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The Steve Jobs Apple of just a couple of short years ago might not have given an inkling of a thought to creating apps for Android, but things could be changing under the Tim Cook regime.
It isn’t far-fetched to believe that all of this could eventually find a home on Android. Apple’s motives might have been due to the fact that Windows was blowing Mac OSX out of the water in terms of market share, but the important thing to remember is that they did it.

Such a move could be seen as an admission of defeat in the long run, but the businessmen at Apple would probably be more pleased with a better bottom line than the need to uphold the reputation and views of a former, crazed mastermind of a CEO.
New reports suggest Apple is thinking about making an iTunes app for Android to combat ailing digital music downloads. Apple has supported competing platforms in the past, with Windows versions of Safari, iTunes and Quicktime all being prominent pieces of software.

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