a copy of my project management template set – It has 7 gantt chart templates and 17 other project management templates. Projects are nothing but a group of people getting together and achieving an objective – like building system or constructing a bridge. Note, depending on the type of project and the kind of activities involved, your team to do list can look differently. Go ahead and download the excel team to-do list template [.xls version here] and use it as a project tracking tool. In the next installment, learn how to prepare a project time line that can display various key project milestones. Check out my Project Management using Excel page for more resources and helpful information on project management. What I’m missing is a way to have the project gantt chart and reporting with the data per resource, in such a way that I can also show the occupation per resource on an extended gantt chart. Funny I have a post on the value of MS project lined up which I will post when the current monster project I’m working on finishes and I get some free time! My point is, there might be a few very limited applications for this type of list but this list would be worthless as a Project Management tool in every other case. I think using excel to do Project Management over a real Project Management application is a bad idea. Coming to your point about excel as a real project management tool, well, I have my views, but in a serious project environment, it would surely payoff to have a dedicated project management application. We all have some projects to manage every now and then and there are needs of various trackers that help us in gauging the progress of the same.
Last week, we have announced about an upcoming online training program – Excel for Project Managers. In 2005, fresh out of MBA School, I was put on managing an e-business transformation strategy project. Few months ago, we learned how to create a project valuation model in Excel as part of our series on Financial Modeling in Excel. During the interaction, I found that a lot of students were looking for financial modeling around the project financing as well. In this post I will speak about some of the key aspects of a project finance model and why it can be different from modeling a normal company.

Excel, because of its grid nature provides a great way to prepare and manage project plans. Answering these questions will be very easy if you have prepared a good project management dashboard. Charts or visualizations help project managers in getting a feel of where the project is heading. Resource Loading Charts: Show how well the project resources are occupied and help PM in deciding whether to add or remove resources from the team. Project Milestone Charts: Convey the overall project progress against a timeline and provide a macro view of various events in the project. While it is true that MS Excel is easy to use and learn, most project managers are hard pressed for time and always look for ways to boost their productivity.
Project management is a topic very close to my heart and I learn about it whenever possible. So I’ll leave you to grab a coffee and see if you can find them (they are covered in the Notes and in the Resolved tab). Today lets tackle that question and learn how to create a dashboard to monitor employee vacations.
During the last several weeks, I have been working on making 24 strikingly remarkable and easy to use excel templates for better project management.
There are more than 4 modules such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financials & Payroll, Project Management, HR Management System (HRMS) and others. The bundle includes 24 ready to use templates for Gantt Charts, Timesheets, Project Dashboards, Status Reports, Time Line Charts, Issue Logs, To do Lists and more. That is right my friend, one hundred project managers have chosen to manage their projects better using our templates. Just add a new column (preferably to the left of activities) and define groups of project activities there.
While it is important to have a overall project plan and vision, it is equally important to understand how various day to day project activities are going on.
In fact, I know very little about project management, that is why I started this series, so that I can share the little I have picked up in the last few years and learn more from you.
Thanks for sharing your ideas… I think to do lists are a great way to keep up with project activities and ensure accountability from individual team members, when they are implemented right. Unless you are running a very small, simple project, the time and effort is a lot more to use excel compared to the cost of the Project Management software.
One of the most important things are heat maps that quickly help us in visually displaying the names of the projects that need special attention and resolve issues that are impacting them.
This course is aimed at Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Leads and people aiming for various project management roles. It was then that realized that project management was a full time job (I always wondered before that why PMs were even paid a dime!). In my earlier job I have been part of several projects and in almost all of them, we have used Microsoft Excel heavily to perform various project management tasks.

We can use Excel features like Conditional Formatting and Formulas to prepare a comprehensive gantt chart depicting almost any project. A Project Management Dashboard provides all the crucial information about a project in a snapshot.
Due to various powerful features like excel charts, conditional formatting it is very easy to setup and update a comprehensive project status report in excel. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, project managers can easily create a template in excel to track something and then share the template with team members to track it. Closed Issues: Clearly tells how well the issues in the project are getting resolved and give an indication of the trend. Actual Charts: Show how the project scope, plans, expenditure is going wrt planned budgets.
PMs can easily create almost any type of project management related chart using MS Excel in minutes. The aim of this course is to make you an awesome project manager by teaching various Excel concepts required for Project Management.
You can apply these concepts to nail down over due invoices, pending project tasks or scheduling workforce. In simple terms, you are going to learn how to move forward or backward in time using Excel formulas.
Many customers have asked me if I come up with a project portfolio dashboard that can tell what is going on in a set of projects in one view. This course also helps project sponsors, people working in reporting & financial analysis of projects.
In this page you can find some resources, help and articles on Project Management using MS Excel. Based on my 4+ years of experience with large projects, I have prepared a set of Excel Templates that can help you become productive and efficient while managing projects.
These include a project management template, a macro to remove blanks, a technique to make Google Earth maps using Excel and several other interesting tips & tricks. It is poor management, and the task 90% of the time would not get done in a timely manner if say 4 people were responsible. But I do not know why you would use excel when there is free software you can use commercially that is 10 times better that does document management. The Reporting System takes all information (in our example, Leads list) and lets the user to create a report using the default templates.

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